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Lufthansa reveals new First Class Suite with double bed, Business Class with doors

Star Alliance carrier Lufthansa has revealed its new First Class, including a double bed, plus a Business Class cabin with seven seating options, direct aisle access, and closing privacy doors.

Back in October last year Lufthansa teased us with a sneak peek of its new First Class product for upcoming aircraft in its fleet, which hinted at a stunning and impressive design for the carrier’s most luxurious cabin class.


Today the carrier has provided more details of its new “Allegris” products, due to showcase initially on Airbus A350s from 2024 and eventually making its way to the airline’s Singapore routes in the years ahead.

First Class will include a double bed

What’s most fascinating about Lufthansa’s new First Class on the Airbus A350 is that the cabin will have a 1-1-1 configuration, but the oversized middle suite has been cleverly designed to accommodate up to two passengers, and can convert into a double bed.

Lufthansa’s new First Class incudes a ‘double suite’ in the middle. (Image: Lufthansa)

This option competes directly with the two double suite options on board the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, which can be combined into a bed for couples when travelling together.

Lufthansa calls the concept “First Class Suite Plus”, designed of course for guests travelling together, measuring an impressive 3.7 square metres.

The middle Suite in Lufthansa First Class is designed for couples. (Image: Lufthansa)

It’s not clear exactly what will happen on a flight with three solo First Class travellers, since this middle Suite would be a big win for someone travelling alone. It’s possible the middle seat will only be bookable by a couple, otherwise will be left vacant, since there is only a single access point on the left aisle.

Here’s how the single-row First Class cabin is laid out.

(Image: Lufthansa)

The cabin was designed by London-based PriestmanGoode, responsible for many high-end seat designs in the industry including United’s Polaris Business Class and the Qatar Airways Qsuite.


First Class Suites also include:

  • A personal wardrobe
  • Storage under the ottoman for a full-size carry-on suitcase
  • A large dining table, including a ‘buddy seat’ for couples, friends or colleagues to dine together
  • Full-suite-width in-flight entertainment screens
  • Heated and cooled seats, giving you the flexibility to set your own temperature
  • A shoulder ‘sink-in’, allowing the shoulder to sink into the seat, increasing sleeping comfort for side sleepers
  • A wireless charging module

Lufthansa is expanding its premium First Class offering with the “Suite Plus,” a separate double cabin with ceiling-high walls and an entirely closable door, large table and two wide seats that can be combined into a comfortable double bed if required. With this flying private room, Lufthansa is setting a new standard in comfort and individuality within its most sophisticated travel class.


Lufthansa says that its new First Class Suites have “unparalleled” features, allowing you to warm or cool your nearly one-meter-wide seats according to personal preference, and of course connect your own mobile device to the entertainment system.


Storage space is provided by a suite wardrobe, allowing you to comfortably change and have all your personal belongings at hand.

Of course, service is promised “at the highest level”.

“The crew serves [a] gourmet menu at a time requested by the guests. The meal can be enjoyed in the private suites at the large First Class table, similar to a restaurant.”


What about Business Class?

With only three or four seats available in the single-row First Class cabin, redeeming an award with miles seems like a distant prospect, but the good news is that Lufthansa is also rolling out a new product in Business Class as part of its ‘Allegris’ series.

Lufthansa ‘Allegris’ Business Class. (Image: Lufthansa)

This will be the first time Lufthansa passengers can look forward to their own “Suite” in Business Class, with closing privacy doors and direct aisle access.

“For the first time, guests in Lufthansa Business Class can also look forward to their own suite, which offers even more comfort and privacy due to chest-high walls and sliding doors.”


This new product will finally offer Lufthansa Business Class passengers direct aisle access, with seat walls standing at least 114 centimetres high for added privacy, including closing doors.

A front-row double-suite also allows for the middle console to be retracted to seat pan level, for a double bed experience.

A ‘Suite for two’ in the first row of Lufthansa’s new Allegris Business Class. (Image: Lufthansa)

There are also oversized solo suites in the first row at the window side, with extra-long beds in these rows measuring an impressive 2.2 metres long.

First-row window Suite in Business Class. (Image: Lufthansa)

Even the regular seats look like a significant improvement on the current Lufthansa offering.

Lufthansa’s new Business Class. (Image: Lufthansa)

Overall, Lufthansa will offer seven different seating options in the new Allegris Business Class cabin:

  1. Suites in the first row. Double suite inside, single suites by the window.
  2. Extra-Space Seat: Unique, spacious single seat with extra work surface.
  3. Window seat with a high degree of privacy.
  4. Seat with extra long bed (2.20 meters).
  5. Privacy window seat with baby bassinet.
  6. Double seat: In the last row of business class – two neighbouring seats with a smaller distance between them, which can be combined to form a double berth by means of a retractable centre console.
  7. Classic Business Class Seat: The aisle is directly accessible from all seats.

This is an exciting range of options, though of course it will be interesting to see how Lufthansa decides the seats themselves can be selected, and what additional fees will be involved for the more ‘premium’ options, like the first row suites.

Other features of the new Business Class seats will include:

  • In-flight entertainment screens with 4K resolution, measuring nearly 17 inches (27 inches in the first row)
  • A heating and cooling system, giving Business Class travelers the flexibility to set their own temperature
  • A shoulder ‘sink-in’, allowing the shoulder to sink into the seat, increasing sleeping comfort for side sleepers
  • Wireless charging
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • The ability to connect personal devices to the entertainment system, via Bluetooth

It will certainly be a welcome upgrade from the carrier’s current dated Business Class cabin design, with seats that don’t even offer direct aisle access and are minimal on the privacy front.

You can forget privacy in Lufthansa’s current Business Class seats, though they can work well for couples. (Photo: Lufthansa)

Better Business Class already on some aircraft

Lufthansa is already offering direct aisle access Business Class seats, superior to its own long-haul product, thanks to some recent deliveries of ex-Philippines Airlines Airbus A350s and Boeing 787-9s originally destined for Hainan Airlines.

Lufthansa’s initial five Boeing 787-9s feature ex-Hainan Airlines Business Class seats. (Photo: Lufthansa)

Unfortunately these are not currently deployed on the carrier’s Singapore routes, which use Airbus A350s (Munich) and Boeing 747-8s (Frankfurt).

Significant rollout

Lufthansa plans to roll out its new ‘Allegris’ products on more than 80 new aircraft being delivered to its fleet, including Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s and Boeing 777-9s.

A window-aligned Suite in the new Lufthansa First Class. (Image: Lufthansa)

The seats will also be retrofitted on the carrier’s existing Boeing 747-8 jets, already serving the Singapore – Frankfurt route since October 2022.

Lufthansa’a Boeing 747-8s will be retrofitted with the new ‘Allegris’ seats. (Photo: Lufthansa)

The carrier says this represents an investment of EUR 2.5 billion across its fleet by 2025, with over 27,000 new seats to be installed across all cabin classes.


Lufthansa had unveiled its new First Class Suites, which include ceiling-high privacy walls and even a double bed option for couples in the middle section.

This product looks beautiful based on the initial renderings the carrier has unveiled, and should see them regarded as one of the top European carriers in this cabin class, once the rollout is complete.

The airline has also revealed details of its new Business Class seats, which will finally bring it up to international standards in this cabin, starting from next year.

There are “throne seats” and a first row suite-style option to look forward to, among a total of seven seating options, most of which are likely to attract an additional charge.

New long-haul aircraft will be delivered with the products from next year, but with a large refit programme also required it may be some years before we actually see these new seats deployed extensively on the Lufthansa network, including on the carrier’s flights to and from Singapore.

What do you think of Lufthansa’s new premium cabin products? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Cover Image: Lufthansa)



  1. As a One World member, I am thinking of flying Frankfurt to Johannesburg next year, presumably on a 747-8. Is it worth sacrificing one words status contribution for the Lufthansa experience?

  2. I’m kind of curious how that First Class Suite Plus with double bed is going to work out. Is it bookable by one person, or can only be book by couple?

    If it is couple, then the couple would have to share 1 entertainment screen. Also, let say what if one wants to sit up and eat, and the other wants to lie as a bed an rest?

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