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Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites cabins by route to March 2023

With schedules now confirmed, here's where you'll find Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites cabins on the network over the next 7 months.

Last month Singapore Airlines confirmed its flight schedules for the northern winter season from November 2022 through to March 2023, including days of operation and aircraft type allocation, and we’re now taking the opportunity update to our longstanding guide to the carrier’s First Class and Suites cabin products, by route and individual flight number.


While SIA operates one of five different Business Class seat types on every single route across its network, it’s not the same story for the carrier’s most prestigious First Class cabins, which were even completely withdrawn for a year between June 2020 and June 2021, due to aircraft groundings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then First Class and Suites have happily made a progressive return to key destinations on the Singapore Airlines network, with 15 cities now seeing regular operation with these sought-after products.

Only two seat types remain

Before COVID-19 there were four different First Class and Suites cabin products still in service with Singapore Airlines, depending on the aircraft type and route or flight number you were travelling on.

However, the carrier confirmed back in November 2020 that all 12 of its Airbus A380s returning to the fleet would feature the latest Suites refit prior to re-entry to service, meaning we had already seen the end of the longstanding 2007 Suites from the Singapore Airlines network.

Additionally, premature retirement of the Boeing 777-300 (non-ER) aircraft meant we had already seen the last of the 2006 First Class cabin.


That leaves only one First Class and one Suites product in use across the fleet, as shown below.

Image Seat Guide Aircraft
2013 F
  • Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
2017 R
  • Airbus A380 (388)

First Class and Suites cabins by route and flight number

We’ve updated our seat type list through to the end of the IATA northern winter 2022/23 season (from now until 25th March 2023) to help you avoid the guesswork by offering an A-Z destination list, flight number by flight number, for each of these two seat types.

To view flight number list and the corresponding seat or suite type information, click the route of your choice to expand the table.

Routes are to and from Singapore (SIN).

Updated: 22nd August 2022
Valid until: 25th March 2023

Singapore to Auckland
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ28577W2013 F30OCT22 - 25MAR23
Auckland to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ28677W2013 F31OCT22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Delhi
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4063882017 R15APR22 - 25MAR23
Delhi to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4033882017 R15APR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Frankfurt
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ263882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Frankfurt to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ253882017 R29MAR22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Hong Kong
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ89477W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Hong Kong to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ89577W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Jakarta
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ95077W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ96477W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ96877W2013 F26APR22 - 25MAR23
Jakarta to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ95177W2013 F27APR22 - 25MAR23
SQ95377W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ96577W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to London
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ30677W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ30877W2013 F27MAR22 - 29OCT22
3882017 R30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ31877W2013 F04JUL22 - 30SEP22
SQ3223882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23
London to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ30577W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ31977W2013 F27MAR22 - 29OCT22
3882017 R30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ3173882017 R28MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ32177W2013 F04JUL22 - 30SEP22

Singapore to Los Angeles
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1277W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Los Angeles to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1177W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Melbourne
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ21777W2013 F30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ23777W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Melbourne to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ21877W2013 F31OCT22 - 26MAR23
SQ22877W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Mumbai
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4243882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Mumbai to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4233882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to New York
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ263882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23
New York to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ253882017 R28MAR22 - 24MAR23

Singapore to Paris
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ33277W2013 F31OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ33477W2013 F02JUN22 - 29OCT22
SQ33677W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Paris to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ33177W2013 F31OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ33377W2013 F02JUN22 - 29OCT22
SQ33577W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Shanghai
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ8303882017 R04JUL22 - 20MAR23
Shanghai to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ8333882017 R04JUL22 - 20MAR23

Singapore to Sydney
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ21177W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ2313882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Sydney to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ21277W2013 F28MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ2223882017 R27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Tokyo Narita
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1277W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Tokyo Narita to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1177W2013 F28MAR22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Zurich
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ34677W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Zurich to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ34577W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

What about Surabaya?

It’s worth noting that there’s still one route planned this upcoming winter season from November 2022 through to March 2023 with a First Class cabin installed, but no First Class service planned – Surabaya in Indonesia.

These three times weekly SQ922/923 flights will be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, however the First Class cabin is not being made available, either for revenue fares or award tickets.


However, Business Class passengers will still enjoy the 2013 J seats on these flights, and we expect the First Class cabin may well be offered to PPS Club members, though there’s likely to be no service differentiation from Business Class in this case.

Non-Singapore routes

If you’re flying in First Class or Suites with Singapore Airlines on a flight sector not originating or ending in Singapore, here are the seat types used on those services.

Updated: 22nd August 2022
Valid until: 25th March 2023

Frankfurt to New York
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ263882017 R28MAR22 - 26MAR23
New York to Frankfurt
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ253882017 R28MAR22 - 26MAR23

Tokyo to Los Angeles
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1277W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Los Angeles to Tokyo
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1177W2013 F27MAR22 - 25MAR23

First Class check-in at Changi

Passengers travelling in First Class or Suites on Singapore Airlines, in addition to PPS Solitaire members, will be pleased to know that the First Class check-in reception at Changi Terminal 3 reopened back in December 2021.

The Singapore Airlines First Class check-in reception. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This offers a separate drop-off point, a private check-in area and an exclusive immigration clearance facility where you emerge into the transit area just a short stroll and quick escalator ride from the new SilverKris lounge complex.

New First Class lounges

At the end of May 2022, Singapore Airlines finally unveiled its latest SilverKris First Class Lounge and The Private Room at Changi Airport T3.

Dining area in The Private Room, following recent renovations. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

That means apart from the reopened First Class check-in facility, a full experience now awaits once again for those flying in the carrier’s most premium cabins from home base.

The post-COVID First Class experience

Back in September 2021 we travelled in First Class on the inaugural VTL flight from Frankfurt to Singapore, and we were happy to report that the experience hasn’t lost its shine, despite a few COVID restrictions still being in place.

See our comprehensive review for a full rundown on our experience.

Pre-COVID reviews

In mid-2018 we concluded our round-the-world trip in First Class on SQ1 from San Francisco to Singapore via Hong Kong in the 2013 F cabin, and had the chance to thoroughly review it including both a long-haul and short-haul experience across the two stages of the journey.

If you haven’t tried the product, while we can’t recommend parting with Advantage award rates, we don’t think you’d be disappointed.


Meanwhile here’s our review of the Suites cabin (including the double bed), which was the first flight on our 2018 round-the-world trip from Singapore to Hong Kong.

What about Business Class?

In case you missed it, we have an equivalent (and continually updated) guide showing where SIA’s Business Class seat types are flying around the network, through to March 2023.

  Business Class Seat Types by Route


Singapore Airlines will offer a First Class or Suites cabin on up to 15 routes over the next seven months, between August 2022 and March 2023, including to cities like London, Sydney, Melbourne, Jakarta and Tokyo.

That tally includes Auckland, which will be the latest city to see the 2013 First Class cabin reintroduced from late October.