SIA Fleet: Boeing 777-300ER (V1)

The Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER fleet operates in two configurations. This page details the Version 1 configuration. For Version 2 click the link below.

Version 1 Version 2
8 F (2006 F)
42 J (2006 J)
228 Y (2006 Y)
278 Total
4 F (2013 F)
48 J (2013 J)
28 W (2015 W)
184 Y (2013 Y)
264 Total
This is our fleet guide for the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Version 1 aircraft. For Version 2 click the link above.
777-300ER Version 1 aircraft in service at 5th November 2018: 1

How can I tell which Version I am flying on?

If you’re flying first and the seat map shows two rows of seats (row 1 and row 2), you’re in Version 1 (you’re on the right page already). If the seat map shows just one single row (row 1), it’s Version 2.

If you’re flying business and the seat map goes back to row 22, you’re in Version 1 (you’re on the right page already). If the seat map goes back to row 23, it’s Version 2.

If you’re flying premium economy you must be in a Version 2 aircraft (you’re definitely on the wrong page as Version 1 aircraft are not fitted with this cabin).

If you’re flying economy and the seat map goes back to row 56, you’re in Version 1 (you’re on the right page already). If the seat map goes back to row 62, it’s Version 2.

777-300ER Version 1

The 777-300ER Version 1 is the older layout, three-class aircraft. There are eight first class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, 42 business class seats also in a 1-2-1 configuration, and an economy class cabin totalling 228 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration. This version is only fitted to two aircraft as of 22nd August 2018 – 9V-SWI and SWT.

The 777-300ER Version 1 operates predominantly to Beijing and Tokyo. These aircraft are being gradually refitted to Version 2, which operates medium and long-haul flights from Singapore – to destinations in Europe, the USA and Australia, as well as selected routes to New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India, China and Hong Kong.

Note that the remaining Version 1 aircraft are scheduled to leave service in October 2018 for refit into Version 2 config – see this article for details.

777-300ER Version 1 First Class

The 777-300ER Version 1 is fitted with two rows of the 2006 F first class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration for a total of eight seats.

SQ 777 2006F (Dan Nevill)
First Class on the 777-300ER Version 1 is fitted with the 2006 F seat. (Photo: Dan Nevill)

This is a small and private cabin totalling two rows right at the front of the aircraft.

Best Seats

777-300ER Version 1 First Class Seat Map

There are no bad seats in first class in our opinion, so separating the best from the worst is certainly nitpicking. For solo travellers, the window seats (A or F) are an obvious choice if available.

Seats 1F and 2F are the furthest you can be from the single bassinet position in this cabin, which is at seat 2A. While the presence of an infant in the First Class cabin is rare, it is a possibility.

Couples will probably appreciate the slightly more sociable arrangement of the C/D pairs in the middle. Should you only have a C/D seat to choose from as a solo traveller however – don’t fear. There is a sizeable privacy divider which isolates you from your neighbour.

Worst Seats

As mentioned above, it’s very much nitpicking – but row 1 seats will have the greatest potential galley / toilet noise and foot traffic.

Other Tips

Where possible, try to go for the Version 2 configuration as it has two advantages, firstly a smaller more intimate cabin of just four seats in total, and secondly it features the latest 2013 F seats featuring extended curved privacy partitions, whereas the Version 1 aircraft still has the older 2006 F seats.

777-300ER Version 1 Business Class

Business class on the 777-300ER occupies the rear of the forward cabin section, just ahead of the second main aircraft door, and the entire second section between the second and third main doors. It is equipped  in a 1-2-1 configuration flat bed seat – the 2006 J product. You’ll want to try and aim for a Version 2 aircraft where possible as these have the newer 2013 J product.

Best Seats

777-300ER Version 1 Business Class Seat Map

Business class on the 777-300ER Version 1 is split across two sections, the smaller and very intimate forward section with just two rows (rows 11 and 12), and a larger cabin between the second and third main cabin doors with nine window seat rows and eight middle pair rows (rows 14 to 22).

While some people appreciate the feeling of space in the larger second cabin, personally we prefer the smaller forward cabin, which is quieter and has less foot traffic as service is conducted from the galley behind row 12.

The forward section also benefits from no bassinet positions, ensuring a peaceful experience for those lucky enough to secure a seat here. Row 11 is probably the most private row on the aircraft, particularly the window seats 11A and 11K.

The alternative bulkhead seats are at row 14, which doesn’t feel as exclusive as the front of the smaller forward cabin and has the drawback of being the only bassinet position in the business class section on this aircraft.

Both row 11 and row 14 have more space especially for your feet as the ‘cubby hole’ style footwell found in other seat rows is gone – replaced by a spacious full-width bench which also makes the bed bigger once the seat is converted. In these seats there is no need to extend your legs at an angle while sleeping.

Worst Seats

Seats 12A & 12K: Despite being in the quieter forward section, this row is missing a window which some find a big drawback. If it doesn’t bother you though, these are still good seats.

Row 18 & Row 20: The A & K seats at these rows are missing a window.

Row 22: The very last row of business class in the Version 1 configuration, row 22 is directly in front of first row of the economy class section, which also has a bassinet position, so some noise is possible if there are infants in that row.

Other Tips

If travelling solo, one of the window seats (A or K) is preferable, giving you the highest level of privacy.

As a couple it’s up to you whether you prefer two A or K seats one in front of the other, or the slightly more sociable (but still sufficiently private) D/F middle pair. We tend to go for the middle pair, as it’s easy to talk and provides the best food envy at meal times.

Remember that Version 1 of the 777-300ER have not been retrofitted with the newer 2013 J business class seats, and many of the 2006 J seats fitted to this aircraft are really starting to show their age.

Our personal preference is the 777-300ER Version 2 aircraft, as these have the newer business seat which is much better. However many still consider the 777-300ER Version 1 business ahead of the A350, as the new A350 business seat is simply smaller.

777-300ER Version 1 Economy Class

The Economy Class cabin on the 777-300ER Version 1 is split across the rear two cabins, each approximately equal in size, the first between the third and fourth main aircraft doors, and the second  between the fourth and fifth (rearmost) main aircraft doors.

Two toilets are located at the galley area around the fourth main door, separating the two economy seating sections, with four more toilets at the rear galley area.

Best Seats

777-300ER Version 1 Economy Class Seat Map

Extra legroom seats can be found at row 31 and row 44 on this aircraft, but beware the bassinet positions across two of the seats in each of these positions. Also, the window seats in each of these rows (31A, 31K, 44A & 44K) are missing a window, so may not be the best choice.

There are three ‘couple pairs’ in this aircraft, seats 43A&C, and right at the back seats 56A&C, and 56H&K. These are well worth considering if you are travelling as a pair.

It’s easy to avoid proximity to the toilets by choosing a seat towards the front of the first economy cabin (we would suggest rows 31 to 36), or the middle of the main cabin, around rows 48 to 51.

The forward section of the first economy cabin would be our preference, as the service is from a galley behind this section and additionally toilets are all to the rear. This should reduce foot traffic and noise.

Worst Seats

Row 42/43: The last row of the forward economy class cabin is right in front of the main bank of the mid galley and two of the toilets, so it’s susceptible to increased foot traffic, queuing and noiseAvoid.

Seats 31 A/K and 44 A/K: These seats are missing a window, but do have extra legroom. Seats 44 A/K are also close to a main galley and toilet area on the aircraft. Avoid.

Row 56: The last row of the rear economy class cabin is right in front of a large toilet and galley area, so it’s susceptible to increased foot traffic and noiseAvoid, unless you value the pair seating as a couple (see above).


What did we miss? If you have personal experience of specific seats to favour or avoid on this aircraft, please let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll certainly try to incorporate your feedback.

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