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UOB cuts Visa Infinite status and income requirement on PRVI Miles card; retains lousy sign-up offer


UOB made a few changes to their PRVI Miles credit card products yesterday – the main one being the already anticipated removal of ‘Visa Infinite’ status on their PRVI Miles Visa card.

It was always ‘unofficial’ anyway, as the card didn’t announce itself as a Visa Infinite anywhere on the face, nor did UOB ever promote it as such, but it was indeed eligible for the enhanced Infinite perks like the concierge lifestyle service and accelerated Hilton Honors Gold status.

The replacement category, ‘Visa Signature’ actually retains the fast track Hilton Gold status deal, and so there isn’t a huge amount lost here. The full Visa Signature benefits are listed on this page.

Infinite status was also the main reason the annual income requirement was set at S$80,000 for the PRVI Miles Visa card, but at only S$50,000 for the PRVI Miles MasterCard or Amex. And on that point…

The income requirement has been slashed

Good news for those with a lower annual income who may have previously been ineligible for the UOB PRVI Miles card – the requirement has been dropped to S$30,000 for all three card products (S$40,000 for foreigners), making them much more accessible.

Although there has been no reduction in the annual fee of S$256.80, it remains waived for the first year and you can always ask for it to be waived prior to annual renewals.

The sign-up bonus remains lousy

No change here, the current sign-up bonus of S$80 cashback if you’re one of the first 1,200 people to spend S$600 in the first 30 days of card membership. Which still means you might get it – and you might not. How very ‘UOB’.

To us the fact that a card with the word ‘miles’ in its title doesn’t offer any miles as part of the sign-up bonus – is frankly just plain odd. To offer cashback instead just makes it even weirder.

It’s a bit like a cashback card offering 1,000 KrisFlyer miles sign-up bonus, then not allowing any regular miles accrual once you have it.

The irony is presumably not lost on the team at UOB, or maybe it is…

Check our updated review

We’ve updated our full review of the UOB PRVI Miles cards today following the updated terms and conditions, so you can see a full breakdown of all the benefits of this card to help decide if it’s right for you.

Other Credit Card changes

A few other sign-up bonuses have ended or been reduced as follows:

  • Citi PremierMiles Visa 30,000 miles sign-up bonus has ended. No new bonus has yet been announced. Citi Prestige sign-up bonus unaffected (valid to 30th June 2018).
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Amex sign-up bonus reduced from 14,500 miles to 13,000 miles, minimum spend to qualify reduced from S$2,500 in first 3 months to S$2,000 (online applications from now until 30th June 2018).
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Amex sign-up bonus reduced from 22,000 miles to 20,000 miles, minimum spend to qualify reduced from S$6,000 in first 3 months to S$5,000 (online applications from now until 30th June 2018).

See our top credit card sign-up bonuses page which has been updated with the latest offers.


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