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Indonesia adds e-Visa-on-Arrival for 26 nationalities

Travelling to Bali or Jakarta with a passport requiring Visa-on-Arrival?

Australian, British and US citizens are among those who can now skip the queues at the airport, by obtaining an e-VoA in advance.

If you’re travelling to Indonesia on a non-ASEAN passport, like many Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass Holders escaping Singapore for Bali trips lately, one snag remains the requirement to obtain a Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) when you land at the airport, costing IDR 500,000 (~S$45).

While this requirement doesn’t apply to Singapore citizens, who enjoy visa-free entry once again since April this year, it does impact many of our readers who don’t have the luxury of a red passport (or ASEAN passport) to fall back on when heading to Indonesia.