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SIA’s Training Centre tours go on sale at 10am, with reduced KrisFlyer miles rates

If you're interested in one of SIA's four Training Centre tour dates, tickets go on sale at 10am tomorrow, with the opportunity to redeem KrisFlyer miles at 1 cent each

Registration now open at:

  Inside SIA Training Centre Tour: Register Your Interest

With SIA Business and First Class meals in the comfort of your home now available and four opportunities to dine on board one of the airline’s Airbus A380s now fully sold out, the last of three ‘Discover Your Singapore Airlines’ events is set to go on sale – behind-the-scenes tours of its training centre, including a range of family activities.

Unlike the last two experiences, this one will be available at a 25% better rate when using your KrisFlyer miles to purchase tickets, with the airline offsetting the cash cost at a ‘superior’ 1 cent per mile instead of 0.8 cents per mile.

The tours will take place during the November school holidays, and will include a range of family activities.

“Visitors will be brought on a tour of more than 70 years of SIA’s history, get an opportunity to interact with our pilots and cabin crew, and find out more about the intensive training that they undergo.”

Singapore Airlines

Entry Fees

  Price (incl. GST) KrisFlyer miles
Adult S$32.10 4,012 3,234
Child (age 3 – 12) S$16.05 2,006 1,568

As you can see the original plan to sell tickets for this event through the KrisShop meant using miles was at the poor 0.8 cents per mile rate, requiring over 4,000 miles for an adult admission ticket.

This has now improved with an approximate 1 cent per mile rate applicable, bringing down the cost of an Adult ticket to 3,234 miles.

We still think that amount should be worth around S$60 against future premium cabin redemptions, however you may be more comfortable parting with miles in the current climate at the 1 cpm rate, 25% better than that usually offered for KrisShop purchases.

Indeed this is the same rate you can achieve to offset the cash cost of any Singapore Airlines or SilkAir cash ticket (for example, if a redemption is not available).

The event

‘Inside Singapore Airlines’ runs across four dates in late November 2020:

  • 21st November 2020 (Sat)
  • 22nd November 2020 (Sun)
  • 28th November 2020 (Sat)
  • 29th November 2020 (Sun)

Here’s what those attending the ‘Inside Singapore Airlines’ event are in store for, with the following activities included in the admission fee.

Heritage Tour

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Here you’ll be able to “travel back in time” and journey with Singapore Airlines through over 70 years of the airline’s heritage. Highlights include a showcase of how the iconic cabin crew uniform and cabin products have evolved over the years.

Behind-the-scenes training tour

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

This tour will be conducted by SIA’s own pilots and cabin crew, allowing you the opportunity to take a look at the intensive training programmes they undergo on a year-round basis.

The tour will also feature SIA’s latest cabin products, in case you missed out on the Restaurant A380 @Changi aircraft tour, and will also look at where pilot training on flight simulators is conducted.

Sustainability showcase

Here you’ll get a glimpse of what SIA has been doing to shape a more sustainable future, including learning about how it reduces its carbon footprint and waste management measures.

You’ll also learn more about the airline’s conservation efforts through its partnership with the Harapan Rainforest Initiative.

Craft activities and photo opportunities

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Shape balloons into animals, make your own batik roses, and enjoy other special craft activities throughout the day.

Satisfy your in-flight cuisine cravings

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Choose from a selection of our popular in-flight meals, including SIA’s all-time favourite satay, at any time during your visit.

You can also earn miles for these in-flight meals too, when you scan your KrisPay app.

New: In addition, and previously unannounced, you’ll be the first to experience SIA’s new Economy Class meal concept for short-haul flights, “featuring local delights and other familiar favourites”.

Indulge in retail therapy

You’ll be able to pick up discounts on some KrisShop merchandise during your visit, including the opportunity to earn KrisPay miles for your purchases, so be sure to have the app downloaded.

Receive limited edition souvenirs

Everyone will have a special goodie bag to bring home as a keepsake from the event.


Optional extras

Aside from the experiences listed above, which are included in the cost of an entry ticket, Singapore Airlines is also offering a variety of optional paid add-ons during your visit.

Updated with KrisFlyer miles rates.

Flight simulator experience

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

The most expensive experience by far is to take the controls of a Singapore Airlines flight simulator, coming in at over S$500 for a 30-minute session for up to three participants.

That said, this is certainly not the kind of device you can pick up 30 minutes in for a couple of hundred dollars downtown. These are extremely expensive (multi-million dollar) full-motion simulators certified to behave exactly like the real aircraft, and cost close to S$1,000 an hour to operate, plus instructor costs.

You may have to get in quick for this, with the airline suggesting very limited slots will be available on each day.

Price: $535 for each session, for up to 3 participants
KrisFlyer miles: 52,430 miles

Grooming workshop

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

If you’ve always admired the grooming of SIA’s cabin crew, this is your opportunity to learn how it’s done!

“Learn how to achieve the Singapore Girl look in this workshop conducted by our cabin crew trainers. Participants will be guided through a demonstration on makeup application and the secret behind the perfect Singapore Girl chignon. Customers will also bring home their own Lancôme makeup palette at the end of the session.”

Singapore Airlines
Price: $94.16
KrisFlyer miles: 9,310 miles

Junior cabin crew experience

Junior cabin crew experience
(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

With this add-on you can give your kids the opportunity to dress up in their own SIA sarong kebaya uniform, learn customer service skills, and role-play in a mock-up of the new A380 Business Class cabin.

After the event, they can even take the kebaya home with them.

Price: $94.16
KrisFlyer miles: 9,310 miles

Junior pilot experience

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

A new addition to the lineup, this is the change for your kids to ‘fly’ a build-to-scale model cockpit which comes with controls, dials and multiple screens.

“Experience day or night take-off and landing in your airport of choice, guided by our very own Singapore Airlines pilot.”

Singapore Airlines
Price: $72.76
KrisFlyer miles: 7,154 miles

Wine appreciation

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Strictly for the adults, here you’ll learn about SIA’s wine sourcing approach and have the all important opportunity enjoy four wines —including labels from the largest Burgundy cellar in the sky, accompanied with cheese.

Designed for wine enthusiasts and conducted by the airline’s ‘air sommeliers’.

Price: $40.66
KrisFlyer miles: 4,018 miles


‘Inside Singapore Airlines’ promises to be a unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the SIA Training Centre with a range of tours and activities to keep you and the family amused for the day.

It’s certainly great not to have to stay up till midnight this time to secure tickets for this experience, unlike the Restaurant A380 @Changi, which sold out in 26 minutes!

Children can enjoy craft activities such as balloon sculpting and making their own batik roses. As a paid add-on option they will also be able to dress up and role play as cabin crew, and take home their very own SIA sarong kebaya uniform.

For mum and dad it’s the ultimate toy – another paid add-on option is to sit at the controls of a multi-million dollar full flight simulator, used to train real Singapore Airlines pilots. After that (hopefully after anyway), they can taste a selection of SIA’s premium in-flight wine labels and even attend a grooming workshop.

In case the flight simulator and the wine leave you feeling a little light headed, some of SIA’s most popular in-flight meals will also be available to purchase on the day.

Registration for Inside Singapore Airlines began at 10am on Sunday 1st November 2020, with the opportunity to use your KrisFlyer miles at 1 cent each to offset the ticket cost if you wish.



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