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Why the UK’s quarantine exemption for Singapore travellers is good news for SIA

The UK's removal of mandatory 14-day quarantine for arrivals from Singapore should make transit passengers returning home from further afield much more likely to choose Singapore Airlines

The UK government announced yesterday that passengers arriving in England and Scotland from Singapore after 4am on Saturday 19th September 2020 will no longer be subject to mandatory 14-day self isolation, a restriction that has been in force since early June.

Those arriving in England and Scotland from Thailand will also now be exempt from the same date but, confusingly, not those arriving in Wales.

Arrivals in Wales from Singapore have been exempt from quarantine since 29th August 2020.

This allows visitors from Singapore to start their holiday, or those returning home to go about their regular business, immediately upon arrival across the UK.


Singapore has not changed its border measures

Before you start planning a trip to the UK, do note that Singapore has not changed its border measures for Stay-Home Notice (SHN) requirements on arrival from the United Kingdom, nor are UK or EU citizens permitted to travel to Singapore unless they have residency status.

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Work Pass holders will still have to serve a mandatory 14-day SHN in a hotel on arrival when returning from the UK, at their own expense of S$2,000.

The only exception is for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who left Singapore on or before 26th March 2020. In this case the government bears the cost of providing SHN.

Arrival from some countries is now possible through either a COVID-19 testing programme, or 7-day SHN at your home address, though the UK still falls into the most restrictive category with 14-day SHN required in a dedicated facility.

Arrival into Singapore from overseas

(no SHN)
  SHN @ Home
(7 days)
  SHN in Hotel
(14 days)
  • Brunei
  • New Zealand
  • Australia (excl. VIC state)
  • China