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Citi adds ApplePay – Earn up to 8 miles per dollar

An excellent introductory offer to celebrate the addition of ApplePay to Citi cards. No restrictions or caps in sight.

Citi ApplePay

Finally, Citi has caught up to the competition and today has started offering ApplePay functionality for their credit cards. For some time, Android and Google users have been able to use contactless payments with their phones but there was no mention of this for Apple users.


To celebrate waking up to the 21st Century – they have announced an excellent introductory rate on all ApplePay transactions up until 31st July 2018 of up to 8 miles per dollar.

Eligible Cards

The following cards are eligible for the promotion:

* These cards attract a bonus cashback rate instead of miles.

Don’t have one of these Citi cards? Our link below helps this site and awards you up to $120 cash back.


Miles Earning Rates

Card Normal Bonus Total Miles
per $
Citi Prestige Trans 3.25
Citi $
Citi $
Citi $
CitiCardPMTrans 1.2
Citi Miles
Citi Miles
Citi Miles
Citi Ultima Trans.png 4
Citi Rewards Trans 1
Citi $
Citi $
Citi $

How and where to ApplePay

Apple has a handy video to help you add your credit card to your iPhone:

How to add

Look out for contactless payment stations. Some cashiers may be unaware of ApplePay functionality – but generally, if the machine accepts contactless payment where the physical card does not need to be inserted into the terminal then ApplePay will also work. If in doubt, ask nicely and give it a try.

Look out for these symbols

Some online payments are also eligible for Apple payment. Once you’ve added a credit card to your iPhone and you use an Apple computer then when paying with certain merchants you will also be offered the option of ApplePay.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.30.12
Deliveroo is just one of many online merchants where ApplePay can be used

 Terms and Conditions

It always pays to read the small print. With this offer, you are pretty safe. There is no cap and no exclusions. The only thing you need to be aware of is that this offer does not ‘stack’ with any other on-going accelerated earning offers and with the exception of the Citi Rewards card purchases must be made in Singapore dollars.

Edit 9th June 2018: ApplePay using the Citi Rewards card is eligible for the 8 miles per dollar bonus whether payment is made in SGD or foreign currency. For the other cards payment must be made in SGD to receive the respective bonus rate.

Ongoing 10 X Rewards promotion for Citi Rewards Cards cannot be stacked with this ApplePay offer. (Image: Citi)

If for example if you use your Citi Rewards Visa at one of the already accelerated MCCs like “Department Stores” which is 10x (4mpd), even if you use ApplePay, you will only receive 10x Citi Dollars (instead of the 20x ApplePay offer).

The offer is only valid until 31st July 2018, so make sure you get your big purchases out the way.

What to buy?

Planning an upgrade to your phone or laptop? Head down to the Orchard Road Apple store and make sure you use ApplePay for your purchases.

Apple Store
ApplePay at the Apple Store on Orchard Road. (Photo: Apple)

A new iPhone X 256gb will set you back S$1,888.00. If you ApplePay for this transaction, using a Citi Prestige, ULTIMA or Rewards card you will earn 15,104 miles, worth S$302 based on our 2¢/mile valuation.

15,000 KrisFlyer miles is enough for a one-way economy saver redemption from Singapore to Hong Kong. If you’re booking Singapore Airlines flights with cash or paying the taxes on a redemption ticket – remember too that you can use ApplePay via the Singapore Airlines app.

(Cover Photo: Apple)



  1. Hi Eddie.. Thanks for the tip!

    Two questions..

    1. Overseas transactions too?
    2. And I’m not trying to be funny.. Do u know if ApplePay works at Samsung Retail Store? Cos I’m really looking to traded in my Note8 for S9+.. So 8mpd is a good thing..

    1. Hi Ken,

      1) No only transactions made in local currency (SGD)
      2) I just rang a Samsung shop in Parkway Parade and they confirmed they have mobile payment options – I think that’s probably true of all outlets but maybe ring and check first to avoid a wasted trip.

      Quite an amusing use of ApplePay!

    1. No there’s no limit on ApplePay (up to your remaining credit limit). Previously there was a $100 limit for PayWave but even this has been lifted by most banks / retailers.

      Our personal record with ApplePay was buying electronic goods for about $700, but we’ve heard of people spending thousands in a single transaction this way.

  2. Is this information true ? I didn’t get any update on it . Neither their website. And tried using wallet to add Citibank Singapore card and found out unable to add.

  3. Hi Eddie.. Do you know answer to this..? If I use Citi Prestige on ApplePay at to book a room, what’s mpd rate? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ken, using Kaligo with Citi cards effectively replaces the miles you would normally accrue for spending with the Kaligo bonus rate. It’s also not stackable with any other offer and as it’s an ongoing accelerated milage earning rate, the 25 CitiDollars/$ applies = 10mpd instead of the ApplePay 8mpd. So 10 mpd is what you will recieve​ from your Kaligo booking, regardless of ApplePay or entering card information normally.

      Sorry if that’s a bit complicated. Let me know if it’s still not clear.

  4. Can someone help me see if my number-crunching is correct?
    I’m trying to compare the difference between using Citi Prestige MC’s 8mpd but 10% discount, on Apple Pay vs Stand Chart Visa Infinite’s 25% discount but 1.4mpd… at Caltex…

    $100 = SCBVI
    $75 = 105 miles

    $100 = CPMC
    $90 = 720 miles

    $15 = 615 miles
    $1 = 41 miles

    Citi Prestige’s additional 1 mile = S$0.022 in this scenario? On paper, 41mpd for the additional $15 per $100 sounds sensational, but not really? Better to take the 25% discount from SCBVI? Did I get it correctly?

    1. i value miles at 2 cents each. In my opinion,
      option 1 > SCB VI > 105 miles = SGD 2.10 > net cost is SGD 72.90
      option 2 > CPMC > 720 miles = SGD 14.40 > net cost is SGD 75.60
      Technically SCB VI is better. But miles is the scarce commodity and the difference is immaterial for me. I’ll go for CPMC.

  5. i value miles at 2 cents each. In my opinion,
    option 1 > SCB VI > 105 miles = SGD 2.10 > net cost is SGD 72.90
    option 2 > CPMC > 720 miles = SGD 14.40 > net cost is SGD 75.60
    Technically SCB VI is better. But miles is the scarce commodity and the difference is immaterial for me. I’ll go for CPMC.

    1. Seems like this is another case of YOU having to know what’s what instead of relying on even the agent at counter in front of you.. Yesterday, at Caltex, I was told Citi cards get 10% discount, hence my above calculation.. Today, same Caltex, different agent tells me Citi cards only 5%.. so I asked OCBC better? Yes says yes, 14%.. so no-brainer on my part.. done deal.. got my 14% discount and drove off happily.. Then at home, I decided to check Caltex website.. and discover that OCBC cards, on Platinum 98, is entitled to 16% discount?!

      Sigh.. Without the likes of Mainlymiles, we’d all be blind and get ‘cheated’!

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