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Hundreds of Suites saver award seats on SIA’s A380 to and from Osaka this winter

Is this the most open route for Singapore Airlines Suites saver award availability?

2006 Suite 2 (Singapore Airlines)

Note that since this article was written Singapore Airlines has since extended A380 operation on the Osaka route for a further 2 months to 30th March 2019. See our subsequent article for more details.

Singapore Airlines fly their largest plane, the Airbus A380, seasonally during the winter months between Singapore and Osaka and here’s the good news this year – it’s running for just over 3 months from 28th October 2018 to 31st January 2019. That’s a total of 96 flights in either direction, or as we see it 96 opportunities to try out the fantastic Singapore Airlines A380 suites product.

Let’s clarify one thing to start with, this isn’t the new 2017 Suites product installed on the latest A380 aircraft. Those are flying daily between Singapore and Sydney, London, Hong Kong and soon Zurich and Shanghai, but won’t be flying to or from Osaka.

This route will get the 2006 Suites but don’t let the age put you off, if you haven’t tried Singapore Airlines in Suites this is still a fantastic product, refreshed with new seat covers and other fittings only a few years ago.

Suite 4F
Suite 4F on the Singapore Airlines A380. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The Schedule

Here’s the daily flight you’ll have to pick to experience the A380 with the Suites product on Osaka flights this winter.

From 28th October 2018 to 31st January 2019 30th March 2019
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ618 SIN0130 – KIX0845 388 Daily
SQ619 KIX1110 – SIN1710 388 Daily
SQ622 SIN1405 – KIX2120 787 Daily
SQ623 KIX2330 – SIN0540* 787 Daily

* Next day

Update 9th June 2018: Note that A380 service on this route has now been extended to 30th March 2019. See our article for details.

Award Availability

The problem is, being Suites, there’s hardly any redemption availability – right? Wrong! Singapore Airlines doesn’t normally operate a First Class cabin to Osaka, let alone a Suites cabin. It doesn’t even operate Suites to Tokyo.

That makes it very difficult for them to capture a market for these seats on this particular route.

It means on this 6 hour 15 minute flight to Osaka (or back to Singapore) you can experience the Suites product at the saver rate of 65,000 KrisFlyer miles and there’s tons of award space loaded.

Here are the KrisFlyer redemption rates you’ll pay by cabin on this route:


KrisFlyer Redemption Singapore – Osaka
Saver Advantage
Economy 25,000 45,000
Premium Economy 32,500 n/a
Business 43,000 70,000
Suites 65,000 115,000

When we say tons, we mean it. In fact Advantage rates in Suites on this route are pretty irrelevant – you almost never have to pay it. We found at least 735 saver award seats in Suites class between Singapore and Osaka during the 3-month period of operation; 360 northbound and 365 southbound.

Here’s the rule of thumb. There are at least 4 saver Suites redemptions on this route in both directions every single day from 28th October 2018 to 31st January 2019.

That’s because we only searched availability up to 4 Suites award seats – on some dates there may be more. There are a few days where fewer than 4 seats are available, as follows.

Singapore – Osaka (SQ618)

  • 22nd November – 1 available
  • 29th November – 3 available
  • 3rd December – 2 available
  • 8th December – Waitlist
  • 21st December – 3 available
  • 25th December – 2 available
  • 7th January – 3 available

Osaka – Singapore (SQ619)

  • 23rd November – 2 available
  • 2nd December – 2 available
  • 3rd December – 2 available
  • 21st December – 2 available
  • 27th December – Waitlist
  • 28th December – 1 available
  • 29th December – 3 available
  • 2nd January – 3 available
  • 3rd January – 2 available

On all other dates of operation there are at least 4 saver awards in the Suites cabin in both directions, as of 2nd June 2018.

2006 Suite (Points from the Pacific).jpg
Securing the famous double bed is a very realistic possibility on these flights, with four or more saver award seats available on almost every day of operation. (Photo: Points from the Pacific)

Remember there are two pairs in the 2006 Suites cabin where you have the opportunity for the double bed arrangement – at 2 C/D and 3 C/D.

Suites Seat Map
The seat map availability you can currently expect to see on most A380 Osaka flights

While the forward pair at 2 C/D are blocked for allocation due to the bassinet position, if you can’t secure 3 C/D as a couple then Singapore Airlines should be able to allocate 2 C/D over the phone. You risk being moved to other seats if a booking including an infant is then made on your flight in this cabin – a small chance.

Is it good value?

Many of you will recall our article a couple of months ago which listed all the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer saver redemptions to and from Changi by miles per minute of flight time. We basically copied someone else’s idea (with permission, naturally) and it was meant as a bit of fun. Surprisingly though it got a lot of traction.

The Osaka route wasn’t included in the First / Suites table as it wasn’t operating with that cabin at the time, but it would work out at 177 KrisFlyer miles per minute of flight time on a saver Suites redemption. That’s on the high side with the average route coming in at 150 miles per minute in this cabin but it’s identical to Singapore – Melbourne.

Would we do it?

Absolutely, but our advice would actually be to split a return journey – redeem to Osaka on the afternoon 787-10 flight (SQ622) for 43,000 miles and try out the new 2018 RJ regional business class. We reviewed it a couple of months ago and there’s no doubt – this is a long-haul business class product for most airlines. You could also redeem a saver for the same cost to Tokyo on the 787-10, A350 or 777-300ER.

Rack of Lamb F (MM).jpg
Rack of Lamb on the way to London during our last Suites flight. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Then take the A380 Suites home from Osaka on the daytime flight (SQ619) for 65,000 miles to make the most of the product and service offered. You won’t take full advantage of Suites on a 6-hour overnight flight from Singapore to Osaka in our opinion.

Don’t forget that apart from your own enclosed suite and the fine dining options you’ll also be getting 6 hours of free-flow Dom Perignon and Krug 2004 Champagne – probably not your everyday drop.


All the hype lately is about the new 2017 Suites product, but this is a great opportunity to try the older and still excellent 2006 Singapore Airlines A380 Suites on a flight with a decent total duration for a reasonable miles cost. Most importantly the saver award availability on this seasonal route is remarkably good. If you’ve never flown Suites before this version certainly won’t disappoint.

Remember this seasonal upgrade also represents your only opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines Suites class to or from Japan.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)



  1. Hi there! Thanks for the article, quite helpful to know which routes have more availability than others :)… can I ask which search engine do you use? I have been fiddling around with kvs tool with limited success 🙁

    1. Hi Glenn there are a number of tools out there as you probably know and we do use KVS but to be honest for SIA redemptions we find their own app the quickest way. KVS is a very powerful tool but we don’t find it that useful for searching SIA redemptions.

      1. thanks Andrew. Yea, I have been fiddling around with KVS, seems to work better with Cathay Partner redemptions

  2. What a fantastic promo, which I’d take advantage of in a heartbeat, except my trip is in April ‘19.. 😢 Will have to “make do” with biz class on B787.. 😬

    1. Hi Ken, shame you just miss out on the A380. You won’t regret the 787 though I think. Will it be your first flight on the new regional business class?

      1. Hi Andrew..

        Yes, sadly.. cos for 22,000 miles more, to me it’s a no-brainer.. especially if outbound and I get my DP pre-boarding.. Oh well..

        No, it won’t be my first.. that will be come Dec on my SIN>NRT flight, which got ‘downgraded’ from B777-300ER to B787.. in this case I don’t mind it cos I do want to try the new RJ.. 😊

        Both are First World problems… 😛

      2. Woohoo! I’ve made my first world problem disappear.. changed travel dates.. moved SIN>KIX to R and KIX>SIN to remain RJ.. best of both worlds.. DP pre-boarding followed by 5 hours of shut eye.. I’m a happy camper! 😊

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