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Why Citi PremierMiles is still our favourite general spend credit card

It may not have the best earn rate on the market, but we've stayed loyal to the Citi PremierMiles card for close to a decade now.

Here's our rundown of the reasons it keeps its slot in our wallets.

Among the many miles earning credit cards to choose from in Singapore, there’s one that’s had pride of place in our wallets for nearly a decade now, making it our most longstanding general spend option – the Citi PremierMiles card.

While it’s not perfect (no single card ever is), there are many reasons why we’ve stuck by this one so long for general spending. Let’s take a look at the reasons you should probably consider it if you don’t have one, or the reasons you should probably be using it if your card is gathering dust or resigned to the sock drawer.

Citi PremierMiles

1.2 mpd
Local Spend

2 mpd
FCY Spend

Airline Transfer Partners
Citi PremierMiles

1.2 mpd
Local Spend

2 mpd
FCY Spend

Airline Transfer Partners

On the face of it, there’s nothing too exciting about the Citi PremierMiles card. With earn rates of 1.2 mpd in Singapore and 2 mpd overseas, you can do just as well or even quite a bit better with other general spend products on the market.

Those include the OCBC Voyage (1.3 mpd local / 2.2 mpd overseas) and the UOB PRVI Miles (1.4 mpd local / 2.4 mpd overseas).



Regular bonus offers

Another great thing about the Citi PremierMiles card, especially in recent years, has been the introduction of regular bonus miles offers – worth up to 8 miles per dollar in some cases.

Some of these are also available to other Citi credit cards, like the Rewards and Prestige versions, while some are specific to PremierMiles cardholders. Examples include:

There are also some great offers still live for the card at the time of writing:

One thing I don’t think anyone can rightly say is that Citi doesn’t give us many bonus miles earning opportunities!

Citi provides its PremierMiles customers with regular bonus earning opportunities, including an ongoing 4 mpd for food delivery and home entertainment spend, with no upper cap. (Image: Citi)

While these clearly won’t all be of interest to everyone, most of our readers can pretty much count on at least one or two useful bonus offers to take advantage of each year with this card.

Multiple airline transfer partners

The key to this card is Citi’s multiple transfer partners, allowing you to unlock a variety of ‘sweet spots’ by transferring into non-KrisFlyer programmes.

When the Citi PremierMiles card first launched in 2007, transfers were available from Citi Miles into just four frequent flyer programmes:

  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • Northwest Airlines WorldPerks (later merged into Delta SkyMiles)
  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Good news is that today Citi has by far the widest range of frequent flyer programmes on its transfer list compared to the other credit cards in Singapore, with conversion of Citi Miles (and Citi ThankYou Points) now supported into no fewer than 11 different airline miles schemes.

These then allow a variety of redemptions not only on the respective FFP’s own airline but almost all oneworld and SkyTeam carriers in turn, and through their partner awards, allowing you to redeem on even some of the most obscure airlines globally.

For example, you can redeem Asia Miles on Gulf Air, BA Avios on Aer Lingus and Qatar miles on GOL, to name a few options.

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