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Our Definitive Guide to the Singapore Airlines Fleet

Our guide to the seating layout of the entire Singapore Airlines fleet will help you choose your seat with confidence on your next trip.

We all experience the same old feelings when confronted with the seat map during the booking process, or at online check-in. Elation if your favourite seat is there for the picking, disappointment if it’s not, happiness that your party can all sit together, frustration if they can’t, or just sheer bewilderment because you actually have no idea which are the good seats to pick on this plane, and which aren’t.

Well worry no more – because we have done the research for you and pooled it together into one resource – our SIA Fleet Guide. This detailed analysis of each aircraft type in the fleet, and each seating configuration version currently being flown, will help you choose better each time you fly Singapore Airlines.

Seat Map
Our analysis will help you choose a seat whichever cabin you’re flying in.

We’ll also keep the guide updated as new aircraft enter the fleet, with our thoughts on the best and worst seats to pick. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Airbus A380 Version 3 from December, and the Boeing 787-10 in early 2018.

The comments section is enabled on each of the fleet pages, so please add your own questions, opinions or feedback and we’ll try to incorporate it to keep the guide as thorough and up-to-date as possible.

(Cover Photo: Edwin Leong)


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