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More rental promos from 1.89% fee with ipaymy and CardUp

The competition for paying your rent by credit card has never been so good. Make sure you're getting the best rate you can.

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Paying your monthly rent to a private landlord in Singapore using your credit card has never been easier, with at least three providers on the scene allowing you to accrue thousands of frequent flyer miles each month on this often major transaction, for a nominal processing fee.

That fee is important of course, because depending on the rate at which your card accrues miles it determines your cost per mile when you accrue this way.

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With RentHero already offering our readers a competitive 1.85% fee for the rest of 2019, both ipaymy and CardUp have only slightly more expensive offers, but on a wider range of credit card types, at 1.89% and 1.9% respectively for Visa and Mastercard payments.


Cost per mile for rental payments

Currently the cheapest way to pay your rent in Singapore using your Visa or Mastercard credit card is either:

  • Our 1.85% promo code ‘MAINLYMILES185’ with RentHero (specific cards)
  • ipaymy’s 1.89% promo rate
  • CardUp’s 1.9% promo rate

For your American Express card it’s:

  • Our 2.59% promo code ‘MAINLYAMEX’ with ipaymy (one-time)
  • CardUp’s 2.6% standard rate (American Express)

Here’s the cost per mile for some popular miles-earning credit cards in Singapore, with the cheapest option in each case highlighted in green.

Cents per mile analysis for rental payments by card
(until 31st December 2019)

Card RentHero ipaymy CardUp