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Targeted: ipaymy 1.75% fee for any one-time Visa payment

Check if you've been targeted for a special 1.75% fee for any payment type using ipaymy between now and 5 June

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Most of you will already be aware of ipaymy’s income tax deal for 2020, with the card payment provider charging 1.75% fee when you use a Singapore-issued Visa or selected Mastercard to pay your latest IRAS Notice of Assessment.

We’ve got a full rundown of all this year’s income tax payment options, starting from a cost per mile of just 1.07 cents, in our full 2020 guide to earning points when settling one of the year’s biggest bills. Be sure to check that out before assuming you’re getting the best deal.


Targeted 1.75% offer

In addition to the income tax deal, which runs until 31st July 2020, ipaymy has been emailing out a promo code to selected customers offering a 1.75% fee on any payment type made using a Singapore-issued Visa card between now and 5th July 2020.

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