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Earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for every Quandoo restaurant reservation worldwide

You can now earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for every Quandoo restaurant booking, including overseas reservations in Hong Kong, Australia and 10 other countries.

Update: Quandoo is offering 200 KrisFlyer miles per completed restaurant reservation between 20th January 2023 and 28th February 2023. See here for details.

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer programme has launched another everyday miles earning option to ring in 2023, in the form of a new partnership with restaurant booking service Quandoo, which offers booking at over 1,200 restaurants in Singapore alone.


This sees members able to link their KrisFlyer and Quandoo accounts and earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for each completed reservation, and the good news is that it works both at restaurants in Singapore and overseas in countries Quandoo also operates, which include Hong Kong, Australia and the UK.

(Image: Quandoo)

Miles are not awarded if you cancel your reservation or no-show, and you won’t be eligible to earn Quandoo loyalty points if you opt for KrisFlyer miles earning instead.

The new partnership complements a tie-up last year between Kris+ and Chope as Makan+, which also awards 100 miles for completed restaurant bookings through that alternative platform.

Another nice advantage of miles earning with Quandoo is that some restaurants in Singapore aren’t on Makan+, but are using Quandoo instead, maximising your miles earning opportunities for reservations at some of your favourite dining spots.

How it works

If you don’t already have a Quandoo account, you can create one at

Then simply log on to your account and view your profile on a desktop site, from the link in the top right of the screen. The mobile app (Apple / Android) does not seem to support adding your KrisFlyer membership details at the moment.

Scroll down and you’ll see the option to link your KrisFlyer account, as shown below.

Once you have entered your details and submitted the form, your KrisFlyer account becomes linked. There is also the option to unlink your account if you wish.

Once your account is linked you’ll earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for every restaurant booking made (and actually attended) by you and your guests.

As with Chope and Makan+, there is no additional cost for making a restaurant booking through Quandoo.

You cannot ‘double dip’ KrisFlyer miles earning and Quandoo Points earning, so by linking your KrisFlyer account you will earn miles instead of points. If you want to swap back – just unlink your KrisFlyer account.

KrisFlyer miles are awarded 10 days after your reservation date, directly into your KrisFlyer account, and will then be valid for 3 years under the normal expiry rules.

There is no cap on the number of miles you can be awarded for completed Quandoo reservations.


Do note that reservations made using the Quandoo widget on a restaurant’s website, or on third party websites (including those that are “powered by Quandoo” or “in partnership with Quandoo”) are not eligible for KrisFlyer miles earning.

You will need to book your chosen restaurant via the Quandoo desktop site or mobile app, while logged on to your linked account, to be eligible for miles.

Is it worth it?

Quandoo members can normally accrue 100 Quandoo Points for every attended restaurant reservation, which can then be used to redeem a cash voucher once you have hit 1,000 Points (S$15).

These points can then be converted to cashback and withdrawn directly to your bank account.

Because of the potential cashback you are forfeiting by being unable to ‘double dip’ Quandoo Points and KrisFlyer miles, you are effectively ‘buying’ miles for 1.5 cents each by instead when opting for the KrisFlyer crediting method.

Earning 100 KrisFlyer miles per Quandoo reservation comes at the expense of earning 100 Quandoo Points

That’s probably reasonable for most of our readers, not to mention you need to accrue at least 1,000 Quandoo Points (10 bookings) before you are able to earn any cashback.

That’s less flexible than earning 100 KrisFlyer miles for every booking, as you will under the KrisFlyer partnership

Overseas bookings eligible

One of the nice advantages of miles earning with Quandoo is that the platform boasts restaurant partners not only in Singapore but in the following 12 countries too:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

You can only link your Quandoo and Singapore Airlines account via the Singapore site at, but you can then earn miles when booking and attending restaurant reservations in any of Quandoo’s markets globally, provided you are logged on to your Singapore account either on the desktop site or via the mobile app.

You can earn KrisFlyer miles by making a reservation in any country where Quandoo operates.

Singapore Airlines

This significantly expands the selection from 1,200 restaurants in Singapore to 18,000 restaurants around the world.

Once your Singapore account is linked to KrisFlyer, you will be eligible to also earn KrisFlyer miles when booking through other Quandoo websites (such as or etc) or simply by searching a new location on the mobile app.

Promos coming?

In the full terms and conditions for the Quandoo x Singapore Airlines partnership, the platform is hinting at potential increased miles promotions at some (or perhaps all) restaurants from time to time.

From time to time, Quandoo may run promotional campaigns where additional KrisFlyer miles are awarded for eligible reservations. Quandoo reserves the right to decide the frequency of any such promotional campaigns and reserves the right to limit the number of times each user can earn additional miles within that same promotional period.


We’ve always found it strange that Makan+ (the Kris+ / Chope partnership) has never tried to increase its user base with a double miles promotion or something similar, but it sounds as though Quandoo might have something like that up its sleeves in due course.

Update: Quandoo is offering 200 KrisFlyer miles per completed restaurant reservation between 20th January 2023 and 28th February 2023. See here for details.




This new partnership between KrisFlyer and the online restaurant booking platform Quandoo is now another easy way for you to clock 100 KrisFlyer miles every time you dine out at a participating restaurant, simply by making a booking in advance through the desktop site or app.

This nicely complements Makan+, the existing partnership between KrisFlyer and Chope, which launched last year and offers a similar service.

The difference here is that you’ll be able to collect KrisFlyer miles for reservations outside Singapore too, including in cities like Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Auckland and Frankfurt.

It also looks as though future offers may include bonus rates for some restaurants, which could be a useful boost.

At many of these restaurants you can also earn up to 9 mpd by paying through the Kris+ app, in addition to any points awarded with your credit card, potentially adding another 4 mpd to the equation, even if you booked the table itself using Quandoo!

These kind of smaller KrisFlyer miles earning options aren’t going to see you on your way to Sydney in Business Class any time soon, but every little helps!


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