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Is Mileslife’s new ongoing offer worth 500 free KrisFlyer miles a year?

A new and easy ongoing earning offer from Mileslife could net you over 500 KrisFlyer miles a year, depending how long it lasts

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Mileslife (click here for our full ‘about’ article) is a great way to top up your frequent flyer points with a number of different airline programs whenever you dine at one of their associated restaurants, or make a variety of lifestyle purchases including hotel stays through their mobile app.

They’re often running promotional miles bonuses for individual airline schemes, but this morning they announced a slightly different ongoing offer – allowing you to earn a number of free miles each week, simply by checking in to their mobile app on a daily basis.

Remember if you’re not a registered Mileslife user yet – download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and use promo code MAINLYMILES to enjoy 1,000 free bonus miles on your first payment.

The latest offer

If you’re already a Mileslife user, you should have received the following email this morning:


It’s a simple enough deal – simply ‘check in’ to the Mileslife app each day, and for every 7 consecutive daily check-ins your account will be credited with between 10 and 200 miles, automatically transferred to the frequent flyer program of your choice about 3 to 5 days later.


Good news

We confirmed with the Mileslife team this morning that there is no limit per person, so if you check in each day over the next year you’d net a minimum of 520 miles.

Mileslife also confirmed to us that the promotion is ongoing with no planned end date (though there’s no guarantee they’ll keep it running anything close to one year, the lack of an end date at this stage would suggest it’s here for more than a month or so).

If you’re lucky you may get more than the ‘guaranteed’ minimum 10 miles for each 7 day period, though it’s not clear what the distribution of miles award levels is, nor how many of the top 200 miles totals will be dished out each week. For reference, 10 KrisFlyer miles are worth about S$0.20, while 200 are worth S$4.00, when used for most redemptions.


The catch

You must remember to check-in to the app every single day or the cycle ‘resets’. For example if you remember six days in a row, then forget to check-in on day 7, your check in on day 8 will count as day 1 again, with no bonus miles credited until the end of the next completed cycle!

That makes it pretty difficult to achieve the bonus long-term unless you’re very disciplined and check in to the app every morning when you wake up (for example).

Other FFPs

The beauty of Mileslife is that it’s not limited to KrisFlyer miles.

While most of our readers will want to use this opportunity to top up their KrisFlyer balance, remember you can instead credit to 13 other frequent flyer programs if you wish to, just add your account details in the app and switch to that program before confirming your first daily ‘check in’. Ensure that it’s remembered the same frequent flyer program at the bottom of the app screen for each subsequent daily ‘check in’ too.

This doesn’t prevent you from switching to a different program for your regular Mileslife earning, such as while dining – you’ll still be able to credit to an FFP of your choice for those transactions as normal.

Airline Partners Feb 18.jpg
Mileslife airline partners as of March 2018

In the example below, I’ve selected to credit to British Airways Executive Club (Avios) points.



We’re not talking big volumes of miles here, even if you’re hitting the ‘lucky end’ of the scale every week, but over a longer period it’s not to be sniffed at.

Even if you only remember to participate some of the time the miles are free, as no other Mileslife transactions are required to be eligible for this offer (though you should be making some, as that’s where the real earning potential of the program comes in).



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