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Reminder: OCBC 6 miles per $1 on Mileslife ends in 2 weeks

Two more weeks to maximise your 6 miles per dollar bonus with Mileslife using your OCBC Titanium Rewards card


Here’s a quick heads-up for those of you holding the OCBC Titanium Rewards card – the promo for 6 miles per S$1 spent on Mileslife transactions we wrote about in April ends in just 2 weeks from now – on 30th June 2018.

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The deal

A quick recap of the deal:

  • You’ll earn 6 miles (15 OCBC$) per dollar spent on Mileslife when you pay using your OCBC Titanium Rewards card.
  • These bonus miles are credited to your OCBC account and are in addition to the miles earned through Mileslife itself (e.g. S$100 spend at a 3 miles per S$1 dining outlet = 300 miles through Mileslife and 600 miles through OCBC for a total of 900 miles).
  • All Mileslife spending is eligible, including dining, lifestyle activities and hotel stays.
  • While the points earned from Mileslife will reflect instantly and transfer into your chosen frequent flyer account within a few days, bonus OCBC$ will be credited to your card account by the end of the following month.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with OCBC back in April they did eventually confirm to us that the bonus miles awarded under this promotion do not count towards your annual 120,000 OCBC$ bonus cap for 10x reward points.

It was also confirmed that wallet top-ups are also eligible for the bonus rate.

Remember even though you can credit Mileslife earnings to one of 15 frequent flyer programs, your bonus OCBC$ only transfer into KrisFlyer.

The Top-up option

A wallet top-up prior to the expiry of this deal (even on the last day) is one way to extend your 6 miles per dollar rate. Here you’ll not only earn 6 miles per dollar through OCBC (uncapped) but there’s also a Mileslife bonus depending on the top-up amount.

When you use your account credits to make Mileslife transactions using funds from the wallet you’ll still earn miles at the Mileslife rates as you spend.

The following deposit amounts are available:

Top-Up Mileslife Bonus OCBC Bonus Total Bonus
S$300 300 miles 1,800 miles 2,100 miles
S$2,500 3,000 miles 15,000 miles 18,000 miles
S$5,000 7,500 miles 30,000 miles 37,500 miles
S$10,000 20,000 miles 60,000 miles 80,000 miles

Let’s say you top-up S$2,500 in Mileslife credits using your OCBC Titanium Rewards card. You then go on to spend the credit over a few months at 3 miles per S$1 dining outlets. You’ll earn:

  • 15,000 miles from OCBC (6 x 2,500)
  • 3,000 miles from Mileslife for the wallet top-up
  • 7,500 miles from Mileslife on spending at 3 miles per S$1 outlets
  • 25,500 miles total

Quite an impressive 10.2 miles per dollar return in this example. Note that we’re not particularly endorsing significant wallet top-ups through Mileslife – only deposit what you’re comfortable with and do check the full terms and conditions which are available on the Mileslife app.

Do make sure for example that you will use the wallet credit on Mileslife (if you have a hotel stay in mind for example, or are a regular dining user), as you’ll pay a 15% fee for having the credit refunded to you and it can take 1.5 months to process according to the terms.


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Two weeks remaining on this deal means there’s still time to act if you already hold this credit card.

Remember if you’re not a registered Mileslife user yet – download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and use code MAINLYMILES to enjoy 1,000 free bonus miles on your first payment.


(Cover Image: Mileslife)


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