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KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card offering 5 mpd for overseas spend

Register your KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card to earn 5 mpd on up to S$2,000 of general overseas spend per month, online or offline, from now till 28th August.

UOB has launched a new bonus miles deal for its KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card holders, offering an additional 3.8 mpd on top of the usual earn rates for general overseas spend, including online spend, for three separate monthly periods between now and late August 2023.

You’ll have to spend at least S$1,500 within each monthly period you wish to participate in to unlock the enhanced earn rate, which tops out at S$2,000 of general FCY spend in each period (7,600 bonus miles).


If you’re able to maximise the deal in all three periods, that’s potentially a total of 30,000 miles for S$6,000 of general FCY spend, 22,800 of which are bonus miles.

KF UOB Credit Card FCY Spend Promotion

Here’s how the earn rates are hiked during this promotion, for eligible participants, between 29th May 2023 and 28th August 2023.

KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card
Overseas Spend 5 mpd Campaign

Spend Category Base miles Bonus miles Total miles
All General Spend 1.2 mpd + 3.8 mpd 5 mpd
Dining, Online Shopping, Online Travel and Transport Spend 3 mpd* + 2 mpd 5 mpd
SIA Group and Kris+ Spend 3 mpd + 2 mpd 5 mpd

* Assuming you have activated the ‘Accelerated Miles’ earn rate on your card with S$800+ SIA Group spend in your card membership year.

The three monthly spend periods for this campaign are:

  • Qualifying Period 1
    29th May 2023 to 28th June 2023 (both dates inclusive)
  • Qualifying Period 2
    29th June 2023 to 28th July 2023 (both dates inclusive)
  • Qualifying Period 3
    29th July 2023 to 28th August 2023 (both dates inclusive)

In each period you wish to participate in the promotion, you will have to spend at least S$1,500 in FCY transactions with your card to unlock the enhanced 5 mpd earn rate.

The maximum bonus miles that can be credited in each period is 7,600 miles, which is equivalent to S$2,000 of general spend, but could be higher if you use the card for overseas dining, for example, or SIA / Scoot tickets in foreign currency (up to S$3,800 spend in those categories, since the bonus element is only 2 mpd).


Only primary cardholders can participate, but eligible transactions made by your supplementary cardholders will count towards the spend for the promotion.

Eligible spend

Eligible spend for this promotion is any retail transaction in foreign currency, either at point-of-sale (physical) or online for the purchase of goods or services. Transactions must be processed by the respective merchant in a foreign currency, and successfully charged to your card in a foreign currency (watch out for DCC overseas!).

Excluded spend categories are those found in the KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card Terms and Conditions, available here (see sections 1.8 to 1.13).

Registration is required

The bonus earn rate is not automatic – you must successfully register to participate in the first period of this promotion that you want to take part in.

That requires principal cardholders to send an SMS to 77862 using their mobile number registered with UOB, in the following format:

  KFCCFX [space] Last 4 alphanumeric digits of your NRIC or Passport Number

Example: If your NRIC is S1234567A, you will need to send “KFCCFX 567A” to 77862

For example, if your SMS Registration occurs in Qualifying Period 1, you will be eligible to participate in Qualifying Periods 1, 2 and 3 and you can choose to satisfy the minimum spend requirement in Qualifying Periods 1, 2 and/or 3.

However, if your SMS Registration occurs in Qualifying Period 3, you will only be eligible to participate in Qualifying Period 3 and your Minimum Spend requirement must be satisfied within Qualifying Period 3.


Our advice is simply to register in Qualifying Period 1 then choose which of the three periods you then wish to participate in (all three if you wish).

Remember within each Qualifying Period you want to participate in, you will also have to hit the S$1,500 FCY minimum spend to be eligible.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for this offer are available here:

 KF UOB CC FCY Spend Promotion T&C

The KrisFlyer UOB credit card has a great sign-up offer

As we reported earlier this month, UOB has extended its rare uncapped 25,000 miles sign-up bonus for the KrisFlyer UOB credit card, when you spend S$2,000 in the first 60 days, which is now good for card approvals through to 31st July 2023.

That’s a great opportunity to jump in with this card, which usually features one of UOB’s ‘gambling’ sign-up promotions, with a limit on how many applicants can receive the bonus.

PRVI Miles 5 mpd promotion

If you’re a UOB PRVI Miles cardholder, don’t forget the bank is also offering 5 mpd on overseas shopping and dining (physical spend only), from now until 30th June.

This is potentially a simpler deal if you have overseas travel coming up in the next month, since it kicks in at S$1,000 spend and has a more generous S$4,000 cap.


UOB is offering KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card holders up to 7,600 bonus miles on point-of-sale or online overseas transactions in each of three separate monthly periods, between now and late August 2023, ideal for those with overseas travel coming up or making online payments in FCY during this period.

You’ll need to clock at least S$1,500 total spend in FCY within each of the promotion periods you want to participate in, to be eligible for any additional miles, which top out at S$2,000 spend in most general categories, but can be higher if you’re spending in one of the card’s bonus categories – like SIA tickets.

You’ll also need to register to participate, and we recommend doing so during the first Qualifying Period between now and 28th June 2023, which will then allow you to participate in all three periods, if you wish.

Luckily the deal has no upper registration limit, and your supplementary cardholders can help you along with their own spend in eligible categories.

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