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Taiwan reopening quarantine-free from 13 October, with self-testing (honour system)

Taiwan makes it official: Mandatory quarantine will end and its borders will reopen to tourists from Singapore and 64 other countries on 13th October.

Up to four self-swab ART tests are required, but none of them are supervised and there is no airport testing.

Last week we reported how Taiwan had outlined a plan to reopen its borders quarantine-free to tourists from Singapore and other visa-free countries, by “around” 13th October 2022, and today the government has confirmed that this date has now been locked in.

The announcement was made by cabinet spokesman Lo Ping-cheng, who said that the date could now be made official thanks to a well-vaccinated population, with the pandemic situation in the country “under control”.


Taiwan will shift from its current “3 + 4” quarantine scheme to a “0 + 7” programme, under which travellers will no longer need to quarantine and instead will only be subject seven days of self-health monitoring, including taking up to four self-administered COVID-19 rapid antigen (ART) tests.

Crucially there is no airport testing on-arrival, you’re simply asked to take regular ART swabs yourself without any reporting obligation, for up to a week.

Quarantine-free arrivals from 13th October

The new “0 + 7” scheme will go into place on 13th October 2022, with the following process replacing the existing “3 + 4” programme.

Travel to Taiwan
from 13th October 2022