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Quandoo offering 200 KrisFlyer miles per restaurant reservation worldwide

Between now and 28th February 2023, earn 200 KrisFlyer miles for every completed restaurant reservation in Singapore or overseas using Quandoo.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Earlier this month KrisFlyer announced a new partnership with restaurant reservation service Quandoo, allowing members all over the world to earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for each completed booking at over 18,000 restaurants across 13 countries, including 1,200 in Singapore itself.


Unlike the existing Kris+ booking partnership with Chope, the major benefit here is the ability to earn these miles in several useful countries outside Singapore, including Hong Kong, Australia and the UK, either for overseas members or for Singapore-based members while travelling.

When the tie-up first launched we already flagged the chance for a promotional offer to come along for this partnership, due to wording in the terms and conditions, and now just two weeks later we have one.

Chinese New Year promo

Quandoo has now announced a double miles earning promotion running from now until 28th February 2023, to celebrate the Chinese New Year period, which will allow you to net 200 KrisFlyer miles for each attended restaurant reservation instead of the usual 100 miles.

Just in time for Lunar New Year, earn 200 KrisFlyer miles for every Quandoo reservation from now until February 28th, when you connect your KrisFlyer account to Quandoo. 


Miles are not awarded if you cancel your reservation or no-show, and remember – you won’t be eligible to earn Quandoo loyalty points if you opt for KrisFlyer miles earning instead, so there’s potentially some cashback sacrifice to consider.

Update 24th January: Quandoo has confirmed to Mainly Miles that only bookings made from 19th January 2023 onwards, for reservations on or before 28th February 2023, will qualify for the bonus 200 miles earn rate. If you booked on 18th January 2023 or earlier for a reservation within the offer period, you would need to cancel and rebook to get the 200 miles rate.

How it works

If you don’t already have a Quandoo account, you can create one at

Then simply log on to your account and view your profile on a desktop site, from the link in the top right of the screen. The mobile app (Apple / Android) does not seem to support adding your KrisFlyer membership details at the moment.

Scroll down and you’ll see the option to link your KrisFlyer account, as shown below.

Once you have entered your details and submitted the form, your KrisFlyer account becomes linked. There is also the option to unlink your account if you wish.

Once your account is linked you’ll earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for every restaurant booking made (and actually attended) by you and your guests, which is hiked to 200 KrisFlyer miles between now and 28th February 2023.

As with Chope and Makan+, there is no additional cost for making a restaurant booking through Quandoo.

You cannot ‘double dip’ KrisFlyer miles earning and Quandoo Points earning, so by linking your KrisFlyer account you will earn miles instead of points. If you want to swap back – just unlink your KrisFlyer account.

KrisFlyer miles are awarded 10 days after your reservation date, directly into your KrisFlyer account, and will then be valid for 3 years under the normal expiry rules.


Do note that reservations made using the Quandoo widget on a restaurant’s website, or on third party websites (including those that are “powered by Quandoo” or “in partnership with Quandoo”) are not eligible for KrisFlyer miles earning.

You will need to book your chosen restaurant via the Quandoo desktop site or mobile app, while logged on to your linked account, to be eligible for miles.

Stack with Kris+ earn where you can

At many Quandoo restaurants in Singapore you can also earn up to 9 mpd by paying through the Kris+ app, in addition to any points awarded with your credit card, potentially adding another 4 mpd to the equation, even if you booked the table itself using Quandoo.

That means your 200 miles for the booking itself in this case will be a nice boost to additional miles earning when it comes to paying the bill for your meal.

The overseas booking benefit

As we mentioned above, one great advantage of KrisFlyer miles earning with Quandoo restaurant bookings is the extensive global coverage of the programme, useful for overseas members and those based in Singapore who are making bookings while travelling.

The platform boasts restaurant partners not only in Singapore but in the following 12 countries too:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

You can only link your Quandoo and Singapore Airlines account via the Singapore site at, but you can then earn miles when booking and attending restaurant reservations in any of Quandoo’s markets globally, provided you are logged on to your Singapore account either on the desktop site or via the mobile app.




Quandoo looks like it should be your go-to booking platform for restaurant reservations between now and 28th February 2023, with double KrisFlyer miles on offer for attended bookings, meaning 200 miles instead of the usual 100 miles, with no upper cap.

This is twice the number of miles you’ll get booking restaurants via the Kris+ / Chope partnership during this period, and also includes thousands of overseas restaurants too – useful for those travelling over the holidays, or based overseas.

For those dining in Singapore, remember to check whether your chosen restaurant is also on the Kris+ earn list, for up to 9 mpd when you settle your bill, in addition to any credit card points.



  1. I already made a few reservations with qandoo for next week and the following week but I did it a few days back before this promo! Do I need to cancel and rebook to get the 200 miles??

    1. Hi Derek,

      Quandoo has confirmed to us that only reservations made from 19th January 2023 onwards, for dining on or before 28th February 2023, will be eligible for the 200 miles rate. If you booked on or before 18th January 2023 you’ll only get 100 miles, even if your reservation falls within the offer period, unless you cancel and rebook.

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