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Avoiding older Regional Business Class on long Singapore Airlines routes in 2019

Singapore Airlines is still flying its older 2009 Regional Business Class seats on a range of longer flights. On the whole though, they're now easy to avoid.

2009 RJ (Matt@PEK)

Last month we updated our Business Class seats by Route analysis all the way through to the end of the northern winter schedule in late March 2020, showing you route by route and flight number by flight number which seat type to expect on your next Singapore Airlines flight.

Better still, the permanent guide is continually updated, at least once per month and more often if necessary, so you always have the latest information at your fingertips before having to do dummy bookings or examine seat maps on the painfully slow Singapore Airlines website.

A couple of weeks ago we looked at where you’ll find the airline’s long-haul Business Class seats flying on short Singapore Airlines routes, of 6 hours duration or less.

This analysis is almost the exact opposite; where you’ll still find the older 2009 Regional Business Class seats on longer routes.

We think it’s probably still reasonable to ‘slum it’ in the 2009 RJ seat on flights up to 4 hours 55 minutes, but over that 5 hour mark it starts to become a drag, especially if you’re flying solo in a full cabin or the flight is overnight and you were hoping to sleep.

We’ve therefore looked in this case at where those seats are found on flights of 5 hours or more.

Other seats you’re much better sat in (in our opinion) include the latest 2018 Regional Business Class, and long-haul 2013 / 2017 Business Class. Even the older 2006 long-haul Business Class is probably preferable, despite its age.


SIA’s old Regional Business Class

Singapore Airlines flies two different types of Regional Business Class seat in its fleet, but the one we’re trying to avoid here on these longer flights is the decade-old 2009 version.

2009 Regional Business Class