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Our Definitive Guide to the Singapore Airlines Fleet & Seats

Our guide to the Singapore Airlines fleet and seats will help you choose with confidence on your next trip

SQ 787-10 Regional Biz (MM)

We first published our guide to the Singapore Airlines fleet back in November 2017. At the time it was restricted to basic information about aircraft types and seat maps, with our recommendations for seat selection, based on our own personal experience and research.

We’re pleased today to launch our latest version of the fleet and seats guide – now incorporating the specifications, photos and details of all the suites, first class and business class seats offered across the Singapore Airlines fleet for easy reference.

2006R example.jpg
For each suites, first class and business class seat in the fleet all the specific details are included

Each seats page (you’ll find the links below) also shows:

  • Pictures and details of the seats themselves.
  • Which seats are installed by aircraft type and sub-variant.
  • How you can tell which seat you’ll have on your flight using the seat map.
  • Links to our own seat reviews and those from other sites.
  • Links to the fleet page for the specific aircraft type – with our ‘where to sit’ recommendations.

The all-important details on which seats are installed by aircraft type will be continually updated as fleet re-fits progress, particularly on the 777-300ER and the upcoming re-fits to the older A380 aircraft.

You’ll find the new seats guide in the main drop-down menu for easy reference

The Seats Guide


Resized suites 3 2017 R (Suites)
2006 R (Suites) pdt-suites-2

First Class

2013 F (Points Hacks) 2013 F
2006 F SQ 777 2006F (Dan Nevill)

Business Class (long-haul)

94A 2017 J
2013 J 12Aoverview
96A_version2 (OMAAT) 2006 J

Business Class (regional)

11A 2018 RJ
2009 RJ Window Pair J
The fleet guide, which includes seat maps and recommendations by aircraft type, has its own drop-down menu

Fleet and Seating Configuration Guide​

Airbus Aircraft

acft-a333-1 Airbus A330
Airbus A350 SQ A350
acft-a380-5 Airbus A380

Boeing Aircraft

acft-b772-3 Boeing 777-200
Boeing 777-200ER acft-b772-3
acft-b773-1 Boeing 777-300
Boeing 777-300ER acft-b77w-5
Singapore 787X (Mike Cassidy) Boeing 787-10

Be sure to bookmark both our Seats Guide and Fleet Guide pages as your go-to reference next time you book an SIA flight or award ticket. Helping you choose better and travel smarter on Singapore Airlines.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)



  1. Wow so detailed and comprehensive guide with nice pictures. Great work. Thank you for your excellent dedication and passion.

  2. Always love this blog.
    Every details is important for us reader who would book SQ future flights.
    Btw, for route from SIN – IST, the business class is 2006 J , right?
    Is the seat alright? Coz i might be travelling to Istanbul this year end or early 2019.


    1. Yes it’s 2006 J with 1-2-1 configuration. We flew it last year to Istanbul and it was very comfortable, older seat but no complaints.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Thanks Andrew for the quick reply. Appreciate it very much. Your Business Class seat guide for Singapore Airlines came on very handy.

        Thanks again

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