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Extra 30MB free Wi-Fi for all SIA passengers until 27 March

All Singapore Airlines passengers flying over the next 3 months will get a free Wi-Fi package, which for the first time will 'stack' with any existing allowance.

If you’re one of the few travelling on a Singapore Airlines flight between now and 27th March, there’s some good news regarding connectivity during your journey. The free Wi-Fi allowance for all passengers is being temporarily hiked, with an additional complimentary 30MB / 2-hour package.

From 27th January to 27th March, enjoy complimentary 30MB text-only messaging service on board all WiFi-enabled aircraft. This service is valid for two hours or when the 30MB data limit is reached. View our inflight WiFi portal for more details.

Singapore Airlines

Mainly Miles confirmed with Singapore Airlines that this benefit stacks with any complimentary Wi-Fi allowance you may be entitled to on the basis of your frequent flyer status or travel class, so everyone benefits here from Economy right through to Business Class.


Since September 2020, Singapore Airlines has been extending a complimentary 30MB / 2-hour Wi-Fi package to KrisFlyer members flying in Economy or Premium Economy Class, who will now get two such packages to use during this period.

New free Wi-Fi allowances

Free Wi-Fi allowance
(27 Jan 2021 – 27 Mar 2021)
Aircraft: 787-10 (all)
777-300ER (all except 9V-SWB, SWF, SWG, SWN, SWT)
A350 (all)
Class Not KF/PPS KrisFlyer PPS Club*
Suites / First** Unlimited
Business 100MB
Premium Economy

* Includes supplementary PPS Club cardholders
** Cabin class not currently being offered for sale

Only five of SIA’s 27 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft still have the older SBB Wi-Fi system installed, which has lower complimentary allowances.

None of these are currently being used for passenger flights, with the type only deployed on regular Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok services, while the rest of the active aircraft in this fleet operate cargo-only services (some with seats removed).


That means you almost certainly don’t have to worry about the older Wi-Fi access packages found on these aircraft during this complimentary Wi-Fi offer.

Do note that Wi-Fi will not be installed on SIA’s upcoming Boeing 737-800s, entering service between Singapore and Phuket from 4th March 2021.

You’ll have to use up your usual allowance first

Singapore Airlines also mentioned to us that while all passengers will be entitled to this additional 30MB / 2-hour Wi-Fi package during the next three months, if a free allowance is offered this must be used up first before the 30MB free package can be accessed.

(Image: Singapore Airlines)

For example if you’re travelling in Business Class you will first have to use up your complimentary 100MB allowance, before the additional 30MB / 2-hour package is accessible.

Regular pricing

Once your complimentary allowances are used up, the following pricing applies for Wi-Fi access on most Singapore Airlines aircraft.

Plan Price
Chat (30MB)
Valid for 2 hours only
Pro (100MB)
Full flight
Premium (200MB)
Full flight

How to obtain your free allowance

In order to access your free 30MB allowance, follow these steps:

  • Add membership details: Before your flight, enter your PPS Club or KrisFlyer details when you book, via Manage Booking, or at the airport on check-in. This will unlock your initial 30MB / 100MB allowance on board if you’re flying in Economy or Premium Economy, available in addition to this complimentary 30MB for all.
  • Connect to ‘KrisWorld’: Once on board, connect to the ‘KrisWorld’ Wi-Fi network on your device while in flight mode.
  • Claim complimentary access: Visit on your browser, select ‘Complimentary Access’ and fill out the details.

Full guide

Be sure to bookmark our full guide to in-flight Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines. We keep it regularly updated as aircraft are refitted with the latest systems, so it’s a good resource to check before your next SIA flight.


For the few people travelling over the coming months, it’s a nice addition to pick up a free 30MB / 2-hour Wi-Fi chat package.

Even though that’s only saving you US$3.99, the biggest benefit may simply be not having to go to the hassle of getting your credit card out to go online for something simple, like messaging friends or relatives.

Good news at the moment is that all Singapore Airlines aircraft in passenger service have the newer Wi-Fi system installed, with most of the older jets still in storage or flying cargo only services, so everyone on board will benefit from the free allowance, even non-KrisFlyer members.

30MB is good for a couple of hours text messaging, but won’t support web browsing for long. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

In what we think is a first for the on-board Wi-Fi offering, SIA has also confirmed to us that the free allowance stacks with any existing data package you’re entitled to (finally!).

Let’s hope in future this may mean we see other allowances ‘stack’, such as the 100MB credit for PPS Club members also combining with the free 100MB allowance when these passengers fly in Business Class.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)



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