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OCBC Titanium Rewards 6 miles per $1 spent on Mileslife until 30th June

6 miles per $1 spent on Mileslife with no cap

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

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OCBC and Mileslife have a new earning promotion for all OCBC Titanium Rewards cardholders running from today until 30th June 2018 which will earn you 15 OCBC$ (the equivalent of 6 miles) per S$1 spent using the Mileslife mobile app.


Update 23rd April 19:20: OCBC have confirmed that the bonus miles awarded under this promotion do not count towards your annual cap of 120,000 OCBC$ under the regular 10x reward points spending categories. That’s great as it means there’s the option here for a very significant number of miles over the next couple of months through this promotion.

They did however state that topping up your Mileslife wallet is not eligible for this 15x OCBC$ promo. We’re currently clarifying that point with Mileslife as it doesn’t appear to be specifically stated in the T&Cs.

Update 24th April 11:15: OCBC have confirmed that wallet top-ups are in fact included in the 15x offer too. Finally we know where we stand – so spend and top-up away!

How it works

Simply switch your payment card on the app to your OCBC Titanium Rewards card to be eligible.

Furthermore, there’s no cap and these miles are earned on top of the regular eligible miles earned through Mileslife itself for the respective transaction.

For example at a restaurant offering 3 miles per S$1 spent, you’ll still receive those miles through the app as usual on top of the additional 6 miles per S$1 in the form of OCBC$ through your card – an equivalent of 9 miles per S$1 total earning.

Full terms and conditions for the bonus offer are available here.


We did a full review of the OCBC Titanium Rewards card earlier this year, it’s a useful way of topping up your annual miles accrual with selected merchants at 4 miles per S$1 spent, not to mention on all mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay which are increasingly available.

OCBC Titanium Rewards MasterCard

CLICK HERE for our review

An unbeatable miles earning rate of 4 miles per $1 on selected transactions, with an annual upper spending cap. It may involve a bit more hassle than your average card, but it’s probably worth the effort.


Annual fee: $192.60/yr (first 2 years free)
EIR/APR: 25.92%
Sign-up bonus: None
Local & Overseas earn rate: 0.4 miles per $1
Local & Overseas earn rate (specific categories): 4 miles per $1*
Minimum Age: 21
Minimum income (Singaporean/PR): $30,000/yr
Minimum income (Foreigner): $45,000/yr
* – Plenty of complication, including an upper cap, applies to this earning rate. See our full review.


Mileslife Sign-up Bonus

If you’re not an OCBC cardholder – Mileslife are also running a sign-up bonus for the OCBC Titanium Rewards card if you apply via the form on their mobile app, which will get you a S$50 Mileslife credit upon card approval.

If you already have an OCBC card but not the Titanium Rewards card yet, you’ll be eligible for a S$15 credit instead.

There should still be ample time to take advantage of that offer plus this bonus miles promotion as it runs for over two more months from today. Full terms and conditions for this offer are available on the Mileslife app.

Don’t forget to book with Chope

When using Mileslife for dining remember to make your restaurant bookings with Chope where possible. We did an overview of the online restaurant booking service back in December.

You can earn 200 ‘Chope Dollars’ for every restaurant reservation using the KrisFlyer promotion code CHOPEKF, and this is a good way to accrue even more miles by combining this booking bonus with a Mileslife purchase at the end of your meal, provided your restaurant is signed up with both schemes which many are.


Effectively your 200 Chope Dollars are worth an extra 167 KrisFlyer miles (as they can be converted later, in larger batches), though arguably they are more valuable when converted to restaurant vouchers.


If Mileslife has passed you by until now – check out our full article to see what it can do for you.




  1. Copied from OCBC Ts & Cs..

    “6. This Promotion is not valid with other offers or promotions. For avoidance of doubt, any Bonus OCBC$ earned under this Promotion will not be calculated in conjunction with the 10X Rewards Mobile Payments Promotion that OCBC Titanium Rewards Cardmembers earn on a usual basis.“

    It’s easy enough to understand that OCBC won’t give you a total of 25 OCBC$s per $1.. maybe some day, 🙏🏻.. but my question is, would your Mileslife spend count towards the max $12k p.a. per card for max mpd benefit?

    1. Mileslife have confirmed that bonus OCBC$ from this promotion do not count towards your 120,000 annual limit at the OCBC side, however the bonus is awarded by OCBC so I’d rather hear it from them!

      Someone has asked at the HWZ forum and the OCBC rep there usually responds quite quickly so we should have additional confirmation by tomorrow.

      I’m sure Mileslife are right – but I agree completely with your point about T&C 6 – it has nothing to do with the annual bonus cap it’s only referring to the inability to ‘stack’ two offers together.

      1. Thanks, Andrew.. and I’m not asking you from being lazy, I actually attempted about 10x to submit online form at OCBC but was for whatever reason unsuccessful and the form refused to send.. thanks again!

      2. OCBC have confirmed this afternoon that the OCBC$ earned from this promotion do not count towards the 120,000 annual limit – so it’s effectively unlimited from now till 30th June which is great:

        “The OCBC$ accrued for the Mileslife promotion does not count towards the 120,000 OCBC$ cap.

        They did however state that Mileslife top-ups are not eligible for the 15x (6 miles) offer:

        “Topping up of the Mileslife wallet is not eligible for 15X OCBC$”

        which is a little confusing as the terms and conditions do not mention that, and Mileslife stated they were eligible. Another point to clarify!

  2. Wow! I’m glad that the Mileslife promo doesn’t count towards the 120,000 OCBC$ annual cap, but frankly am surprised that the wallet top-up isn’t entitled to the 6x miles, which is different from the past 12x miles at IKEA, where buying vouchers counted towards the 12x miles, but was capped at $1000 max..

    Should we consider this as a slightly (or not) stinkiness on OCBC’s part? or simply take it as “c’est la vie” and that we need make sure that regardless of who’s or what the promo is, we need literally check every angle, dot every “i” and cross every “t”..?

    Thanks again, Andrew.. had you not have asked/clarified, I’m pretty sure most of us wouldn’t have been the wiser! 🙏🏻

    1. No problem Ken – I can’t take credit for asking as that was done by someone else at the HWZ forum, I just quoted the reply from the OCBC rep!

      They have also clarified today that top-ups are eligible for the 15x offer as well, so I’ve updated the article to reflect this. That makes this a very generous offer indeed and you should be able to accumulate a decent number of miles over the next couple of months using Mileslife / OCBC TR.

  3. Say.. Andrew.. seeing we’re on topic about OCBC.. slightly off topic cos nothing to do w Mileslife but OCBC Titanium Rewards Card tho..

    Copied from OCBC..

    “..For example, KrisFlyer Shop is registered as a Duty Free Store (MCC 5309) and Financial Institution (MCC 6012) even though it sells a variety of retail products, including electronics and gadgets and personal care.”

    How do we know/ how can we find out if the retailer were spending at has the correct MCC? Instead of blindly spending millions at a retailer and finding out later that you’re only getting 0.4mpd instead of 4mpd..?

    1. Hi Ken,

      Yes welcome to the gamble of the MCC code! It’s one reason I personally only use the OCBC TR card for mobile payments (Apple Pay) to ensure I’m getting the 4x rate. One exception was buying some new air conditioning units from Gain City – which I ensured would be eligible for the higher rate by trawling through the OCBC TR thread on the HWZ forum. Quite a big purchase so I made the effort in that case.

      Sadly there is currently no publicly available database in Singapore showing the MCC code of a specific business. In the USA Visa do provide such a database – the Visa Supplier Locator which is really useful, however the credit card networks assign MCC codes to businesses independently of one another. That means Visa may assign a certain MCC to a retailer, but MasterCard might choose to categorise the same business under a different MCC!

      People at the HWZ forum are pretty obsessed with this (in a good way!) and have even come up with this crowdsourced spreadsheet to help you find merchants which will give you the 10x OCBC$ (4 miles) per dollar, mainly through trial and error. Hopefully that helps you a bit.

      1. Wow! As if trying to keep track of Stopovers over multiple flights/routes didn’t give a big enough headache, now MCC codes too?! Funny, but not, I guess.. Haha..

        But thanks for the clarification on the Mileslife 6x promo, max 120,000 OCBC$, AND the MCC codes headache! 🙏🏻

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