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DBS Vantage extends 60,000 miles sign-up bonus to January 2024

The DBS Vantage Card has extended its 60,000 miles sign-up bonus for new-to-bank customers, with a 40,000 miles deal for existing DBS cardholders.

Apply by 31st January 2024.

Back in June 2022 DBS launched the new Vantage credit card, its first foray into the S$120k income segment, with an attractive sign-up bonus worth up to 80,000 miles for new-to-bank applicants, provided you made a minimum spend of S$8,000 in the first 60 days.


That offer has long since ended, but there have been a number of short-term deals of up to 80,000 miles bonus appearing for the card over the last few months.

However, the bank’s long term offer is a reduced bonus of up to 60,000 miles, originally running until 31st July 2022, then until 30th September 2022, then until 31st January 2023, then until 31st July 2023, and… well you get the picture!

The deal has now extended for applications through to 31st January 2024, and can safely be called the ‘de facto’ year round promotion for this card.

Despite not living up to the original sign-up bonus, the 60,000 miles bonus is still a solid offer worth considering as a new-to-bank customer.

Existing DBS cardholders also benefit from a 40,000 miles deal during this period.

DBS Vantage: Key facts

Here are the headline stats for the DBS Vantage card.

Annual fee: $594.00/yr
EIR: 26.8%
Sign-up bonus: 60,000 miles*
Local earn rate: 1.5 mpd
Overseas earn rate: 2.2 mpd
FCY transaction fee: 3.25%
Minimum Age: 21
Minimum income: S$120,000/yr
* Min. S$4k spend in the first 30 days


Other card benefits include:

  • Priority Pass membership with up to 10 free lounge visits per year (US$32 per visit thereafter)
  • Accor Plus Explorer membership, including Elite Silver status and one complimentary Asia-Pacific hotel night per year at selected brands
  • Up to 50% off local dining at over 80 Singapore restaurants (though most are ~15%)
  • 6 mpd on Expedia flight and hotel bookings (new)
  • The ability to switch between miles and cashback, if you wish
  • Free supplementary card

Up to 60,000 miles sign-up bonus

The extended sign-up offer for the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card is worth up to 60,000 miles if you apply by 31st January 2024, and spend S$4,000 in the first 30 days of card membership.

It is subject to payment of the (non-waivable) annual fee of S$594.

Unlike some previous deals for this card, no promo code is required to take advantage when you apply. Your card must be approved by 14th February 2023, in order to qualify.


This latest deal includes a 40,000 miles bonus offer for existing DBS / POSB primary cardholders, but you’ll need to be new-to-bank to benefit from the full 60,000 miles deal.

The bonus miles structure is outlined in the following table, based on whether you are an existing DBS / POSB primary cardholder or not.

  New to DBS/POSB Existing DBS/POSB
Payment of Annual Fee 25,000 miles 25,000 miles
Meet S$5,000 Spend Criteria 35,000 miles 15,000 miles
Total award 60,000 miles 40,000 miles

DBS defines ‘new-to-bank’ customers as those who:

  • do not currently hold any principal DBS/POSB credit card; and
  • have not cancelled any principal DBS/POSB credit card(s) within the last 12 months.

If you are a supplementary DBS/POSB cardholder, but not a primary cardholder on any such account, you will qualify as a new-to-bank customer.

Regular earn rates are in addition

These bonus miles will be awarded in addition to the regular miles you will accrue anyway to meet the S$4,000 spend as part of the sign-up bonus.

Your total earning (including the sign-up bonus) during this promotion, will be at least 66,000 miles as an existing customer or 46,000 miles as a new customer, assuming local spend.

DBS Vantage
Total promotion earning

  New to DBS/POSB Existing DBS/POSB
Sign-up bonus 60,000 miles 40,000 miles
Miles for S$4,000 local spend
(1.5 mpd)
6,000 miles 6,000 miles
Total 66,000 miles 46,000 miles

You’ll do even better than this by tapping into the card’s 2.2 mpd overseas earn rate for the minimum spend during the first 30 days of card membership.


For example as a new-to-bank cardholder with S$4,000 of FCY retail spend in the first 30 days, you’re looking at 8,800 miles for the spend itself, for a grand total of 68,800 miles.

That’s enough for a saver Business Class award from Singapore to Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland.

It’s possible with the right spend profile in the first 30 days to net enough miles for a Business Class redemption from Singapore to Auckland on SIA. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Cost per mile

Here’s how the cost per mile stacks up for simply signing up for the card (no spend requirement), or for meeting the S$4,000 spend requirement in the first 30 days as either an existing or new DBS credit card customer.

DBS Vantage
Cost per mile

  Total bonus Cost per mile
Annual fee only
(no spend requirement)
25,000 miles 2.38 cents
With S$4,000 spend
(existing DBS cardholder)
40,000 miles 1.49 cents
With S$4,000 spend
60,000 miles 0.99 cents

This is based on payment of the (non-waivable) first year annual fee of S$594.

It’s clearly not worth signing up for this card if you aren’t going to participate in the bonus miles for S$4,000+ spend promotion, since the 25,000 miles you’ll receive for payment of the annual fee means buying miles at 2.38 cents each (assuming you don’t place any value on the other perks).

However, with the bonus miles in play it’s worth considering if you’re a new DBS customer, buying 60,000 miles at 0.99 cents each.


For existing DBS or POSB credit card holders, it’s an “ok” deal with a cost per mile of 1.49 cents each, and remember you’ll probably be placing some value on the card’s other perks too.

When the bonus miles are credited

The first tranche of 12,500 DBS Points, which transfer into 25,000 frequent flyer miles like KrisFlyer, will be credited as soon as your annual fee is charged.

The bonus, equivalent to an extra 35,000 miles for new-to-bank cardholders, or an extra 15,000 miles for existing DBS credit card customers, will be credited within 90 to 120 days of your card approval date, provided you met the spend criteria.

For example, if your card is approved on 15th August 2023, the bonus miles will be credited by 12th December 2023, provided you successfully hit the S$4,000+ spend in the first 30 days.

Spend exclusions

DBS is excluding transactions which fall under its usual list of excluded spend categories when it comes to qualifying spend for the S$4,000 minimum within 30 days to trigger the bonus miles, as shown below (click to expand).

  • posted 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan monthly transactions
  • posted My Preferred Payment Plan monthly transactions
  • interest, finance charges, cash withdrawal, balance transfer, smart cash, AXS payments, SAM online bill payments, bill payments via internet banking and all fees charged by DBS
  • payments to educational institutions
  • payments to financial institutions (including banks, online trading platforms and brokerages)
  • payments to government institutions and services (court cases, fines, bail and bonds, tax payment, postal services, parking lots and garages, intra-government purchases and any other government services not classified here)
  • payments to hospitals
  • payments to insurance companies (sales, underwriting and premiums)
  • payments to non-profit organisations
  • payments to utility bill companies
  • payments to professional service providers (including but not limited to accounting, auditing, bookkeeping services, advertising services, funeral service and legal services and attorneys)
  • any top-ups or payment of funds to payment service providers, prepaid cards, any prepaid accounts or purchase of prepaid cards/credits (including but not limited to EZ-Link, GrabPay, NETS FlashPay and Singtel Dash)
  • any betting transactions (including levy payments to local casinos, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting and wagers)
  • any transactions related to crypto currencies
  • any transaction with transaction description “AMAZE*”
  • any other transactions determined by DBS from time to time

Annual fee bonus

If you keep the DBS Vantage Card into your second card membership year and beyond, do note that a 25,000 miles bonus is credited each year on payment of the annual fee of S$594 (cost per mile 2.38 cents).

The annual fee is waived if your retail spend in the previous card membership year was S$60,000+, however in this case the 25,000 bonus miles will not be awarded.

Which FFPs?

You can transfer DBS Points into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

The minimum volume of miles you can transfer into KrisFlyer is 10,000 (i.e. 5,000 DBS Points). Thereafter they must then be transferred in blocks of 10,000 miles.

The same earning rate, transfer cost, and minimum transfer ‘blocks’ apply if you choose to credit to Asia Miles or Qantas.

You can also transfer your DBS Points to Air Asia BIG Points, here 500 DBS Points will transfer into 1,500 BIG Points (a 3:1 ratio), though it won’t be much interest to our readers – BIG Points are worth only about $0.0034 each (0.34 cents), or about a fifth of the value of a KrisFlyer mile / Asia Mile.

It’ll cost $27 (including GST) each time you transfer DBS Points to frequent flyer miles, regardless of the total quantity.

DBS Points to miles transfers take between 5 and 10 working days according to the bank, but in our experience when converting to both KrisFlyer and Asia Miles you’ll see the miles in your account within 2 days.

Card details and benefits

Here’s a summary of the DBS Vantage card benefits, including 10 Priority Pass lounge visits and a free hotel night perk each year (click to expand).

DBS Vantage cardholders will earn 3.75 DBS Points (7.5 miles) for every S$5 in local currency spend, and 5.5 DBS Points (11 miles) for every S$5 equivalent on foreign currency transactions. That works out as:

  • Local Spend: 1.5 miles per S$1
  • Foreign Currency Spend: 2.2 miles per S$1

With an FCY fee of 3.25%, earning 2.2 mpd on overseas transactions is the equivalent of buying miles for around 1.56 cents each, compared to using cash, including a 0.3% 'spread' over money changer rates.

DBS Vantage cardholders can earn 6 mpd on the first S$5,000 spend each calendar month on flight tickets or hotel stays booked on Expedia, at participating hotel and airline partners.

Bookings must be made through the dedicated microsite at


Bookings can be made for any future travel date, but must be charged to your DBS Vantage card by 31st March 2023.

Eligible hotel bookings are those where you make payment to Expedia at the time of booking (not applicable if you choose a rate to pay later at the hotel).

Eligible flight bookings are those made with one of the following airlines:

  • Air Macau
  • Air Mauritius
  • Air Niugini
  • Cambodia Angkor Air
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Hawaiian Air
  • Korean Air
  • Lao Airlines
  • Myanmar International Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • Thai Airways International
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Xiamen Airlines

Obviously some popular carriers including Singapore Airlines are missing from the list, but there are still potentially some useful options including Thai Airways, Finnair, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.


Package bookings comprising an eligible hotel and an eligible flight, as defined individually above, booked in a single transaction on the dedicated microsite, will also be eligible.

DBS Vantage cardholders will benefit from a Priority Pass membership, entitling them to 10 free lounge visits per year. Access is then charged at US$32 (~S$45) per visit thereafter.

While this is a decent number of lounge visits, unfortunately it falls short of the unlimited Priority Pass benefit you get with cards like the Citi Prestige.

Nonetheless with travel very much back on the agenda there's some value to be had here, even if it does only cover a couple of trips when travelling with your partner.

Priority Pass options at Changi T3 include the Marhaba lounge, which recently reopened. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

DBS Vantage cardholders also get a complimentary Accor Plus Explorer membership, which usually costs S$418 per year.

The benefits include:

  • Accor Live Limitless Elite Silver status
  • 10% discount on best available rates
  • Up to 50% off in-hotel restaurant dining
  • 15% off drinks at in-hotel bars and restaurants

Perhaps best of all though, the membership also gives you one complimentary night at an Accor property in the Asia-Pacific region each year.

Before you get too excited, do note that there are specific property and whole brand exclusions (see here), so this isn’t a free night at Raffles or anything like that!

The Fairmont Singapore is an eligible Accor property for the free night benefit. (Photo: Accor)

While the free night is the biggest draw here, Accor Silver status also gives you a complimentary welcome drink and late checkout benefits for all stays, which can come in handy if you frequent Accor properties.

As many of you will know, some DBS Points expire, and some don't.

For example, if you accrue points on the DBS Altitude card they never expire, but those you pick up on the DBS Woman's card expire on an annual basis.

The DBS Vantage Card has its own expiry policy:

  • DBS Points awarded in the first year* expire 36 months from card opening.
  • DBS Points earned in each successive year expire three years from their earned date.

* Up to 36 months from the date the card account is opened

Once you transfer DBS Points into KrisFlyer, miles are valid for 3 years from the month of deposit.

For DBS to Asia Miles or Qantas transfers, miles will then be valid for 18 months, but any earning or redemption activity keeps all your miles alive for a further 18 months.

Terms and conditions

Here’s the full set of terms and conditions for the DBS Vantage Card, and for the latest 60,000 miles sign-up bonus promotion:


DBS has once again extended its 60,000 miles sign-up bonus for new-to-bank customers picking up the Vantage card, now good for applications until 31t January 2024.

S$4,000 spend in 30 days is still a big ask for many, but some people may still find that easier to achieve than the former S$8,000 in 60 days requirement this card originally required for the bonus miles.

If you can manage it then this large tranche of bonus miles is a very useful stash to pick up at a cost of 0.99 cents each.

There is also a bonus for existing DBS cardholders picking up the Vantage card, though this proposition is quite marginal with a cost per mile of 1.49 cents for a total bonus of 40,000 miles, so it won’t make sense for everyone.

Remember you’ll need to apply by Friday 31st January 2024 to take advantage of the sign-up bonus, with no promo code required.


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