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COMO Shambhala wellness cuisine launching on SIA flights from September 2019

First and Business Class passengers flying on one of five launch routes will start to see new wellness dishes on the in-flight menu from Sunday.

Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes

Back in March this year we wrote about the proposed new partnership between Singapore Airlines and COMO Shambhala, initially focusing on wellness dishes for in-flight food and beverage options. Today the two companies have jointly announced that these options will be launched this weekend, on flights from 1st September 2019.

“Customers can look forward to a menu of healthy and flavourful dishes, each dish carefully tailored to nourish the body and alleviate travel-induced stresses such as fatigue. Ingredients rich in antioxidants and micronutrients, such as kiwi, yoghurt, beetroot and strawberries, come together in immune-boosting dishes that will help customers feel refreshed even after a long flight. Others aim to promote good digestion and circulation for a more comfortable journey.” Singapore Airlines & COMO Shambhala

The airline will continue to work with Canyon Ranch to provide “wellness initiatives” on non-stop flights between Singapore and the USA.

In addition to the new dishes themselves, COMO Shambhala wellness articles will be exclusively available on the SIA mobile app from 1st September 2019, covering topics such as meditation, breathing techniques for relaxation, and body exercises suitable for periods of prolonged inactivity.

In-flight menu

The following dishes will be available in First Class and Business Class on selected flights from 1st September 2019 departing Singapore to:

  • Hong Kong
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Note that selected dishes from this list will be offered on different flights.

Cold Breakfast

Tropical Fruit Bircher Muesli

A cold cereal of rolled oats, natural Greek yoghurt, dried raisin and cranberry with fresh mango, strawberries and pumpkin seeds.

Antioxidant Rich | Cleansing | Digestive Support | High Fibre

Hot Breakfast

Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes

Wholesome buckwheat and pumpkin pancakes with vanilla bean coconut yogurt, toasted pumpkins seeds and maple strawberry and orange.

Digestive Support | Immune Boosting | Micronutrient Rich

Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes
Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)


Sweetcorn and Young Coconut Soup

A bright velvety blend of sweet corn, young coconut and lemongrass with fireroasted red pepper salsa, pumpkin seeds and fresh coriander.

Micronutrient Rich | Digestive Support | Calming


Silken Chicken Salad

Shredded poached chicken breast and crunchy vegetable and fresh herb slaw with roasted sesame, miso and honey dressing.

Immune Support | Digestive Support | Mineral Rich

Main Course

Coconut Poached Fish

Delicately poached fish with sweet potato, cauliflower and green peas in a rich tomato and coconut garam masala sauce.

Immune Boosting | Micronutrient Rich | Antioxidant Rich | Calming

Coconut Poached Fish.jpg
Coconut Poached Fish. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)


Dark Chocolate and Ginger Cake

A decadent cake of bittersweet chocolate, crystalized ginger and fine-grained polenta cake with citrus-scented rhubarb and crème fraiche.

Vitamin Rich | Mineral Rich

Wellness Beverage

COMO Shambhala Ginger Tea

A vibrant and earthy cold-pressed extraction of fresh beetroot, carrot, tart green apple, turmeric and ginger.

Circulatory Support | Vitamin Rich

Book the Cook menu

The following menu items will be added to the Book the Cook menu, available for pre-ordering for all flights departing Singapore from 1st September 2019.

Red Rice and Fish Porridge (First and Business)

A hearty and savory bowl of red rice, poached fish, wakame, kale and miso porridge topped with fresh ginger and coriander leaves.

Circulatory Support | High Protein | Mineral Rich | Calming

Puy Lentil, Zuchinni and Ricotta Lasagne (First and Business)

Warm, colorful layers of zucchini, red pepper, braised puy lentils, and creamy ricotta in a roasted tomato and red pepper marinara.

Micronutrient Rich | Digestive Support | High Fibre | Calming

Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes (First, Business and Premium Economy)

Wholesome buckwheat and pumpkin pancakes with vanilla bean coconut yogurt, toasted pumpkins seeds and maple strawberry and orange.

Digestive Support | Immune Boosting | Micronutrient Rich

Coconut and Chia Pudding (First, Business and Premium Economy)

Vanilla-scented white chia seeds soaked in creamy coconut milk with fresh kiwi and strawberries steeped in hibiscus flower tea.

Vitamin Rich | Digestive Support | High Fibre


An interesting range of additional wellness dishes on board SIA flights from next month is the first phase of the partnership between Singapore Airlines and COMO Shambhala.

SQ A380 LHR Taxiing (Heathrow Airport Limited).jpg
New dishes will join the in-flight menu on five routes initially, including London. (Photo: Heathrow Airport Limited)

Remember you don’t have to be flying on one of the five launch routes to experience the new Book the Cook wellness options, which will be made available for pre-selection on all flights departing Singapore.

While it looks like our wishes for a spa in the revamped T3 lounges at Changi don’t look to be part of the proposal, there will almost certainly be some ground-based wellness concept added as part of the COMO tie-up in the new facilities as they open over the next couple of years.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)



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