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Citi tweaks credit card terms from October – winners and losers

Some you win, some you lose. Citi's upcoming credit card terms and conditions changes might just delight and enrage customers in equal measure.

Citi Office London

Citi has been on a little shake-up crusade since the end of the ‘up to 8 miles per dollar on Apple Pay’ offer with many of their credit cards. Aside from a slightly botched move to DragonPass for their PremierMiles Visa customers, apparently reversed (at least temporarily) the next day, several general terms and conditions relating to their miles earning cards issued in Singapore have been amended, which will take effect from 4th October 2018.

‘ThankYou Points’

Citi have finally settled on a name for their award points in Singapore, previously a mishmash of terms were used to effectively describe the same ‘currency’:

  • Citi Dollars
  • ULTIMA Dollars
  • ULTIMA $
  • Citi Rewards Points

These will now follow the branding used by Citi in the USA for some time – with ThankYou Points having equal value to those described above, transferring into most frequent flyer program miles at a 2.5:1 ratio.

Whether ThankYou Points will now pool into a single rewards account, for those holding more than one Citi card that accrues them, remains to be seen.

Citi PremierMiles cards will continue to earn ‘Citi Miles’, these transfer 1:1 into most frequent flyer miles programs such as KrisFlyer.

Some overseas transaction earn rates are improving

For a 3-month period between 1st October 2018 and 31st December 2018 overseas retail transactions will get an improved earning rate as shown below:

Card Current Rate Bonus Rate
CitiCardPMTransCiti PremierMiles 2.0
Citi Miles
Citi Miles
Citi Prestige TransCiti Prestige 5.0
Citi Dollars
ThankYou Points