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NTUC LinkPoints offering 20% bonus on transfers to KrisFlyer miles

From now until 16th July, get a 20% bonus when you transfer NTUC LinkPoints to KrisFlyer - buy miles for 1.67 cents each.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer programme launched two-way conversions with NTUC LinkPoints back in April 2022, replacing a longstanding partnership with the Dairy Farm Group’s TapForMore points that ended in mid-2021, once again allowing members to earn extra KrisFlyer miles with their grocery shopping.


Unfortunately this new tie-up came with a much poorer value proposition, and since its launch has meant ‘buying’ KrisFlyer miles for 1.83 to 2 cents each, much poorer than the 1.54 cents per mile offered under the former TapForMore arrangement.

LinkPoints offering 20% bonus KrisFlyer miles

For the next month, LinkPoints is offering 20% bonus KrisFlyer miles when you convert one of its three smaller conversion blocks across to the programme.

Here’s how the effective cost per mile looks for the various denomination levels during this promotion.

LinkPoints to KrisFlyer
Conversion denominations

LinkPoints KrisFlyer miles Effective
Cost per mile*
100 50
200 100
1,000 500
2,000 1,070 1.87¢
5,000 2,680

* Based on the cashback opportunity you are losing out on (100 LinkPoints = S$1 rebate)

As you can see this significantly improves the effective cost per mile from 2 cents to 1.67 cents each for these smaller conversion blocks during the promotion.

Here are the details:

  • Valid for conversions from 16th June 2023 12.00h SGT to 16th July 2023 12.00h SGT
  • Only valid for the following three conversion tiers: 100, 200 or 1,000 LinkPoints
  • Limited to the first 1,500 conversions across all three tiers

You can make multiple LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles transfers at the smaller denominations if you wish, to achieve better value than the 2,000 and 5,000 LinkPoints conversion options.

For example, if you have 2,000 LinkPoints you can make the 1,000 > 600 KrisFlyer miles transfer, then simply repeat it again, for a total of 1,200 KrisFlyer miles (not 1,070 under the standard 2,000 points conversion option).

How to convert to KrisFlyer

To transfer your LinkPoints to KrisFlyer, just head across to the Link Rewards Exchange Page, log on to your account, then tap on the KrisFlyer ‘View More’ link.

You’ll then need to link your KrisFlyer account to your LinkPoints account. Both accounts must be in your name for the transfer to be successful.

You’ll then be able to make a transfer in one of the five transfer blocks, depending on your LinkPoints balance.

As you can see the 20% bonus KrisFlyer miles levels for the three smallest transfer blocks are then reflected during this promotion.

  Convert LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles

Transfers are instant

When this partnership was first launched, NTUC said it would take 10 working days for a LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles transfer to be completed, but luckily we can confirm from our own test that transfers from LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles are actually instant.

I made a 1,000 LinkPoints to 600 KrisFlyer miles transfer earlier today and can confirm this is still the case – the miles were credited in my KrisFlyer account immediately.

Where can you earn LinkPoints?

LinkPoints can be earned at a variety of partners across Singapore, including in-store and some online purchases.

FairPrice brands

Aside from the obvious NTUC FairPrice and Unity Pharmacy options, you can also consider:

You can also earn bonus LinkPoints with specific NTUC-branded payment cards.

KrisFlyer to LinkPoints transfers (avoid!)

Since its inception, the KrisFlyer – LinkPoints partnership has been a two-way street, with the possibility for KrisFlyer members to convert their miles to LinkPoints for use as cashback on future shopping.

You can convert KrisFlyer miles into LinkPoints at a rate of 3,000 miles to 1,950 points, which is very poor value at just 0.65 cents for every KrisFlyer mile converted.

This conversion ratio is not being hiked during this 20% bonus promotion, which only applies for transfers in the LinkPoints to KrisFlyer direction.

You can actually redeem KrisPay miles via the Kris+ app for FairPrice Finest vouchers at a slightly better 0.67 cents per mile rate than you’ll get for a cash offset at the checkout using miles you transferred directly from KrisFlyer!

Avoid transfers in this direction!




When KrisFlyer launched its new conversion arrangement with NTUC LinkPoints it sadly wasn’t as attractive as the former TapForMore option, so many of our readers have preferred to use their accrued LinkPoints for future cashback in-store at places like NTUC FairPrice, rather than convert to KrisFlyer miles at an effective cost of 1.87 to 2 cents per mile.

This one-month 20% miles bonus promotion changes the equation slightly.

It allows you to ‘buy’ miles at 1.67 cents each when you make smaller LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles conversions, which then credit instantly into your account – definitely worth considering if you have a LinkPoints balance.

Since the promo is limited to the first 1,500 conversions – sooner is better than later with this one.



  1. First exchange of 1000 points is successful, but subsequent exchanges were not. Not sure if they have daily limit, etc.

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