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Over 900 KrisFlyer Business Class Saver awards loaded on SIA’s new Brussels flight

Planning a Europe trip next summer? There's Business Class award space for the whole family on SIA's new Brussels service - a great gateway to the continent.

Update 21 Sep: 597 immediately confirmable KrisFlyer Business Class Saver awards are now available on this route as of 2pm on 21st September 2023. The availability tables below have been updated.

Yesterday we reported on Singapore Airlines resuming its flights between Singapore and Brussels, after a 21-year hiatus. These new Airbus A350 flights, originally proposed for an October 2020 re-launch but postponed due to COVID-19, will finally start on 5th April 2024, operating four days per week.


Each Airbus A350 flight on this route boasts 42 of the popular 2013 long-haul Business Class seats, and the great news is that generous award space is loaded for the first five months of operation.

Brussels may not be the most exciting destination in Europe (we’ve been – it’s dull), but don’t let that dissuade you. The city boasts excellent air and rail connections across the continent, so you can use these SIA flights as a springboard to and from several (more exciting) places!

First, here’s a recap of the schedule for this new service.

Singapore Brussels
5 Apr 2024 – 25 Oct 2024

A350 LH

* Next day

6 Apr 2024 – 26 Oct 2024

A350 LH

* Next day

The same days of operation, with slightly different timings, continues during the northern winter 2024 / 25 season right through to late March 2025, so Brussels is a year-round service for the carrier.

This morning, Singapore Airlines loaded the full schedule of flights on this route for booking, including KrisFlyer redemption space, and we’re seeing generous award availability through to the last bookable date, 2nd September 2024 (355 days from now).

Each day Singapore Airlines loads fresh award availability on all its flights departing in 355 days, with slightly different timings depending on the origin city for your routing, but for flights originating in Singapore or in Brussels it’s 8am Singapore time you need to target.

This is often the best opportunity to snag a pair of Saver Business Class awards even on some of the carrier’s most popular long-haul flights, so do keep it in mind if you’re able to plan trips a year in advance, whatever your preferred destination.



As a reminder from our previous article, here are the one-way KrisFlyer redemption rates you’ll pay by cabin on the Singapore – Brussels route.

KrisFlyer Redemption
Singapore ⇄ Brussels
  Saver Advantage
Economy 42,000 70,000
Premium Economy 71,000 n/a
Business 103,500 123,000

You’re therefore looking at 103,500 KrisFlyer miles each way for a saver award seat in Business Class.

The good news is that Singapore Airlines has loaded a significant quantity of award space on these new flights, with most services boasting six immediately confirmable Saver awards using KrisFlyer miles in Business Class.

Generous Business Class award space on SIA’s new Brussels route in summer 2024

In total, there are 934 Saver Business Class awards up for grabs using KrisFlyer miles over the first five months of this service.

Update 21 Sep: 597 immediately confirmable KrisFlyer Business Class Saver awards are now available on this route as of 2pm on 21st September 2023. The availability tables below have been updated.

Excellent availability extends into the peak summer travel season, including the June Singapore school holidays.

SIA’s new Brussels flights will use Airbus A350 Long Haul aircraft, with the 2013 Business Class seats. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Remember these are the airline’s 2013 Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.


Here’s how the Business Class saver award space looks for (non-PPS) KrisFlyer members on the Singapore – Brussels route for all the flights currently loaded into the reservation system, as of 1.00pm Singapore Time on 13th September 2023. Updated as of 2pm Singapore Time on 21st September 2023.

Note: PPS Club members may see more award space than KrisFlyer members.

Singapore  ⇄  Brussels
Business Saver Availability
(April 2024)

Date Saver Awards Date Saver Awards
5 Apr 6 Apr 6
7 Apr 8 Apr 6
8 Apr 9 Apr 6
10 Apr 11 Apr 2
12 Apr 13 Apr
14 Apr 15 Apr 4
15 Apr 2 16 Apr 6
17 Apr 4 18 Apr 6
19 Apr 4 20 Apr 5
21 Apr 22 Apr 6
22 Apr 6 23 Apr 5
24 Apr 5 25 Apr 4
26 Apr 27 Apr 4
28 Apr 29 Apr 5
29 Apr 6 30 Apr 6

Singapore  ⇄  Brussels
Business Saver Availability
(May 2024)

Date Saver Awards Date Saver Awards
1 May 4 2 May 6
3 May 4 May 4
5 May 6 May 5
6 May 2 7 May
8 May 2 9 May 5
10 May 11 May 3
12 May 13 May 6
13 May 2 14 May 6
15 May 4 16 May 6
17 May 1 18 May
19 May 20 May 4
20 May 6 21 May 6
22 May 5 23 May 4
24 May 25 May 5
26 May 27 May 1
27 May 1 28 May 6
29 May 6 30 May 6
31 May 1 Jun 2

Singapore  ⇄  Brussels
Business Saver Availability
(June 2024)

Date Saver Awards Date Saver Awards
2 Jun 3 Jun 6
3 Jun 4 Jun 6
5 Jun 6 Jun 2
7 Jun 8 Jun
9 Jun 10 Jun 4
10 Jun 11 Jun 2
12 Jun 6 13 Jun 6
14 Jun 15 Jun 6
16 Jun 17 Jun
17 Jun 2 18 Jun
19 Jun 6 20 Jun
21 Jun 22 Jun
23 Jun 24 Jun 4
24 Jun 4 25 Jun 6
26 Jun 2 27 Jun 6
28 Jun 1 29 Jun 3
30 Jun 1 Jul 4

Singapore  ⇄  Brussels
Business Saver Availability
(July 2024)

Date Saver Awards Date Saver Awards
1 Jul 6 2 Jul 5
3 Jul 3 4 Jul 6
5 Jul 2 6 Jul 6
7 Jul 6 8 Jul
8 Jul 6 9 Jul
10 Jul 4 11 Jul
12 Jul 6 13 Jul 6
14 Jul 6 15 Jul 4
15 Jul 6 16 Jul
17 Jul 18 Jul
19 Jul 20 Jul
21 Jul 2 22 Jul 3
22 Jul 6 23 Jul
24 Jul 25 Jul 6
26 Jul 6 27 Jul 6
28 Jul 6 29 Jul
29 Jul 6 30 Jul 3
31 Jul 4 1 Aug

Singapore  ⇄  Brussels
Business Saver Availability
(August 2024)

Date Saver Awards Date Saver Awards
2 Aug 6 3 Aug 6
4 Aug 6 5 Aug 6
5 Aug 6 6 Aug 6
7 Aug 5 8 Aug 6
9 Aug 3 10 Aug 6
11 Aug 6 12 Aug 4
12 Aug 5 13 Aug 5
14 Aug 6 15 Aug 6
16 Aug 4 17 Aug 6
18 Aug 6 19 Aug 5
19 Aug 6 20 Aug 6
21 Aug 6 22 Aug 6
23 Aug 6 24 Aug 1
25 Aug 6 26 Aug 5
26 Aug 6 27 Aug 6
28 Aug 3 29 Aug 4
30 Aug 4 31 Aug 6
1 Sep 5 2 Sep 6
2 Sep 4    

As you can see there are six instantly confirmable Business Saver awards on many flights on this route. That means the rare ability for the whole family to fly to and from Europe in style next summer, if you have enough miles.

Singapore Airlines will operate four times per week to and from Brussels year-round from April 2024. (Photo: Plane’s Portrait Aviation Media / Malcolm Lu)

Do note that this is a snapshot of award space at the time of writing, and is of course subject to change. You can search the latest award space for your preferred dates via the Singapore Airlines website.

Remember also that six is the maximum number of Business Class award seats you can search for in a single booking, some Brussels flights may therefore have even more saver award space than that.

Taxes when departing Europe to Singapore can be a significant factor, as they are also payable when you redeem using KrisFlyer miles.

This most significantly applies from the UK, where aviation taxation is the highest in the world thanks to APD, and to a lesser extent from France and Germany.


Only the Belgium Passenger Service And Security Charge of EUR35.17 and embarkation tax of EUR4.00 (currently converting to a combined S$57.30 at IATA Consolidated Exchange Rates on 13th September 2023) is payable on your award ticket from Brussels to Singapore.

Brussels 2.jpg
You won’t be hit with significant taxes when departing Brussels on a Singapore Airlines award ticket

On the Singapore – Brussels leg, taxes of S$65.60 are payable, for a total round-trip cash outlay of S$122.90 per passenger, in addition to the miles used.

That makes a Brussels redemption one of the cheaper options on SIA’s Europe network in terms of taxes, when you compare it with some other popular cities in Business Class for a round-trip KrisFlyer redemption:

  • Zurich (SIN-ZRH-SIN): S$118.70 taxes
  • Rome (SIN-FCO-SIN): S$120.50 taxes
  • Brussels (SIN-BRU-SIN): S$122.90 taxes
  • Amsterdam (SIN-AMS-SIN): S$156.00 taxes
  • Munich (SIN-MUC-SIN): S$199.70 taxes
  • Frankfurt (SIN-FRA-SIN): S$219.60 taxes
  • Paris (SIN-CDG-SIN): S$233.10 taxes
  • Manchester (SIN-MAN-SIN): S$444.80 taxes
  • London (SIN-LHR-SIN): S$504.50 taxes

One of the great benefits of starting or ending your Europe trip in Brussels is excellent connectivity with the rest of the continent, even if it’s not waffles or Belgian beer on the top of your holiday agenda!

Not only is Brussels Airport the hub for Star Alliance carrier Brussels Airlines, with an extensive network, but low cost flight options include easyJet to Geneva and Nice, or Ryanair to Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid and Rome.

SN A330 2 (Brussels Airlines).jpg
Brussels is the hub for Star Alliance carrier Brussels Airlines. (Photo: Brussels Airlines)

If you’ve had enough of flying after being on a plane for 13 hours, another benefit of Brussels is its fantastic rail network, with connecting train services across western Europe.

Direct trains from the airport railway station itself link several cities in Belgium, while at least four trains an hour head to Brussels South station for international connections, including to London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zurich.

Be aware though – low cost flights are often cheaper than rail journeys in Europe, especially if you can book well in advance.




A huge supply of saver Business Class award availability has been loaded on SIA’s reinstated Brussels route, practically from day one, giving you a great opportunity to redeem one of the carrier’s most popular long-haul Business Class seats on a Europe route, even when travelling as a group or family.

Brussels may not be your destination of choice (it’s a bit dull, frankly), but don’t let that dissuade you – the Belgian capital is very well connected with the rest of Europe by air or rail, and taxes for international air tickets payable on top of your miles outlay are among the lowest around.

Also remember you can redeem 355 days out, with new seats loaded at 8am Singapore time each day, so this is one route to keep an eye on for your Europe trips even next winter season.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)



  1. A bit surprised at constantly calling Brussels dull or talking it down throughout the article. Even if you did think that way, surely once was enough?

    We found it great, with excellent food, beautiful architecture and a great atmosphere.

    It’s great to have SQ flying back there and we’ll definitely look at flying this route, especially as it’s a much friendlier airport and experience in general than flying into London or Paris.

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