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Full list of Singapore Airlines flights still operating in April 2020

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir will only fly to five cities in April 2020

SQ 777-300 Short (Kentaro Iemoto)

As most of our readers will be aware, Singapore Airlines is grounding almost its entire fleet and the vast majority of its worldwide flight schedules during April 2020 as a result of the coronavirus situation, resulting in extensive border restrictions both in Singapore and across much of its global network.

On Monday the airline released its revised flight schedules for the first two weeks of the northern summer season, from 29th March to 11th April 2020, and we reported on the affected services for that initial period.

SIA has now loaded its proposed flying programme for the rest of April into GDS, allowing us to identify all the flights scheduled to be operated during what’s set to be a very quiet month for the carrier.

Note: Singapore Airlines has still not updated its flight cancellations list beyond 11th April 2020, so these schedules are subject to change.

168 Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights will be flown next month, a 98% reduction by flight volumes on the 10,700 services originally planned to be operated by the two carriers in April.

Flights still operating

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir will be running the following flights to and from just five cities during April 2020.

All flights not listed below are cancelled during this period.

SIA Flights Operating
(1 – 30 Apr 2020)
South East Asia
Flight Route Dates Aircraft
SQ148 SIN – BWN 5 Apr, 12 Apr, 16 Apr, 26 Apr, 30 Apr 320*
SQ147 BWN – SIN 5 Apr, 12 Apr, 16 Apr, 26 Apr, 30 Apr 320*
North Asia
Flight Route Dates Aircraft
SQ850 SIN – CAN 1 Apr, 3 Apr, 6 Apr, 8 Apr, 10 Apr, 13 Apr, 15 Apr, 17 Apr, 20 Apr, 22 Apr, 24 Apr, 27 Apr, 29 Apr, 30 Apr 787
SQ851 CAN – SIN 1 Apr, 3 Apr, 6 Apr, 8 Apr, 10 Apr, 13 Apr, 15 Apr, 17 Apr, 20 Apr, 22 Apr, 24 Apr, 27 Apr, 29 Apr, 30 Apr 787
(Cargo only)
(Cargo only)
1 Apr – 30 Apr 77W
SQ807 PEK – SIN 1 Apr – 30 Apr 77W
SQ830 SIN – PVG 1 Apr – 30 Apr 77W
SQ833 PVG – SIN 1 Apr – 30 Apr 77W

* Operated by SilkAir.

Note that daily SQ802 Singapore – Beijing flights will operate during this period as belly-hold cargo only services (international passenger flights inbound to Beijing are temporarily suspended). SQ807 Beijing – Singapore flights (i.e. the return service) will carry passengers.

SQ Routemap Apr

Notably, this will mark the first time in SIA’s history that it has not flown to Europe or Australia. The airline was already flying to both continents when it split from the original Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in 1972.

SilkAir Flights Operating
(1 – 30 Apr 2020)
South East Asia
Flight Route Dates Aircraft
MI972 SIN – CKG 6 Apr, 13 Apr, 20 Apr, 27 Apr 738
MI971 CKG – SIN 6 Apr, 13 Apr, 20 Apr, 27 Apr 738
MI980 SIN – CKG 29 Apr 738
MI979 CKG – SIN 30 Apr 738

MI Routemap Apr

Aside from the Brunei flights, operated for Singapore Airlines with SQ flight numbers, SilkAir will only be flying four return services to Chongqing in China during April.

What it means for the fleet

One thing’s for sure – nine aircraft are not required to operate this flying programme. That’s the number the airline said would be retained in April to operate the remaining services.

Only three Singapore Airlines aircraft are needed; two Boeing 777-300ERs (for PEK/PVG) and a single Boeing 787-10 (for CAN), while SilkAir can use a single Airbus A320 for the Brunei flights and a Boeing 737-800 for the Chongqing service.

SQ Aircraft T3 (BK Tan)
None of SIA’s Airbus fleet, including the A350s and A380s, are scheduled to fly in April 2020. (Photo: BK Tan)

That’s five aircraft in use across the two carriers during April 2020, not including the two Scoot aircraft (an A320 for occasional Jakarta / Malaysia flights and a Boeing 787 for cargo-only operations to China).

May onwards

Currently Singapore Airlines shows an optimistic schedule in GDS from 1st May 2020, launching the carrier back to over 50% of usual services including the likes of London, Sydney, Seoul and Los Angeles.

These plans are subject to significant further cuts based on the coronavirus situation closer to the time, so we expect more service reductions to be announced in due course.

For now all we can relatively accurately predict is how the (limited) operation in April 2020 will look.


Airlines across the world are severely cutting flights or even suspending operations entirely at the moment, with recent news that Thai Airways is likely to discontinue most if not all services in the coming days.

Shanghai and Beijing are SIA’s only major routes still seeing daily service during this difficult period, with SIN-PEK flights not even permitted to carry passengers due to government restrictions.

With SIA’s low-cost subsidiary Scoot already effectively grounded until at least 6th April and Jetstar Asia until 15th April, further service suspensions for those carriers are also starting to look likely.

(Cover Photo: Kentaro Iemoto)


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