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Earn 1,500 bonus KrisFlyer miles with a S$300+ KrisShop purchase

You can earn up to 12 mpd on a KrisShop purchase of S$300 or more between now and 10th May, with 1,500 bonus KrisFlyer miles on offer.

KrisShop, SIA’s “omnichannel” retailer, has launched a bonus offer this month, including a variety of deals for purchases made between now and 10th May 2023, including a bonus 1,500 KrisFlyer miles for a total spend of S$300+ per transaction made via, or on KrisShop via the Kris+ app.


This bonus stacks with regular miles earning of up to 4 mpd for KrisShop purchases as a KrisShopper member, plus up to 4 mpd when you use the right credit card to pay, for a total optimal earning of over 12 mpd if you hit the S$300 spend threshold exactly.

1,500 Bonus KrisFlyer miles

As part of KrisShop’s “May-tastic Miles” promotion, which also includes a Mother’s Day Gift special, there’s an offer for 1,500 bonus KrisFlyer miles each time you spend at least S$300 (after discounts and before GST and delivery) between 4th May 2023 and 10th May 2023.

These miles are on top of your regular KrisShop earning, based on your KrisShopper status, and they also apply to KrisShop via Kris+ purchases.

Initially you’ll receive KrisFlyer miles at the regular or current promotional rate into your KrisFlyer account from purchases (typically the next day), or immediately as KrisPay miles (which you can then transfer to KrisFlyer) if you buy on KrisShop via the Kris+ app.

To participate, you must be a KrisShopper member, but it’s free to join by linking your KrisFlyer account.


These 1,500 bonus miles per eligible transaction will be credited directly into your KrisFlyer account, within eight weeks of the promotion end date (i.e. by 5th July 2023).

To qualify, you’ll have to ensure that each single KrisShop purchase during the promotion period, regardless of the number of items in your shopping bag, comes to S$300 or more, after any discounts are applied and before GST and delivery charges are added.

Transactions where payment is made with a KrisShop e-gift card and/or eVouchers issued by KrisShop or Singapore Airlines will not count towards the minimum spend required for each transaction under this offer.

Standard three-day local delivery in Singapore is free for KrisShop purchases of S$75 or more, but remember GST is added at the check out stage, because KrisShop is a Duty Free store.

Excluded items

Do note that this promotion excludes the following products / brands purchased via KrisShop:

  • Apple
  • DJI
  • Dyson
  • KrisShop e-gift cards
  • LG
  • Nintendo
  • Osim
  • Samsung
  • Sony

These products can be included in your purchase, but will not count towards the minimum S$300 spend (before GST and delivery) to trigger the 1,500 KrisFlyer miles bonus.

Full terms and conditions for the May offer are available here.

Current KrisShop earn rates

Here’s a reminder of the current KrisFlyer miles earn rates you’ll pick up on KrisShop purchases, before any credit card miles earning is accounted for, when making purchases.

KrisShop earn rates

KrisShopper Tier
KrisShop via Kris+
Earn Rate
Non-Member 1.5 mpd
Member 2 mpd
Insider 2.5 mpd
Icon 3 mpd
Ambassador 4 mpd

Remember that for the purposes of this promotion, non-KrisShopper members are not entitled to the bonus 1,500 KrisFlyer miles, so do sign up for an account if you’re going to participate.

Purchase example

Since the 1,500 bonus KrisFlyer miles under this deal is a fixed amount, you’ll maximise the effective earning rate by making KrisShop purchases of exactly S$300, where possible.

Here’s an example where the total is S$304 + GST.

Here’s what you’ll earn in total for this item using a 4 mpd credit card like the DBS WWMC (review here) at both KrisShop directly and through Kris+ during this 1,500 bonus miles promotion, as an Ambassador status member in the KrisShopper loyalty programme.
KrisStop via Kris+

  • 1,313 miles from DBS (S$328.32 x 4 mpd)
  • 456 regular miles from KrisShop (S$304.00 x 1.5 mpd)
  • 760 bonus miles for Ambassador status (S$304.00 x 2.5 mpd)
  • 1,500 bonus miles for the May promotion
  • 4,029 miles total (12.2 mpd)

Which credit cards to use

KrisShop purchases made via the Kris+ app will code under MCC 5309: Duty Free Stores, and that means you can tap into some 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of credit cards, subject to their monthly requirements and spending caps.


Here’s an example of the cards which should give you upwards of 4 mpd for KrisShop transactions.

Card Earn rate Monthly cap
via Kris+
CardDBS WWMC 4 mpd 4 mpd S$2,000
per calendar month
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CRMC-Small.pngCiti Rewards 4 mpd 0.4 mpd S$1,000
per statement cycle
HSBC Revo CardHSBC Revo 4 mpd 4 mpd S$1,000
per calendar month
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card3-Small.pngUOB PPV 4 mpd 4 mpd S$1,110
per calendar month
Card SmallUOB KF 3 mpd 3 mpd No cap
KF Amex Ascend 2 mpd 2 mpd No cap
KF Amex 2 mpd 2 mpd No cap

Note that the Citi Rewards card should not be used to make in-app payments on Kris+, since mobile wallet payments are specifically excluded from bonus miles earning, regardless of the merchant MCC.

However, using the Citi Rewards card directly at will attract the 4 mpd bonus rate.

KrisShop isn’t always the cheapest option

One important thing to consider is that KrisShop isn’t always the cheapest place to source items, with some heavy markups applied in some cases.

Make sure you shop around before committing, to ensure you’re either getting the cheapest deal anyway, or that the miles you are earning by using KrisShop instead of a cheaper alternative outweigh any additional cash cost.




KrisShop’s May promotion includes 1,500 bonus KrisFlyer miles for those spending S$300+ on any number of single transactions between now and 10th May 2023, on top of current promotional earn rates based on your KrisShopper tier, either when purchasing directly at or via the Kris+ app.

For the optimal total purchase of S$300 + GST at KrisShop through the Kris+ app as an Ambassador status holder, this would be enough to net you an equivalent of 12.2 mpd in total, when using a 4 mpd credit card for the purchase, like the DBS WWMC.

If you have larger spend to make over the next few days at KrisShop, try to break down the items into as many S$300+ transactions as you can, to benefit from the 1,500 miles bonus on each purchase.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)


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