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CardUp offering January promo fee of 1.55% – 1.65% for big spenders

Make at least S$10,000 of payments through CardUp between now and 29th December, to unlock a promo code for a January payment for as little as 1.55% fee.

Card payments provider CardUp has a new offer for those making significant payments through the platform over the next six weeks or so, with a promo code gift offering a 1.55% to 1.65% fee on a payment of up to S$10,000 in January 2024 in return for your loyal custom.

However, this one is only for the big spenders, since you’ll need to net at least S$10,000 in accumulated payments to be eligible for the deal, and over S$50,000 to get the best rate on offer for your January 2024 promo code.


Nonetheless this could be something to strive for if you have sufficient payments coming up on a wide range of expenses like rental payments, education fees or insurance premiums, and you can make good use of the promotion code early next year.

The best code combined with the best miles earning card allows you to buy miles in January 2024 from as little as 0.95 cents each, an excellent rate to accrue miles for future flight redemptions.

All CardUp users who accumulate at least S$10,000 in total payments through the platform, including fees, between 16th November 2023 and 29th December 2023 will be automatically enrolled in this promotion.

This will entitle customers to receive a bonus promo code for use in January 2024, with a heavily discounted fee on a one-time payment, as shown below.

Total CardUp Payments
16 Nov – 29 Dec*
Promo Code
(Jan 2024)
S$10,000 – S$29,999 1.65% fee
S$30,000 – S$49,999 1.60% fee
S$50,000+ 1.55% fee

* Including fees

These are large payment totals to clock using CardUp over just a few weeks, but you may be doing so anyway, or at least coming close.

Payments made using promo codes like GET225 (2.25% fee on all payment) or SAVERENT179 (1.79% on rental payments) are included when assessing the total CardUp payments you have made during the period, as are any recurring payments that fall within the period.

The promo code, entitling you to a 1.55%, 1.6% or 1.65% fee on your one-time payment in January, will be sent to you via email by 10th January 2024. It can only be redeemed once on a domestic or international payment of up to S$10,000 with a due date from 11th January 2024 to 31st January 2024.

You’ll have to set up your payment at least three business days in advance of the deadline to allow for the processing time, which is by 26th January 2024, so the window of opportunity for this promo code is actually quite short.

You’ll definitely want to have a payment in mind that can be made during that date range, if you’re going to participate just to earn the promo code.

Cost per mile

Here are some cost per mile examples for Singapore-issued credit cards for using this promo code in January 2024 at the 1.55%, 1.6% or 1.65% rate:

Card Mpd Cost per mile
1.55% fee 1.6% fee 1.65% fee
UOB Reserve 1.6 0.95¢ 0.98¢ 1.01¢
Citi ULTIMA 1.6 0.95¢ 0.98¢ 1.01¢
DBS Vantage 1.5 1.02¢ 1.05¢ 1.08¢
UOB PRVI Miles Visa 1.4 1.09¢ 1.12¢ 1.16¢
SCVI 1.4* 1.09¢ 1.12¢ 1.16¢
OCBC Voyage Visa 1.3 1.17¢ 1.21¢ 1.25¢
OCBC 90ºN Visa 1.3 1.17¢ 1.21¢ 1.25¢
DBS Altitude Visa 1.3 1.17¢ 1.21¢ 1.25¢
Citi PM Visa 1.2 1.27¢ 1.31¢ 1.35¢

* 1.4 mpd subject to a minimum spend of S$2,000 in the same statement cycle, otherwise 1 mpd. CardUp payments do count towards the minimum.

Needless to day, all of these are very competitive rates to buy miles.

We’ve included only Visa cards on the example list for use of the promo code, though it should be able to be applied to Mastercard and American Express payments as well, since the terms and conditions don’t mention any exclusions.

Click here for a full list of cards earning miles or points for CardUp transactions.

New user promotion

CardUp is also offering those who have not signed up for an account, or have signed up but not yet made a payment using the platform, a S$20 eCapitaVoucher when the first payment of S$2,000+ is completed within the same promotion period – 16th November 2023 to 29th December 2023.

The voucher will be sent via email to those eligible by 10th January 2024. New users do not have to participate in the S$10,000+ total spend promotion to receive the voucher, but are eligible for that promotion too if they wish to participate in both.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for these two offers are available here.

Citi PayAll 1.8 mpd offer

Don’t forget that between now and the end of February 2024, Citi PayAll is offering 1.8 mpd on all its miles-earning cards when making payments through that platform.

It’s subject to a minimum total spend on a single card across all payments of S$8,000, but is capped at a generous S$120,000 in total spend.

This works out as buying miles at a 1.22 cent rate, though the bonus element won’t be paid until mid-2024.

Card Earn rate Cost per mile
(2.2% fee)
Citi Ultima Small 2Citi ULTIMA
1.6 mpd
1.8 mpd
Card2019 SmallCiti Prestige
1.3 mpd
1.8 mpd
CardMC2019 smallCiti PremierMiles
1.2 mpd
1.8 mpd
Citi Rewards
0.4 mpd
1.8 mpd




CardUp is offering those who complete at least S$10,000 of payments through the platform between now and 29th December 2023 a one-time January promo code for a payment of up to S$10,000 at 1.55%, 1.6% or 1.65% fee.

This allows you to ‘buy’ miles from as little as 0.95 cents each, but of course the total spend using CardUp at regular rates will be quite prohibitive for some to hit, just to unlock this promotional fee.

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