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KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card now earns 3 mpd on all Kris+ spend, offers KrisShopper Icon status

You'll now earn an uncapped 3 mpd on all Kris+ transactions made with your KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card, plus a complimentary upgrade to KrisShopper Icon status.

Good news if you’re a KrisFlyer UOB co-brand credit card holder, with the card’s 3 mpd earn rate on SIA Group spend now extended to include all Kris+ transactions, allowing you to stack miles for up to 12 mpd of uncapped year-round earning at selected merchants island-wise when you make in-app payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Between now and 31st January 2023, all cardholders can also get a complimentary tier upgrade to KrisShopper’s Icon status if they are new to that programme, with no minimum spend required, for up to 6 mpd on spend year-round, and up to 10.5 mpd on KrisShop via Kris+ spend until at least the end of November 2022.

Uncapped 3 mpd on all Kris+ spend

Until now, 3 mpd earning at Kris+ merchants with the KrisFlyer UOB credit card has been limited to the dining category (MCC 5812 and MCC 5814), which falls within the card’s “Accelerated Miles” category.

This previously required you to make at least S$500 spend on SIA Group spend within your card membership year to trigger the enhanced earn rate, but that was recently hiked to S$800+ for card membership years ending from April 2023 onwards.

That then allowed you to take advantage of 3 mpd on this limited selection of Kris+ merchants (among other spend categories).

With immediate effect, all Kris+ transactions made with your KrisFlyer UOB credit card will now earn 3 mpd regardless of the merchant category and with no upper spend cap, as part of the bonus miles on SIA Group spend.

This earn rate then stacks with either 3 mpd, 6 mpd or 9 mpd, which you’ll earn directly via the Kris+ app at the time of transaction, for total uncapped year-round effective earning of up to 12 mpd at many merchants.

KrisFlyer UOB credit card earning at Kris+ merchants

Kris+ merchant
earn rate
KrisFlyer UOB
earn rate
Earn Rate
9 mpd 3 mpd 12 mpd
6 mpd 9 mpd
3 mpd 6 mpd
9 mpd at SKAI now means a year-round uncapped 12 mpd when using your KrisFlyer UOB credit card to pay

This is the highest uncapped credit card earn rate available for Kris+ spend, though as we’ll show below there are still some capped 4 mpd options you may wish to use first, before switching to this card.

Kris+ spend is now exclusively in-app, using Apple Pay or Google Pay with your card saved to your device wallet.


The great thing about Kris+ spend now being part of the card’s regular SIA Group spend is that:

  • It’s no longer necessary to activate the “Accelerated Miles” bonus category to earn 3 mpd via Kris+ on dining spend.
  • All Kris+ spend, regardless of merchant category, will now earn 3 mpd, with no upper cap (great for big-ticket items, where spend limits on 4 mpd cards fall short).
  • 3 mpd for SIA Group spend will post to your KrisFlyer account after your statement is published (around a month from the transaction date), while you have to wait up to 14 months to see the “Accelerated Miles” bonus.

Kris+ spend does not help unlock “Accelerated Miles”

Do note that Kris+ transactions are not counted as SIA Group transactions for the purposes of calculation for the S$500+ / S$800+ minimum spend to trigger the enhanced 3 mpd earn rate in the card’s “Accelerated Miles” category (that would make it too easy!).

The “Accelerated Miles” category will continue to only be unlocked with the appropriate spend level made with:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Scoot
  • KrisShop (direct at only)

Here’s a reminder of the minimum SIA Group spend you’ll need to hit to trigger the “Accelerated Miles” category, depending on your card membership year date.

SIA Group spend threshold for Accelerated Miles

Card Membership
Year Ends
Min. SIA Group spend
for Accelerated Miles
Apr 2021

Aug 2022
Sep 2022

Mar 2023
Apr 2023


If you’re not sure when your card membership year ends, you can determine this by checking the expiry date on your card. For example, if your expiry month is 05/24 (May 2024), your membership year runs from 1st May to 30th April each year.

New to Kris+?

We can’t imagine many of our readers don’t have a Kris+ account, but if you’re new to the app you’ll get a S$10 account credit as a KrisFlyer UOB credit card customer when you sign up for Kris+ and input the code KPUOB2211 during your first login / account creation.

This will be credited directly into your Kris+ app in the form of 1,500 KrisPay miles (150 KrisPay miles = S$1), which cannot be converted to KrisFlyer miles (unlike KrisPay miles accrued from your regular spend, which could and should be transferred to KrisFlyer).

Kris+ has over 1,500 outlets in Singapore, across over 280 merchants, with earning partners offering 3 mpd, 6 mpd or 9 mpd on your purchases.

For more information about how Kris+ works for miles accrual, see our article here.

Card terms and conditions

As a result of this change, UOB has updated this card’s terms and conditions document.

Which cards to use for Kris+ spend

While this 3 mpd rate with no minimum spend using your KrisFlyer UOB credit card for Kris+ payments is the highest uncapped credit card earning available in this category, don’t forget you can also achieve up to 4 mpd for Kris+ spend in some cases, as outlined below.

Credit card bonus rates for Kris+ spend

Card Earn
Notes / MCCs
HSBC Revo Card SmallHSBC Revolution
(see our review)
4 mpd On contactless or mobile wallet payments at specific outlets by MCC, capped at S$1,000 per calendar month.
MCC 3501
MCC 5045
MCC 5441
MCC 5462
MCC 5499
MCC 5621
MCC 5651
MCC 5661
MCC 5691
MCC 5699
MCC 5732
MCC 5734
MCC 5812
MCC 5814
MCC 5944
MCC 5945
MCC 5947
MCC 5948
MCC 5992
MCC 5999
MCC 7011
MCC 7997
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-small.pngDBS WWMC
(see our review)
4 mpd On on up to S$2,000 of online spend per calendar month, including when paying at a merchant using Apple Pay or Google Pay via the Kris+ app.
Ladys CardUOB Lady’s

Ladys Solitaire CardUOB Lady’s Solitaire

4 mpd Capped at S$1,000 per month (Lady’s) or S$3,000 per month (Lady’s Solitaire).
Subject to your specified quarterly bonus category, including:
Dining: MCC 5499
MCC 5812
MCC 5814
Beauty: MCC 5977
MCC 7230
MCC 7297
MCC 7298
Fashion: MCC 5621
MCC 5651
MCC 5661
MCC 5691
MCC 5699
MCC 5948
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-trans-Small.pngOCBC TR
(see our review)
4 mpd On shopping transactions in specific MCCs, capped at S$12,000 per card membership year.
MCC 5621
MCC 5651
MCC 5661
MCC 5691
MCC 5699
MCC 5732
CardMaybank Horizon VS
(see our review)
3.2 mpd On all local dining transactions (single MCC only) with a total spend in any category of at least S$300 in the same calendar month.
MCC 5812  
Card SmallKrisFlyer UOB
(see our review)
3 mpd On all Kris+ transactions, with no cap and no minimum spend.

You may wish to consume the 4 mpd bonus caps on these cards first if you are holding them, before moving on to the KrisFlyer UOB credit card for subsequent Kris+ spend that month, for more optimal earning.

However, as you can see, many of these cards only earn at their bonus rates for in-app Kris+ spend within certain MCCs, adding some complexity and potential uncertainly to the situation.


With the exception of the DBS WWMC, which earns 4 mpd on all Kris+ spend within its monthly S$2,000 cap for online transactions, many readers may simply gravitate to the KrisFlyer UOB card for the guarantee of 3 mpd, regardless of merchant category or spend already accrued that month.

Remember too as we mentioned above, those big-ticket items like electronic goods and appliances from Harvey Norman, for example, may instantly exceed the 4 mpd bonus limits on your other cards. No such worries with the KrisFlyer UOB credit card, where the 3 mpd earn rate for Kris+ spend is completely uncapped.

Complimentary KrisShopper Icon status

From 10th November 2022 to 31st January 2023, all KrisFlyer UOB credit card holders can get a complimentary tier upgrade to KrisShopper’s Icon status, with no minimum spend required, if they haven’t yet signed up for the KrisShopper programme.

If you didn’t already take advantage of the KrisShopper launch status match earlier this year and are still not a KrisShopper member, this could be a good time to sign up and enhance your KrisShop earning to the following levels.

KrisShop earn rates
(November 2022)

KrisShopper Tier
Earn Rate
KrisShop via Kris+
Earn Rate
Non-Member 1.5 mpd 6 mpd
Member 2 mpd 6.5 mpd
Insider 2.5 mpd 7 mpd
Icon 3 mpd 7.5 mpd
Ambassador 4 mpd 8.5 mpd

The earn rate of 3 mpd for Icon members is year round, giving you 6 mpd overall including the card’s usual 3 mpd bonus for KrisShop spend when you pay with your KrisFlyer UOB credit card.

The KrisShop via Kris+ rate of 7.5 mpd is based on a +4.5 mpd bonus promotion running until 30th November 2022 (but typically extended month-by-month). Between now and the end of November, it will net you 10.5 mpd overall, including the card’s new 3 mpd earn rate for Kris+ spend.

Note that KrisShop earning is based on the portion paid with your card, excluding GST and delivery fees, so total earning never quite hits the ‘advertised’ levels.


Simply complete the form on this campaign page to sign-up and activate your Icon status. The offer also includes Insider status for KrisFlyer UOB debit card customers.

Your new status level in KrisShopper will be valid for 12 months, with renewal then based on the regular annual spending requirements outlined here (a hefty S$10,000+ to retain Icon status!).

Terms and conditions for the complimentary status match are available here.


KrisFlyer UOB credit card holders will now enjoy the highest uncapped credit card earn rate available for Kris+ spend, with the 3 mpd deal on SIA Group spend now extended to include transactions at all the app’s earning merchants island-wide.

These miles will credit to your account each month, so it’s a far better deal than using this card purely for dining spend via Kris+ in the “Accelerated Miles” category, which was the only option previously available to pick up the 3 mpd rate at these specific Kris+ merchants.

While there are still 4 mpd options for Kris+ spend, most helpfully including the DBS WWMC card on up to S$2,000 of online transactions per month, this uncapped 3 mpd rate will be particularly useful for big-ticket items, like electronics and appliance purchases at Kris+ merchants such as Harvey Norman.

Finally if you haven’t signed up to the KrisShopper scheme yet, there’s a complimentary status match for KrisFlyer UOB credit card holders , allowing you to net at least 6 mpd on all KrisShop spend using the card.


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