KrisFlyer Experiences offering wineglass masterclass for miles

KrisFlyer Experiences is offering a wineglass masterclass at Duxton Hill next month, including four pours, canapés, and a hand-made titanium stem to take home, which could be a good way to cash out expiring miles.

Update 14th April 2023 9am: This experience is now fully redeemed.

When Singapore Airlines launched its KrisFlyer Experiences portal back in January 2020, promising money-can’t-buy experiences in exchange for your hard-earned KrisFlyer miles, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

As you may recall, due to the COVID-19 outbreak its first public event – a live wine tasting session at the Regent Singapore – had to be cancelled.

The format largely moved into the online arena during the pandemic (think online photography courses and fashion workshops), but since then physical events are back, with experiences including a Singapore Airlines dinner in a cable car or a KrisFlyer chartered trip on SIA to Langkawi including accommodation recently part of the mix.


The concept even stretched overseas in 2021, with staycation and dining offers for members in Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia, which continue to be occasionally offered.

New wineglass masterclass event

KrisFlyer Experiences has just launched a new local wine event next month (and let’s hope that doesn’t jinx anything, after all we know why the March 2020 wine tasing was cancelled!)

This could be worth considering for those looking to dispose of some KrisFlyer miles, quite pertinent now that miles will begin to expire again as soon as July 2023 for some members.

The event is being held on Saturday 20th May 2023 at Praelum Wine Bistro on Duxton Hill between 3pm and 4.45pm, and includes:

  • A 90 minute masterclass hosted by wine sommelier Mr. Gerald Lu, two-time National Sommelier Champion and current President of the Sommelier Association of Singapore, including a Q&A session.
  • Four different wine labels to sample.
  • Learn how glassware affects the wine’s taste.
  • Canapés curated by Praelum Wine Bistro to complement the wineglass appreciation experience.
  • A specially customised KrisFlyer Kvetna 1794 Auriga Universal stemware, prepared exclusively for this workshop, for each participant to bring home. These Czech hand-made titanium glasses typically retail for S$150 per pair.
Praelum Wine Bistro at Duxton Hill. (Photo: Praelum Wine Bistro)

“For the wine enthusiasts, join us for an exclusive workshop that will shed light on the technical and sensory aspects of wine appreciation. Experience first-hand how the shape of glasswares and choice of wines influences the taste and enjoyment of wines. At the end of the masterclass, bring home a complimentary KrisFlyer-customised Kvetna 1794 stemware, with knowledge of how its shape influences your next drink.”


Mastercard card holders will also benefit from 10% off additional food & beverages and selected merchandise for purchases made on the day of the workshop.

KrisFlyer Experiences

Experience Date Cost
(per person)
Wineglass Masterclass
(see details)
20 May
18,000 miles

  KrisFlyer Experiences

You can make multiple redemptions for larger groups, and it probably goes without saying that the minimum age for participants is 18.

Remember that all KrisFlyer Experiences miles redemptions are strictly non-refundable.

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful redemption, and full details of event will be provided in a follow-up email closer to date.

Other events

We recently covered the KrisFlyer Experiences miles for hospitality suites at Premier League football matches offer, which continues to be available to book for the 2022/23 or 2023/24 football seasons from 185,000 miles per person if you have a UK trip planned (you’ll have to cover your own flights, sadly!).


Other KrisFlyer Experiences currently available in Singapore include:

Again if you have KrisFlyer miles expiring from July 2023 onwards, these may be worth considering, though the value per mile is usually poor and you should definitely check out our full list of alternatives first before committing.


Redeeming KrisFlyer miles for KrisFlyer Experiences is rarely going to get you north of 1 cent per mile in value, which isn’t a great rate compared to a flight redemption, but the big change coming from the middle of this year is that miles expiry is rearing its head again.

That can change the equation somewhat, and disposing of your expiring miles for an event like this one might well get you a better rate than some of the other alternatives for cashing out your miles, which can yield as little as 0.5 cents.

It looks like the hand-made titanium stemware you’ll get to take home from the wine event alone is worth ~S$75, so this particular redemption may be quite good value, compared to others we’ve seen.

As always though, despite current redemption challenges due to limited award space, the true value of KrisFlyer miles still lies in a flight redemption – not one of these events.

(Cover Photo: KrisFlyer Experiences)



  1. The SGD 150 price is for a box of 2x Auriga glasses. But no one in their right mind would pay that much, they cost less than EUR 30 in Europe.

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