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Win up to 200,000 KrisFlyer miles with KrisShop purchases in June

14 KrisShop customers in June will win between 50,000 and 200,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles


Last month the KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ inflight and online shopping portal, offered a double miles promotion awarding 3 mpd instead of the usual 1.5 mpd for purchases. This month it’s back to the regular earn rate, however the latest incentive to purchase is a big KrisFlyer miles prize draw – Great Weekly Giveaways.

14 winners in total will share 1 million KrisFlyer miles throughout June, with prizes ranging from 50,000 miles (enough for a Business Class flight to Tokyo) to 200,000 miles (enough for two people to fly to New York in Business Class).


The promotion

For each S$100 net (excluding shipping fees and taxes) you spend in a single transaction, you’ll get one entry in the prize draw, capped at 10 entries per transaction (i.e. a S$1,000+ net transaction).

For example, a S$98 net purchase won’t be eligible for an entry, but a S$312 net purchase will get you three entries.

Pro Tip: If you’re a really big spender, split your S$1,000+ transactions where possible. For example, a single S$1,600 net entry will be capped at 10 entries in the draw, but two S$800 net orders will get you 16 entries in the draw.

There’s a weekly draw for those entering in each of the four weeks of the promotion, then finally all entires across the four-week period are combined into a grand draw at the end, where the big prizes are dished out.

Jun Promo

KrisShop Great Weekly Giveaways
Week Period Prize Winners
1 3-9 Jun
(Draw 12 Jun)
50,000 miles 2
2 10-16 Jun
(Draw 19 Jun)
50,000 miles 2
3 17-23 Jun
(Draw 26 Jun)
50,000 miles 2
4 24-30 Jun
(Draw 3 Jul)
50,000 miles 2
Grand Draw
(3 July)
All entrants in weeks 1-4 eligible
200,000 miles 1
100,000 miles 1
75,000 miles 4

No ‘poor’ prizes here – these are all very decent miles amounts, giving you some useful redemption options once travel picks up later in 2020 and into 2021.

Winners will have the miles credited into their KrisFlyer account within 4-6 weeks of the draw date. Full terms and conditions for this promotion are available here.

Miles earning

If you’re securing good value items at the KrisShop, the main advantage is that you’ll earn 1.5 mpd on every purchase, based on net spend (i.e. excluding payment made with KrisFlyer miles, vouchers, shipping and taxes).

As a duty free store, KrisShop always quotes net prices until the checkout stage.

Shopping Bag Example
KrisFlyer miles earning at KrisShop is based on net spend – $354.21 in this example, which would earn 531 miles

These miles are paid directly into your KrisFlyer account, and although KrisShop quotes “up to 30 business days” for your miles to be credited, our experience is that they arrive within 24 hours (last tested – May 2020).

Spending via the KrisShop even makes it onto our list of ways to instantly or quickly transfer miles into KrisFlyer.

KrisShop has also recently reduced the minimum spend for free local delivery from S$100 to S$50.


Which card to use

The 1.5 mpd you’ll earn at the KrisShop is best supplemented with a great earn rate on your credit card. transactions are online purchases processed under MCC 5309: Duty Free Stores.

That means you can tap into some 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of credit cards, subject to their monthly requirements and spending caps.

Here’s an example of cards we know will give you upwards of 4 mpd for KrisShop transactions, the equivalent of earning close to 5.5 mpd in total with selected cards (since the KrisShop isn’t paying 1.5 mpd on the GST component, it will never quite hit 5.5 mpd overall).

Card Mpd Monthly cap
$Card MC 2020Citi Rewards 4.0 S$1,000
CardDBS WWMC 4.0 S$2,000
HSBC Revo CardHSBC Revo 2.0 No cap
Card3UOB PPV 4.0 S$1,110

Remember you’ll still need to hit S$100+ net in a single transaction for each entry into the June prize draw, capped at 10 entries per transaction.



Our message about the KrisShop is always the same – if you can find an item at the lowest price it’s extra miles on top of your credit card points, so well worth doing.

If the price is slightly higher than you can secure the same item for elsewhere, you’ll have to calculate the value of the extra miles you’re earning before deciding whether to buy through KrisShop.

A seats
The top prize of 200,000 miles is enough to fly return Business Class to Bali five times. An enticing prize, but your chance of winning remains slim. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Ultimately this offer gives you the chance to ‘win big’, but frankly with a total of 14 winners across 4 weeks – one of them is unlikely to be you. In our opinion it’s not worth paying over the odds for your items simply to enter.

Bottom line: Buy from KrisShop this month only if there is something you want or need and it’s competitively priced. If so, use the best miles earning card you have for the purchase and cross your fingers for a prize. If not – just shop where it makes financial sense.

(Cover Image: KrisShop)


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