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Kris+ 45% miles-back promotion – redeem at 1.21 cents per mile

The best ever Kris+ miles-back promotion means redeeming your KrisFlyer miles with over 140 retailers at 1.21 cents per mile... or does it?

We don’t normally recommend redeeming your KrisFlyer miles to pay for purchases using the Kris+ app, given the terrible 0.67 cents per mile fixed value you’ll usually get when doing so, by far one of the poorest ways to spend your miles even when using them as a cash equivalent.

During a Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion running this weekend, Kris+ is offering 45% miles back on your purchases, almost doubling the value of KrisFlyer miles transferred and redeemed using the app at one of over 140 merchants.

1.21 cents per mile isn’t a good return by any means, so we certainly don’t recommend ‘cashing out’ via this method for most of our readers (even in the current climate), however some of you may find it tempting to use up some of your balance this way.

Beware though, it’s not as simple as it sounds.


45% miles-back promotion

For the next five days, from 26th November to 30th November, you’ll be able to benefit from the largest ever miles-back promotion Kris+ has offered.

When you transfer miles from your KrisFlyer account then pay for your in-store purchases using the Kris+ app, you’ll get 45% miles-back instantly.

Here’s an example for two different purchase amounts.

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Purchase S$50 S$100
KrisPay miles 7,500 15,000
45% miles-back -3,375 -6,750
Net miles spent 4,125 8,250
Value per mile 1.21

As you can see you’ll get the same value per mile regardless of the purchase total.

The catch: It’s not really 1.21 cents per mile

On the face of it, 1.21 cents per mile isn’t a terrible way to cash out some of your KrisFlyer miles, but be careful, it’s not that simple.

Remember the miles-back earned cannot be transferred back into KrisFlyer miles, you’ll have to use them fo