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Offer: 1.99% fee using ipaymy in February 2020

Get a discounted 1.99% fee on any ipaymy transaction in February 2020. Buy miles from 1.22 cents each.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.


Great news if you have a bill payment coming up with a company not usually accepting credit card payment, including rent, tax bills, tuition fees and home improvement invoices, with a new offer from card payment company ipaymy.

The latest deal is for a 1.99% transaction fee, a 12% saving on the usual rate of 2.25%, while still earning miles for the payment from your credit card issuer.

It means with the right credit card you can ‘buy’ miles from just 1.22 cents each.


The offer

Schedule a payment anytime this month and apply promo code FEB199, with payment using a Singapore-issued Visa or Mastercard, to be eligible for this 1.99% rate on a one-time transaction.

Note that the charge date for your transaction must be on or before 29th February 2020.


Obviously the bigger the payment, the bigger the saving, so if you have more than one transaction to make this month – do save the code for the more expensive one!


Cost per mile

Here are some cost per mile examples for Singapore-issued credit cards under this promotional deal at the 1.99% rate (applicable to any Visa or Mastercard payment):

Card Miles per S$1 Cost per mile
(1.99% fee)
$UOB Reserve 3.png
UOB Reserve
1.6 1.22¢
Citi Ultima Trans.png
1.6 1.22¢
BOC Elite Miles MC
1.5 1.30¢
Card MC.png
1.4 1.39¢
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite
1.4 1.39¢
Card Visa.png
UOB PRVI Miles Visa
1.4 1.39¢
HSBC Visa Infinite
1.25 1.56¢
Citi PremierMiles Visa
1.2 1.63¢
Altitude Card.jpg
DBS Altitude Visa
1.2 1.63¢

Citi PayAll

Even if you have a Citi card, at a 1.99% fee this ipaymy promotional rate beats the Citi PayAll offer, which now applies a 2% transaction fee for all users.

That’s not only because the ipaymy fee is marginally lower, but you are also earning miles for the fee itself as well as the payment amount when you use a card payments company like this, whereas with Citi you do not accrue miles for the fee element.


There are still a couple of better rent promotions

This ipaymy offer has good flexibility in that you can apply it to any payment type, however if it’s a rental payment you wish to make to your landlord there are still a couple of better value options available.

CardUp is offering a 1.9% fee on these payments until the end of June 2020, allowing you to ‘buy’ miles from 1.17 cents each with a card earning 1.6 miles per dollar on local spend.

We also have an ongoing reader offer with RentHero, which allows you to pay your rent with selected Singapore-issued credit cards for a discounted rate of 1.85% until the end of June 2020 using the promo code MAINLYMILES185 at the payment review stage. See the details of that offer here.

RentHero works out slightly cheaper than both the CardUp offer and the current ipaymy promotional code, but is obviously only any good if you use one of the supported cards.



Another attractive deal for miles earners in Singapore, with the ability to make any one-time payment with a Visa or Mastercard and pay a 1.99% fee.

While there are better offers for rental payments, you can use ipaymy to settle all sorts of other invoice types including tuition fees, tax payments, home improvement works and even air conditioning service bills.

If you have a payment coming up this month where you’d otherwise be missing out on miles earning, consider using this code to buy miles at an attractive rate.


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