SIA Seats: 2006 J

This is our overview of the Singapore Airlines 2006 Business Class product – 2006 J.

2006 J
Config 1-2-1
Width 30″ (777)
Recline 180o
Bed Length 76″
Screen Size 15.4″ SD
Power Source 1 UNI / US + 2 USB (B77W/A380)
1 UNI + 2 USB (A340)
1 UNI (B772)
Wi-Fi Yes (A380/B77W)
(first 30MB free for Business Class passengers)

(Photo: MainlyMiles)


The Seat

The Singapore Airlines Business Class ‘2006 J’ seats are fitted on all 777-200ER aircraft and the A380 Version 1 & 2 aircraft.

The 2006 J seat. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

These seats boast a huge width of 34″ each (30″ on the Boeing 777s, and previously the A340-500s) – the widest business class product in the sky. It’s maybe too wide, since the trend for Singapore Airlines has been to reduce the seat width in more recent evolutions like the 2013 J and 2017 J products on their latest long-haul aircraft.

The seat is so wide it comfortably fits two children side-by-side and it’s not much of a squeeze for two smaller adults either. The armrests are so far apart Singapore Airlines even had to add a ‘bolster cushion’ at the seat side to act as one of your armrests.


How to know if your flight has 2006 J

If you’re travelling in business class on a 777-200ER your flight will have this seat. Remember the 1-2-1 configuration – don’t be confused with the 777-200 (non-ER), which are fitted with the older regional product 2009 RJ. A 2-2-2 layout on the seat map will give that away.

The Business Class seat map on a 777-200ER

On the A380 if the seat map in business goes up to row 27 or 96 you have this seat, if it goes up to row 97 however you have the newer 2017 J.

A380 Version 1 (left) and Version 2 (right) have the 2006 J seats

Where to sit

For our tips on where to sit in this cabin see our guides to the:

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(Cover Photo: Daniel Gillaspia)


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