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Singapore Airlines schedules… from 1976

With Singapore Airlines scaling back to a handful of daily flights due to coronavirus, we look back at busier times... in 1976

SQ 742 (Frank C. Duarte Jr.)

As our national carrier has almost completely suspended operations this month, we decided it was a good time to reflect on some of the great history Singapore Airlines has enjoyed over the years, even in its early days of operation just a few years after splitting from Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1972, the start of the process that made SIA what it is today.

Airline Timetable Images kindly hosts a scanned copy of the Singapore Airlines passenger and freighter timetable from summer 1976, which came into effect almost exactly 44 years ago.

Regrettably of course given the COVID-19 situation, it was a far bigger network in summer 1976 than the airline is currently flying, however it was a far cry from today’s ‘usual’ SIA with only 27 destinations compared with the normal 2020 network of 65+ global cities.


The fleet

Four years after splitting from MSA, the Singapore Airlines we all now know and love was still in its relative infancy during the May – October 1976 summer season.

At the time the airline operated an all-Boeing fleet totalling just 21 aircraft. It comprised 11 Boeing 707s, 5 Boeing 737s and 5 Boeing 747s.

Singapore Airlines Fleet (1976)Old Logo White
Aircraft Type In Fleet Routes
Boeing 707-320B 3 Australia / NZ, North Asia, SE Asia, India, Middle East, Europe
Boeing 707-320C 8
Boeing 737-100 5 Regional (Bangkok, Brunei, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Medan)
Boeing 747-200 5 Australia, North Asia, SE Asia, India, Middle East, Europe