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This weekend only: 4x Miles with Mileslife 13 – 15 April

Earn up to 12 miles per S$1 spent at restaurants across Singapore with Mileslife for 3 days, this weekend only

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.


We first wrote about Mileslife in November last year. Though it perhaps doesn’t stay on the radar all the time, it remains a great way to top up your frequent flyer points or miles with a number of different airline programs whenever you dine at one of their associated restaurants, or make a variety of lifestyle purchases through their app.

One of their best promotional miles bonuses is back this weekend, starting on Friday for 3 days only you’ll receive 4 x miles on all transactions, whichever frequent flyer scheme you credit your miles to.


Remember, if you’re not a registered Mileslife user yet – download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and use code MAINLYMILES to enjoy 1,000 free bonus miles on your first payment. If you are a DBS cardholder, read on as there is a better sign-up bonus available for the rest of 2018.


How many miles can I earn?

Most restaurant outlets offer 1 or 2 frequent flyer miles per S$1 spent, but many offer the top rate of 3 miles per S$1, meaning you’ll get 12 miles per S$1 between 13th and 15th April at those outlets.

The bonus promotion is capped however at 3,500 bonus miles per user per day. That means if you’re dining at a 3 miles per S$1 restaurant and therefore earning 12 miles per S$1 at the bonus rate, once you’ve spent about S$292 (accruing 3,500 miles) any spending above that amount or any additional transactions that day will revert to the regular earn rates.


It’s also not possible to ‘stack’ the bonus with other promotional codes, like the Easter 1,500 miles bonus, unless you have never spent on Mileslife before.

Hotel and lifestyle earning rates vary – but a good example: the brand new Six Senses Singapore opening 15th April. Book yourself luxury ‘staycation’ in a Nutmeg Room for $449 and receive 4,700 miles (usually 1,200 miles). You’ve reached your daily cap however with that deal.

Nutmeg Room Six Senses
Nutmeg Room at the brand new Six Senses Duxton. (Photo: Six Senses)

Double-dip your miles earnings

Mileslife offers the option to top up your digital ‘wallet’ using your credit card. The current promotion allows top ups in batches of S$100, giving a special rate of 200 miles per batch.


We checked with the Mileslife team and confirmed that both top ups and gift cards are excluded from the upcoming 4x miles bonus, so you’ll still only receive 200 miles for every S$100 topped up. The top up bonus does not count towards the 3,500 miles daily cap even once the 4x bonus miles promo is running, so it still makes sense to top up first before a big purchase.

For the Six Senses booking example you’d need to top up by $500, giving you an additional bonus 1,000 miles. Overall that brings us up to a total of 5,700 miles for that one booking – and we aren’t finished yet!

Pro Tip: The wallet top up doesn’t change once the 4x bonus promotion starts, so you can make your top up transactions now in readiness for the weekend.

Credit Card Miles

Remember this is on top of the usual miles you’ll receive from your credit card company for any spend too. This is especially good for Citi Rewards Visa or UOB Preferred Platinum Visa which both earn 4 miles per S$1 spent on Mileslife.

Using these cards adds another 2,000 miles to the S$500 wallet top up example, now we’re at a total of 7,700 miles for the hotel booking. Those extra 2,000 miles will be in the form of credit card reward points of course, as opposed to Mileslife.

Even if you don’t have one of those cards you can still gain a decent miles boost – using a UOB PRVI Miles card for example at 1.4 miles per S$1 will still get you an additional 700 miles, credited as ‘UNI$’.

The DBS Offer

DBS currently have an offer running for new Mileslife users. From now until 31st December 2018 new sign-ups will receive a 1,500 miles bonus, thereafter there’s a 50% bonus miles promotion running until the end of the year when your DBS card is used to make payment.

Although the terms and conditions state that you won’t usually be able to stack the 50% DBS bonus with other promotions, Mileslife confirmed to us this morning that it is combinable with the 4x miles offer this weekend.

DBS Promo

You’ll notice the sign-up bonus is better than the one you’ll get using our promo code, so if you’re new to Mileslife and are a DBS cardholder it makes more sense to sign up using this promotion – just download the app and use code 1500MILESDBS.

It’s not just KrisFlyer

The beauty of the 4x miles promotion is that the bonus is not limited to KrisFlyer miles.

While most of our readers will want to use this opportunity to top up their KrisFlyer balance, remember you can instead credit to 14 other frequent flyer programs if you wish to, just add your account details in the app and switch to that program for the relevant transactions.

Airline Partners Apr 18.jpg
Mileslife airline partners at April 2018

This can be a useful way to quickly top up a decent number of miles in schemes where it’s sometimes difficult to accrue points in Singapore, like British Airways Avios, Emirates Skywards and United MileagePlus, especially if you’re close to a specific redemption threshold with one of those programs.

Triple-dip with Chope

A third way to earn more miles this weekend – make your restaurant bookings with Chope.

We did an overview of Chope, the online restaurant booking service, back in December.

You can earn 200 ‘Chope Dollars’ for every restaurant reservation using the KrisFlyer promotion code CHOPEKF, and this is a good way to accrue even more miles by combining this booking bonus with a Mileslife purchase at the end of your meal, provided your restaurant is signed up with both schemes which many are. We tried it out and it worked perfectly.


Effectively your 200 Chope Dollars are worth an extra 167 KrisFlyer miles (as they can be converted later, in larger batches), though arguably they are more valuable when converted to restaurant vouchers.


Check out our full article on Mileslife to see what it can do for you. Happy collecting!

(Cover Image: Mileslife)




    1. Hi Aaron,

      Yes I believe so, UOB PPV should earn an additional 4 miles per S$1 spent on Mileslife transactions according to the communication we got from them this morning. There’s no indication that credit top up is treated any differently.

      Unfortunately neither of us have the UOB PPV so we can’t say for certain – if you’re concerned I’d suggest contacting them directly, they are pretty responsive.

      Hope you’ve got your 3 mpd dinner booking made (using Chope) this weekend!

      1. I see. I know that UOB PPV earns 4 mpd for normal transactions on Mileslife, but I’m not sure if that applies to Mileslife credits. I’ll probably check with UOB on that.

        Yep made several reservations in fact!

      2. Hi. Yep confirmed with UOB that the UOB PPV gives 4 mpd for Mileslife credit top ups. Also, are you absolutely sure that Citi Rewards Visa Signature gives 4 mpd on Mileslife too?

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