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Review: Blossom Lounge Singapore T4

Smart, spacious, well-equipped lounge offering from Plaza Premium in Changi's new T4.

Now that Singapore Changi Terminal 4 is fully open, and we’ve had a chance to review the terminal itself and the new Cathay Pacific Lounge, we decided to turn our attention to the other lounge option in T4, the brand new Blossom Lounge.


Plaza Premium and SATS

The lounge was announced back in August 2017 as a ‘teamed’ offering from Plaza Premium and SATS that would be the only pay-per-use, non-affiliated lounge offering in terminal 4.

Plaza Premium is a Hong Kong-based company that offer private lounges, meet & greet services and transit hotels around the world. They already run 150+ lounges in 36 different airports across 16 countries. That represents the largest independent airport lounge network in the world – handling over 12 million passengers a year. You’ll typically see their offerings on the Priority Pass website (more on that later) and for airlines offering business class services at secondary destinations.

Their most recent opening, just a few days ago, was a Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Mr. Song Hoi-see, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, said “We are excited to be awarded by CAG again, and this time collaborate with SATS to introduce SKYTRAX world’s best airport lounge service to the new T4 through our new lounge, offering exceptional hospitality and a seamless airport experience to Changi travellers. In addition to Plaza Premium Lounge in Changi T1, we look forward to welcoming all travellers through another world-class airport lounge facility in association with SATS.”

SATS (previously Singapore Airport Terminal Services) is a ‘one-stop-shop’ service provider that offers everything from cargo services to in-flight catering. They already operate six other executive lounges in Singapore (two in each of the original Changi terminals 1, 2 and 3).


Location & design

It’s located on Level 2M, adjacent to the Cathay Pacific lounge (fully reviewed here). It’s approximately 1,100sq m (vs. 849sq m in the Cathay Pacific Lounge) and designed to cater for up to 280 seated passengers at a time (vs. 200 in the Cathay Pacific Lounge).

Entry requirements

Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines First and Business Class passengers are offered free access to the lounge. Aside from Cathay Pacific, these are the only other two full-service carriers currently operating from terminal 4, so we expected this.

SkyTeam Elite Plus (Million Miler or Morning Calm Plus for Korean, and LotusMiles Platinum for Vietnam Airlines) will also be allowed free access, even if travelling in economy.

Edit 9th December 19:00: Note that the Blossom Lounge is also accessible to Vietnam Airlines LotusMiles Gold status members travelling in economy on a Vietnam Airlines flight.

Not for Priority Pass. So far, the Blossom lounge operators have not signed a contract with Priority Pass to allow their members access to this lounge. Normally, that would be the primary way that most frequent travellers would access lounges like this, as various levels of membership are common with a variety of credit cards issued in Singapore. We spoke to Plaza Premium directly and they mentioned that it’s in the pipeline, but for now, all they will offer is a subsidised rate.

TIP: Show your Priority Pass card and you’ll get a discounted entry rate of S$30 (at the time of writing).

Update 20th December 18:20: Note that the Blossom Lounge is now a Priority Pass lounge. See our article here.

Update 24th December 17:50: Plaza Premium have now shared with us a full list of the cards you can use to access this lounge, in addition to Priority Pass. They are:

  • Bank of Singapore Voyage Card
  • OCBC Premier Banking Voyage Card
  • OCBC Voyage Card
  • OCBC Premier Private Client Voyage Card
  • Bank of China Singapore Visa Infinite
  • American Express Centurion Card
  • American Express Platinum Charge Card
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Card (with voucher)

Normal Entry Fee: S$50

A full breakdown of the Changi T4 Blossom lounge access rates can be found here.

5-hour access is permitted, inclusive of:

  • Food and beverages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Flight Information
  • TV channels
  • International newspapers and magazines.

Plaza Premium and SATS also have tie-ups with a number of credit card companies. We’ve called them repeatedly but the exact details of all their affiliations are apparently “confidential” – a bit ridiculous. Hence we stood outside the lounge for 10 minutes whilst the agent scanned each of our credit cards until eventually, one of the cards allowed us entry!

For now, we know that American Express KrisFlyer Aspire and OCBC Voyage cards should allow access. If you work out which others do, please let us know in the comments section.


Lounge experience

After the initial difficulties trying to negotiate access to the lounge, we began our walk-through.

The lounge is split into 3 distinct areas, Bar, Quiet-area and Restaurant.


Just to the right of the entrance, in an area that feels as though it’s suspended above the main departure lounge is a long, manned bar. A well-designed area, with low down lounge-style seating and plentiful tall bar seats.

Coffee Time. The bar at the Blossom Lounge also features a barista station for your caffeine fix. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

All areas are equipped with an abundance of ‘multi-socket’ international style power points and USB ports. Tall lamps flank most of the seats, perfect for reading. Tiger Beer was available on draught alongside a small selection of spirits. There is also a barista station for fresh coffee at the bar.

We expect this area to be a little noisier when the terminal is running at full capacity as it is suspended over departures area below, with no windows.

Quiet area

Along the walkways leading from the bar and also in banks in the quiet area are individual “pod-style” seats. Great for solo travellers, these are well designed and comfortable with enough space for your luggage. Each is also equipped with those ‘multi-socket’ international style power points and USB ports.

Sleeping facilities are also provided, and a Spa with massage services is expected to open at a later date.



There is a deli-style area at the beginning of the restaurant, serving the usual selection of cheese, olives, nuts and snacks.

There are two wine choices:

  • Red: Wolf Blass Private Release – Shiraz – 2016 – 3.3 stars on Vivino


  • White: Lindeman’s Cawarra Sémillon – Chardonnay – 2015 – 3.1 stars on Vivino


There’s a cold food section that includes an array of finger sandwiches and desserts. Followed by a small hot buffet serving a time-appropriate meal, and a chef station offering two choices of ‘live’ cooked meals. We tried their fresh cooked Laksa. It was certainly a more traditional style than the Cathay Pacific offering, and had good flavour.

On the opposite wall is a bank of fridges with beer and soft drink selections and a handsome coffee machine capable of producing a good quality cappuccino, amongst other things (but remember, the best coffee machine in this lounge is found at the bar).


A hot topic issue because, as we said in our Cathay Pacific Lounge review – CX elected not to install showers in their new T4 lounge. However, Plaza Premium has included two shower rooms (admittedly, not a lot given that there could be potentially 280 guests in the lounge).

A little on the smaller size, it’s well equipped and clean. It has a separate toilet with a Japanese style ‘smart seat’. Hairdryers and basic amenities such as body-wash, shampoo, dental and shaving kits are also provided (Ada Shop – ‘Naturals’ collection).

TIP: Our suggestion would be that if you plan to use the shower, arrive early and tell reception straight away, but be prepared to wait for your slot if the lounge is busy. Perhaps even pop across to the Cathay Pacific lounge for a glass of Moët, if you have access!



Without a doubt one of the best ‘independent’ or ‘pay-per-use’ lounges that we have tried. It helped that on the day we visited, Terminal 4 was newly opened with only two airlines operating and so the lounge was practically deserted.

Blossom lounge has thoughtful design, ample space, a manned bar and shower facilities. If you qualify for free access you certainly won’t be disappointed. However, if you are paying – it’s still a pretty penny. A pint of tiger and a bowl of laksa in the transit area may set you back S$18 – entry to this lounge will cost S$50, so that’s S$32 extra for a seat in a quiet area – probably not worth it!

Given the ample seating available in the public areas of Terminal 4 (detailed in our T4 review here) you may be better off staying in the transit area, but also you really should sign up for a credit card that gives you free access to this lounge. More on that in an upcoming article. Also we hope to hear soon that Priority Pass access to the Blossom lounge has commenced, and we’ll try to let you know as soon as this is the case, as it then becomes a no-brainer for most of our readers who hold a PP with their credit card.

Update 20th December 18:20: Note that the Blossom Lounge is now a Priority Pass lounge. See our article here.

If you a disgruntled Cathay passenger who needs a shower or appreciates draft beer, served at a proper bar – head here… Make sure you sit near the edge so you can make your fellow Cathay Pacific passengers green with envy!

Cathay Pacific Lounge – viewed from the manned bar of ‘The Blossom Lounge’ – having just enjoyed a shower! (Photo: MainlyMiles)
Review Summary
4 / 5
among third-party lounges

Blossom Lounge Singapore Changi T4
Bar Seats 2

Thoughtfully designed with private seating pods, a bar and shower facilities, the Blossom Lounge is one of Changi’s better third-party facilities.

Visited: November 2017


    1. Hi Jeremy – really good question. I don’t know, but I think we’re planning another visit in the next week. We will be sure to try and find out for you!

    2. Hi Jeremy, just been back. We can confirm they only have UHT (full cream) milk at the barista station and the coffee machine. I’ve been to 4 other lounges in Singapore this evening and they all only have UHT milk too.

      For fresh milk I think you’ll have to head to Starbucks or Coffee bean and Tea Leaf.

      We’ll make note of the milk used in all future lounge reviews too. Thanks for the comment!

  1. just to clarify, this lounge is accessible for Vietnam Airlines Lotusmiles Gold and above, even when travelling economy or reward flights.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. We checked with Vietnam Airlines and you’re right – Gold and above are eligible for this lounge. Sorry for the omission – we’ve updated the article accordingly.

      1. You’re welcomed my friend. Happily, the laksa in this lounge is as good as the T3 SATS lounge.

        By the way, would you be able to tabulate the floor area of the main DFS store size in the the various terminals? T4 is woefully too small for us who had to shop there regularly.

  2. Just want to update you the current situation at blossom. The bar section is always closed even during evening peak period. Seems like they intend to make the space white elephant. Food wise….Pretty average. I would say in comparison with Cathay lounge next door, Cathay’s food quality is so much better.

    Shower wise, be prepared to queue in the evening.

    The seats especially those private pods are really small.

    For a brand new paid lounge, I don’t think it has provided a high standard service offerings. I would think SATs premier lounges at t2 or t3 are better.

    1. Hi, it’s 5.30pm and the lounge is empty! I’m sitting at the bar, with a tasty curry and my show is booked for 30mins- but there is no wait (I was just hungry and wanted to eat first!)
      Very happy would defo recommend! 🙂

    1. Hi Wen, sadly not as T4 is centralised security screening. This means that unlike the other terminals, arriving passengers aren’t allowed back into the transit area and instead are sent through straight through into arrivals and baggage claim.

  3. Can I use this lounge with priority pass If my departure is from Terminal 2?. Can I take the shuttle bus from T2 to T4 and use this lounge?. I have 7 hours transit time at changi.

  4. Very disappointed with the service at the entrance of the lounge! I visited this lounge yesterday, they swipe my CC once and when I said I have one more guest with me, they swipe again and charged for 2 persons! I just checked I saw that they have charged 3 times on my card! They saw that we are only 2 persons but still deliberately charged 3 times! Very dissatisfied with the service of the front desk!

  5. Any cutoff time when they stop serving wines and spirits? Other airport lounges stops serving alcohol at 12am. Thanks in advance!

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