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VTL Update: India, Australia and UK impose arrival quarantine for Singapore travellers

Arrival quarantine ranging from 24 hours to 7 days is now in force when travelling to India, Australia and the UK.

Here are the latest requirements.

Global cases of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant are continuing to drive some countries to take enhanced border measures, with three recent policy changes affecting VTL countries previously offering two-way quarantine-free travel for Singapore citizens and residents.


Changes are happening relatively regularly and are likely to continue to do so over the coming days and weeks. At the time of writing there are now additional quarantine / self-isolation requirements when travelling to the following VTL countries, even if you are fully vaccinated:

  • India: 7 days
  • Australia: 3 days (72 hours)
  • UK: Up to 2 days


With effect for arrivals from 1st December 2021, India will require a seven-day self-isolation for those arriving from its list of at-risk countries, including Singapore.

Here’s the latest process when travelling from Singapore to India:

  • PCR test within 72 hours of flight departure time (find the cheapest)
  • Complete Self-Declaration Form (SDF)
  • PCR test on arrival
  • Self-isolation for 7 days (home / hotel room)
  • PCR test on Day 8
  • Monitor health for 7 further days

All testing costs are borne by the passenger.

Previously, these requirements did not apply to those fully vaccinated in Singapore or one of India’s ‘Category A’ mutual vaccine recognition countries, but the new policy applies regardless of vaccination status.

Full details are available