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Citi Prestige cuts minimum spend for free limo rides from $20k to $12k

The least generous credit card in Singapore for complimentary airport limo transfers is still the least generous...

Limo Chauffeur (SS)

When it comes to free limo rides to and from Changi Airport, there are a number of credit cards offering this benefit (five to be exact). We have a full guide right here on the site outlining each one and how it works.

Back in April 2019 Citi made some rather unfortunate headlines by hiking the minimum spend for each pair of complimentary airport limo rides from S$1,500 in non-SGD spend to a whopping S$20,000 in any currency (and no, it wasn’t a typo).

Each S$20,000 spent per quarter then unlocked two free transfers in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which was also the upper cap of complimentary rides in the same quarter.


The minimum spend is now S$12,000

A bit of good news is that Citi has now cut the spend requirement for these limo rides down, quite significantly, to S$12,000.

Limo Change Feb20

Note that while there are still some references to the S$20,000 spend requirement on the Citi website, the all important terms and conditions (shown above) have now been updated.

While that’s a 40% drop in what you had to spend before to achieve this benefit, it’s still an eye-watering sum to spend for many of our readers.

On the plus side, Citi PayAll transactions do count towards the total, so paying large bills this way such as your monthly property rental can help you reach the threshold.

The good news is this change should apply immediately, meaning if you’ll hit S$12,000 spending in this quarter (Jan-Mar 2020), you’ll be entitled to two airport limo rides.

Full terms and conditions for the Citi Prestige Airport Limousine Transfer benefit are available here.


How it compares

Still very badly is the honest truth. Citi is pitching way above the other four cards when it comes to awarding this benefit.

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum spend required to trigger a single trip allowance for the five Singapore credit cards offering complimentary airport limo rides (for Citi Prestige, the spend shown unlocks two rides, though to be fair it’s also the only way to unlock one ride).

Card Min. spend for a free limo ride*
UOB PRVI Miles Amex S$1,000 (non-SGD)
HSBC Visa Infinite S$2,000
Maybank Visa Infinite S$3,000
OCBC Voyage S$3,000
Citi Prestige S$20,000

* Two rides for Citi Prestige

For full details including the terms and conditions for these complimentary airport transfers, see our updated full guide.



Citi Prestige still has by far the least generous free limo allowance among the five credit cards offering the perk in Singapore, however this change is certainly an improvement on the previous (somewhat ridiculous) spend requirement.

In effect you’re getting a one-way limo transfer for every S$6,000 spent (at least double what the other cards require), but you’ll still have to hit S$12,000 minimum spend as the Citi Prestige benefit only comes in a pair (two transfers awarded at a time).

Given that there are better cards out there with complimentary limo rides thrown in as you spend far more reasonable amounts, starting at just S$1,000 in non-SGD spend per transfer, it’s a good time to check out our updated guide to these products if this benefit is an important one to you.

!Free Limo

At the top end, up to 24 airport transfers per year are possible while still earning miles on your day-to-day spend.

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