SIA Fleet: Airbus A350-900 ULR

The Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 fleet operates in three configurations. This page details the A350-900 ULR configuration, which operates ultra long-haul non-stop flights from Singapore to the USA in a 2-class configuration.

For the A350-900 Long Haul or A350-900 Medium Haul, click the links below.

A350-900 LH A350-900 MH A350-900 ULR
42 J (2013 J)
24 W (2015 W)
187 Y (2013 Y)
253 Total
40 J (2018 RJ)
263 Y (2017 Y)
303 Total
67 J (2013 J)
94 W
(2018 W)
161 Total
This is our fleet guide for the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft. For the A350-900 LH or A350-900 MH aircraft, click the respective links above.
A350-900 ULR aircraft in service at 21st February 2023: 7

How can I tell which Version I’m flying on?

If you’re flying in Business Class and the seat map ends at row 22, you’re in an A350-900 LH aircraft, if it ends at row 21 you’re in an A350-900 MH aircraft, and if it ends at row 29 you’re in an A350-900 ULR aircraft (you’re on the right page already).

If you’re flying Premium Economy Class and the seat map goes up to row 33, you’re in an A350-900 LH aircraft. If it goes up to row 43, you’re in an A350-900 ULR (you’re on the right page already). The A350-900 MH does not feature a Premium Economy cabin.

If you’re flying Economy Class and the seat map goes up to row 62, you’re in an A350-900 LH aircraft. If it goes up to row 70, you’re in an A350-900 MHThe A350-900 ULR does not feature an Economy cabin.

The A350-900ULR features 67 of the 2013 J Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration and 94 Premium Economy class seats in a 2-4-2 and 1-4-1 configuration.

Singapore Airlines also operates a Long Haul Airbus A350-900 aircraft type, and introduced an A350 Medium Haul configuration in late 2018.


A350-900 ULR Business Class

Final J seatmap.png
A350-900ULR Business Class Seat Map

The 2013 Business Class seats (which we call 2013 J) are fitted on the A350-900ULR. Effectively they are identical to the Business Class seats first introduced on the 777-300ER, but as the A350 fuselage is narrower than the 777, some sacrifices were made.

The aisles are much narrower than on the 777, and the seat itself is slightly redesigned too. It’s narrower, the foot well is smaller, and the seat pitch is reduced compared with the 777-300ER Version 2.

Unfortunately if you wish to fly a non-stop flight from Singapore to the USA you don’t have the choice of the bigger Business Class seat on the 777-300ER, so you’ll be stuck with the smaller version on this aircraft.

However, the A350 business seat is still one of the latest products with great privacy and the latest IFE system.

If you can secure a seat in one of the bulkhead rows there is more space provided, however these are blocked for selection to PPS Club members until online check in opens 48 hours prior to departure time.

Best Seats

Business class on the A350-900ULR is split across two sections, the smaller forward section which occupies the forward portion of the aircraft between the first two doors, and a larger cabin between the second and third doors.

In both cabin sections, the front row of seats (11D/F/K and all of row 19) are the best seats on the plane as they have more space, especially for your feet as the small “cubby hole” style foot well found in other seat rows is gone – replaced by a spacious full-width bench which also makes the bed bigger once the seat is converted. In these seats there is no need to extend your legs at an angle while sleeping.

Note that seat 10A is used as a crew rest seat on all A350 ULR flights and is not available for selection. Seat 17D is also used for crew rest on Newark and Los Angeles A350 ULR flights, but not the shorter San Francisco services.