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10% bonus when you convert Citi Points or Miles to KrisFlyer via Kris+

Convert your Citi Miles or Points instantly to KrisFlyer via Kris+ between now and 8th November, with a 10% bonus on offer, worth considering for smaller amounts, but is a wider transfer bonus deal coming soon?

Kris+ has a bonus conversion offer running between now and 8th November 2022, where you’ll get 10% more KrisPay miles when you transfer Citi ThankYou Points or Citi Miles from your credit card across to the programme, all of which can be instantly transferred into your KrisFlyer account.

This almost brings a Citi-to-KrisFlyer miles transfer up to the standard ratios, but the benefit here is that when you transfer this way it’s both instant and fee-free, with smaller transfer blocks available too, though a recent 15% bonus offer was better.


Normally to transfer from Citi to KrisFlyer at the standard ratios you’ll wait around 24-48 hours for the transfer to be completed, and pay a S$26.75 fee when transferring from each separate card account you hold with the bank, since unfortunately Citi points don’t pool with one another.

The minimum transfer from each of your Citi Miles / ThankYou Points balances to Kris+ is also smaller at 4,000 Citi Miles or 10,000 Citi ThankYou Points (usually 10,000 Miles and 25,000 Points respectively, for direct transfers).

That means you can transfer a more precise quantity, or potentially clear out ‘orphan’ miles from a Citi card account you no longer use, without taking too much of a hit on the ratio.

Citi to KrisPay transfers

Citi transfers to Kris+ first became available in late October 2021, but as with other bank partners they usually come at a 15% poorer rate than you’d get converting to miles via the bank method, as shown below.

Transfer Ratio
Citi Miles    KrisPay miles
4,000 : 3,400
Transfer Ratio
Citi Thank You Points    KrisPay miles
10,000 : 3,400

Transfers should be conducted in 4,000 Citi Miles or 10,000 City TYP blocks thereafter (e.g. 4k Citi Miles, then 8k Citi Miles, then 12k Citi Miles, etc…), otherwise the net transfer amount will not increase until each n