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3,000 KrisFlyer miles if you’re flying from London Heathrow in 2019

If you're flying from Heathrow in 2019 and are new to the Heathrow Rewards program, earn 3,000 bonus airline miles for a spend of £150

LHR T2 SQ Crew (Heathrow Airport Limited)

You may recall an offer we wrote about last year for those of you flying out of London Heathrow airport during 2018, whereby you could earn 3,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles through the Heathrow Rewards program by spending £150 (around S$260) across the many shops, duty-free stores and food outlets at the airport.

Well the good news if you missed out last year and still don’t have a Heathrow Rewards account is that the sign-up bonus is being repeated for 2019.


How it works

Sign-up here, and make sure the offer code BA2019 is pre-filled in the ‘Promotion code’ field under ‘Contact information’, to be eligible for the offer (if it’s not there, just type it in).

Note that while the offer is promoted through British Airways, the bonus miles are credited as Heathrow Rewards points and you can transfer them into any of their participating airline frequent flyer programs, including KrisFlyer. Here are the terms:

New customer 3,000 extra Heathrow Reward points Terms & Conditions

  • The extra points offer is available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme only who join using the above link or register their card and enter promotional code BA2019 before 31 December 2019.
  • 3,000 extra points will be awarded when £150 or more of qualifying expenditure is made in a single day before 31 December 2019 and the Heathrow Rewards card is presented.
  • Only one offer per member.
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other joining offer.
  • Offer not applicable to currency exchange purchases.
  • Certain products and outlets are excluded, full details for Heathrow Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Some of our readers may also find this a useful way of topping up their other frequent flyer accounts, as the points can be used to credit 3,000 miles with any of these participating FFPs:




If you’re passing through Heathrow in the near future, there’s no need to register online as you can pick up a Heathrow Rewards card at the airport itself, then register the card number using the same online form above, but remember to quote BA2019 in the ‘Promotion Code’ field.

Alternatively, sign-up online with the code and Heathrow Rewards will send your membership card in the post, but in the meantime you can use a mobile version in your Apple Wallet, or a virtual card sent by email.

Remember your £150+ of transactions must be made in a single day to generate the bonus miles, but can be across several retailers. For example, a £60 dinner at one of the restaurants followed by a £90 duty free purchase would be ok.


Hold out for a second bonus

Better still, Heathrow rewards runs regular points transfer promotions for its airline partner schemes (the latest was a 25-50% bonus to KrisFlyer miles), so if you’re willing to hold onto the points for a while and wait for the next bonus to be announced you could even find yourself transferring up to 4,500 miles into KrisFlyer.

Just remember that your Heathrow Rewards points expire if you don’t have any new transactions for 3 years, so be sure to have transferred them by then, unless you’re a Heathrow regular in which case you won’t need to worry too much as all your points stay ‘alive’ provided you transact at least once every 3 years.

New cabin products

Singapore Airlines is now flying its newest Airbus A380 cabin products to and from London on a daily basis. Make sure you book on SQ317 / SQ322 to guarantee the new seats.

We tried out both the new Suites and the new Business Class seats last year, be sure to check out our comprehensive reviews of those products below.



With the opportunity to try out these new seats, and the Singapore Dollar about 25% stronger against the pound compared to three years ago, there’s never been a better time to make a trip to the UK and take advantage of this bonus.


What is Heathrow Rewards?


It’s a very similar concept to the Changi Rewards program, simply present your membership card when making a purchase at almost any outlet at the airport, including duty free shops and restaurants, and you’ll receive 1 reward point for every £1 spent.

Points can be used for instant redemption, for shopping vouchers, or transferred to a frequent flyer program.

Unlike Changi rewards, where 3,000 points gets you $15 in shopping vouchers or just 500 KrisFlyer miles (worth about S$10), in the Heathrow Rewards scheme 500 points will get you a £5 voucher (about S$8.70), or 500 KrisFlyer miles, so you aren’t losing out by transferring to airline miles.

In fact, transfers to airline miles are arguably better value under the Heathrow Rewards scheme. Note that the minimum number of Heathrow Rewards points you can transfer to KrisFlyer is 250.

Should I be crediting anything else to Heathrow Rewards?

Heathrow Rewards has a partnership with Rocketmiles, letting you earn points for hotel stays. That might sound familiar, because KrisFlyer has a partnership with Rocketmiles too, but guess which partner is more generous?

Of course – crediting to Heathrow Rewards points generally results in a much higher accumulation rate than crediting to KrisFlyer.

Example for a 2-night weekend in New York in March 2019. Heathrow Rewards transfer into KrisFlyer miles 1:1, making this option a no-brainer.

Once the points are in your Heathrow Rewards account, just transfer them over to your KrisFlyer account at the 1:1 ratio, or hold out for a possible bonus miles offer if you don’t need them straight away as you may even get more.

Even if you don’t think you’ll participate in the 3,000 miles bonus, it’s therefore still worth signing up for a Heathrow Rewards account if you occasionally make hotel bookings through Rocketmiles.



3,000 miles is a generous offer, and should be worth at least S$60 against future Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight redemptions, potentially more if you redeem into Business Class or First Class / Suites.

Bear in mind if you are interested in this promotion, that tobacco products and foreign currency exchange do not count towards the minimum spend, with some other airport retailers also excluded. Check the terms and conditions under ‘awarding of points’ to make sure your intended transactions will qualify.

Hat tip to Head for Points for the sign-up offer.

(Cover Photo: Heathrow Airport Limited)


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