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Citi PremierMiles 34,200 miles sign-up bonus extended till 31 October

Buy 34,200 miles for 0.56 cents each with the Citi PremierMiles sign-up bonus, now extended till 31st October 2021.

Alternatively, pick up S$350 cash for S$500 spend via Singsaver.

Citi has extended its top bonus miles offer for the popular PremierMiles card to 31st October 2021, allowing you to net 34,200 bonus miles with a minimum spend of S$9,000 in the first three months, provided you’re not currently a primary Citi credit card holder or you cancelled your last card with the bank on or before 31st October 2019.

This allows you to buy miles for just 0.56 cents each, a very competitive rate, provided you have a relatively large amount of spending coming up in the next few months.


There continue to be two sign-up offers for new customers, depending on whether you wish to pay the first year annual fee or not.

34,200 miles when you spend


Sign-up bonus

Here are the full details of the sign-up bonus options for the Citi PremierMiles card, for applications by 31st October 2021.

The main offer – 34,200 miles bonus:

Provided you don’t currently hold a Citi credit card as the primary cardholder and haven’t held one in the 12 months before 1st November 2020, you’ll be eligible for a bonus of 34,200 miles, subject to having S$9,000 of spending to make from the approval date until the end of the third full calendar month, not including the calendar month of card approval.

For example, if you are approved for the card on 4th September 2021, the qualifying spend period is from that date until 30th November 2021 (three full calendar months from 1st October 2021).

It is subject to payment of the annual fee, which is S$192.60. Your card must be approved within 30 days of the application date.

Bonus miles are awarded within two months of meeting the spend criteria.