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UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard offering 4.4 mpd for online & mobile contactless spend

Earn 4.4 mpd for online and mobile contactless transactions like dining, food delivery and groceries using your UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard between now and 31 December.

If you’re holding the UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard in Singapore, the bank has a new deal for you with 4.4 mpd on offer when you make a variety of online or mobile contactless payments, for up to S$4,000 of eligible spend between now and 31st December 2021.

To be eligible you’ll need to register (though the offer is not capped), and also ensure you spend at least S$1,000 in the bonus categories during the four-month promotional period.

  • Dining
  • Food Delivery
  • Groceries
  • Pharmacies

This promotion allows you to earn up to 12,000 additional bonus miles during the period, but sadly PRVI Miles Visa and Amex cardholders have not been included, so it’s only good if you have the Mastercard version.

With the uncapped 4 mpd offer on Citi PremierMiles and Prestige cards on food delivery spend now sadly finished, this is a great alternative to take advantage of if you hold this card.

Up to 4.4 mpd offer

Here are the online and mobile contactless spend categories applicable for UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard cardholders between 1st September 2021 and 31st December 2021:

Eligible MCCs Category
5411 Groceries
(e.g. 7-Eleven, Fairprice, Sheng Siong)
5499 Food Delivery
(e.g. Deliveroo, GrabFood, foodpanda)
5310 5331 5399 5912 Misc. Stores
(e.g. Muji, Japan Home)

(e.g. Unity, GNC, Watsons)
5811 5812 5814 Caterers, Restaurants
(e.g. Brotzeit, Haidilao, Pizza Express)

Fast Food

(e.g. Cedele, Delibowl, McDonalds)
5441 Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores
(e.g. Candy Empire, Godiva, MyEureka)
5462 Bakeries
(e.g. Krispy Kreme, Paris Baguette)

You’ll need to ensure any spend is processed by the respective merchants in Singapore Dollars and is posted as either:

  • An online transaction via a payment gateway in Singapore, or
  • A mobile contactless transaction via Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay

Note that contactless transactions made by tapping the physical card will not be eligible.


The bonus earn rate is not automatic – you must successfully register to participate in this promotion. That requires principal cardholders to send an SMS to 77862 using their mobile number registered with UOB, in the following format:

  PM [space] Last 4 alphanumeric digits of your NRIC or Passport Number

Example: If your NRIC is S1234567A, you will need to send “PM 567A” to 77862

All cardholders are eligible for this promotion, with no upper participant cap.

You must register within the promotion period (i.e. before 31st December 2021), but not necessarily before your first eligible transaction.

If you have successfully registered and spend a minimum of S$1,000 in these bonus categories during the whole promotion period, you will be eligible to earn 11 UNI$ per whole S$5 spent on eligible transactions which are successfully charged to your card.

That’s equivalent to 4.4 miles per dollar, and comprises:

  • the usual rate of UNI$3.5 per S$5 spend locally (equivalent to 1.4 miles per S$1); and
  • a bonus rate of UNI$7.5 per S$5 spend (equivalent to 3 miles per S$1).

The maximum bonus you can earn during the promotion is capped at UNI$6,000 (equivalent to 12,000 miles, or S$4,000 spend). There is no cap on the usual base earn rate (1.4 mpd) that you may be eligible to earn on these transactions during the promotion, even after your bonus cap is reached.

Eligible transactions made by your supplementary cardholders will count towards the promotion.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the UOB website here.

Beware of SMART$ merchants

Before you get too carried away maximising this offer by using mobile contactless payment at the supermarket, don’t forget the annoying SMART$ scheme, which overrides UNI$ earning.

UNI$ will not be awarded on transactions at SMART$ merchants where SMART$ are issued, except for UOB PRVI Miles American Express Cardmembers


In other words you will not earn regular or bonus UNI$ for in-store transactions (i.e. mobile contactless payments under this offer) at grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies participating in the SMART$ rewards scheme. These are:

  • Cold Storage
  • Giant
  • Guardian
  • Jasons
  • Market Place
Don’t try to use this offer in-store at Giant, where the SMART$ scheme takes precedence. (Photo: Giant Singapore)

You will however earn UNI$ for online transactions (e.g. home delivery) with these merchants, since the SMART$ programme only applies to in-store purchases.

When do the bonus miles credit?

Initially these transactions will earn at the regular rate, equivalent to 1.4 miles per S$1 spent for SGD spend using your PRVI Miles Mastercard.

The bonus miles, paid as UNI$, will be credited to your account by 31st March 2022. Note that’s a three-month wait after the promotion has ended for the additional miles to arrive.

The UOB PRVI Miles cards

If you’re not currently holding a UOB PRVI Miles card, or you just need a refresher on how they work, be sure to check out our comprehensive review.

In particular, remember you’ll only earn UNI$ (which convert at a 1:2 ratio into KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles) for S$5+ spending blocks. Spend S$4.99 and you will walk away empty-handed!

Card Trans
1.4 mpd

2.4 mpd

6 mpd
Card Trans

1.4 mpd

2.4 mpd

6 mpd


There’s a generous 12,000 bonus miles cap for this deal, with a wide range of merchant categories for online and mobile contactless spend, using your UOB PRVI Miles Mastercard over the next three months.

Unfortunately there’s no love for the PRVI Miles Visa or Amex with this one, but if you’ve got the Mastercard it’s a nice deal to take advantage of.

Remember you’ll need to clock at least S$1,000 total spend in the bonus categories across the promotion period to be eligible, and of course that tapping your physical card doesn’t count as ‘mobile contactless’, so make sure your card is saved to your mobile wallet.

At some stage during the promotion you’ll also need to register to participate. Sooner is better than later in our opinion, in case you forget.

Luckily the deal has no upper registration limit, and your supplementary cardholders can help you along with their own spend in eligible categories.

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