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Extended: Alaska Mileage Plan 40% buy miles bonus until Wednesday 3pm

With a number of valuable premium class award redemptions across several airlines, buying Alaska miles can be well worth a look. You'll have to hurry this time though.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

AY A350 J Overview (Finnair)

The most recent Alaska Mileage Plan buy miles promotion, a 50% bonus widely available to many members, only finished 3 weeks ago, however that’s not stopping the program offering another good deal for the next few days.

This time around the offer is not quite as generous at 40% miles bonus, though some members were also offered 40% in the last round too. This time however the number of miles you need to purchase to enjoy the full bonus level is much lower than before at just 10,000 miles.

Edit Tuesday 30th October: The promotion has been extended and now runs until 2.59pm Singapore time on Wednesday 31st October.

The offer

For this promotion the 40% bonus level starts at just 10,000 miles purchased (giving you 14,000 miles for US$295.63). That means you’re getting the same cost per mile even for smaller top-ups, though there’s no bonus at the smallest 1,000 – 9,000 miles purchase levels.

In previous Alaska miles sales at least 40,000 miles had to be purchased to be eligible for the top bonus level, so this is a definite advantage especially if you’re relatively close to a redemption threshold. Buying 10,000 miles in the recent 50% bonus campaign, for example, netted you only a 20% bonus (12,000 miles total). This time it’s 40% (14,000 miles total) for the same price.

Alaska Oct18 Offer
The bonus rate kicks in at 10,000 miles purchased this time round, on my account at least. Note the offer now ends on Wednesday 31st October 2.59pm Singapore time.

That means in this sale you’re getting Alaska miles for 2.11 US cents each right from the 10,000 miles purchase level.

Since some members (like Eddie) were only offered a 40% bonus in the last promotion, this is arguably a better deal for them – the same bonus rate with a lower minimum commitment to obtain it.

Click here to buy Alaska miles

Monday Wednesday afternoon in Singapore is your deadline

The offer closes at 11.59m PST (PDT) on Sunday 28th Tuesday 30th October 2018, which is 2.59pm on Monday 29th Wednesday 31st October 2018 Singapore time.

We checked it during the last promotion (when there was some confusion over whether they meant PST or PDT) and the offer was removed on the dot at 3pm Singapore time.


Why buy Alaska miles?

There are some fantastic uses for Alaska miles, however we don’t recommend buying them speculatively. You should ideally have a redemption plan in mind soon as changes in partner redemption relationships and valuations can occur.

Here’s a list of the airlines