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Fly Business, pay Economy with KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes for March 2019

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EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking Spontaneous Escapes was a regular monthly offer before – basically it was. Since September 2017 only two months were skipped – February 2018 and February 2019.

However as part of the early January devaluation of the KrisFlyer scheme, Singapore Airlines announced that Spontaneous Escapes was to become a permanent feature with discounted miles offers every month.


That means even the busy Chinese New Year period (which next comes round in late January 2020) should have offers for the first time, if they stick to their word.

The first of Singapore Airlines’ regular Spontaneous Escapes offers has been launched, with KrisFlyer redemption discounts to a wide range of destinations on the SIA and SilkAir network for March and April 2019, ranging from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles.

As usual it’s a short booking window running from today until 28th February. That means you have exactly two weeks to lock in these special redemption deals.


Pay Economy, fly Business

The headline offer this month is the ability to redeem selected routes at Economy Class rates, but fly in Business Class.

Seat 11A.jpg
Available from just 7,500 miles one-way in March. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

That means discounts of 45% to 61% depending on the redemption zone. On some routes which also feature Premium Economy, it’s the equivalent of paying “two classes down” to secure a Business Class redemption seat – truly excellent value.

The biggest discount percentage wise is Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, 61% off

Half price Economy awards

We hardly ever recommend using your hard-earned miles for Economy Class redemptions, with a few exceptions to very expensive destinations with no low-cost alternatives like Koh Samui.

69 HJK.jpg
Economy Class is usually a poor use of KrisFlyer miles. With 50% off it’s a different story. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This Spontaneous Escapes offer changes things though. Make these awards half price and the equation shifts completely.

An Economy Class saver award to London for example is now just 19,000 miles, exceptional value.

An excellent deal for a 14-hour flight.

That doesn’t mean all the Economy offers make sense though (Kuala Lumpur at 3,750 miles is still only average value given the price of flying an LCC on that route), but there are certainly some good rates here.


Intra-zone deals

Unlike previous versions of Spontaneous Escapes, where travel was to or from Singapore and to get the discount on a more complex journey through Singapore you had to potentially ‘attach’ two of the discounted flights together, this time Singapore Airlines has some country-specific promotions.

For example to fly from Sydney to Hong Kong, previously 65,000 miles in Business Class and 28,000 miles in Economy, will now cost you just 28,000 miles in Business Class (the usual Economy rate for Zone 9 to Zone 4) and 14,000 miles in Economy Class (50% off).

See the dedicated Spontaneous Escapes promotion page for Australian members for details on itineraries like that.

Is it really ‘never before’?

Well Singapore Airlines wasn’t stupid when they made this statement. As they well know, we’ve been covering Spontaneous Escapes in some detail since 2017. That means we know exactly what deals have been offered in the past.

Has 50% off Economy Class ever been offered? Yes, for SilkAir in September 2018. For Singapore Airlines also, but in a very limited way, with flights to and from Bali in March 2018 getting 50% off in this cabin. That’s quite unlike the current offer though, available across a much wider range of destinations.

Has Business Class ever been offered at Economy Class rates? No, plain and simple this is an outstanding offer, over and above what we (somewhat cynically) expected when Singapore Airlines ‘promised the world’ with this deal.

Frankly they could have just offered 30% discounts in Business Class on selected flights to New York and Rome and their claim of ‘never before deals’ would have been technically accurate. This month’s offers are a different league altogether, and long may it continue.


March offers – SIA newest Business products

Let’s start with the answer to the most popular question we are asked when this promotion comes around – “Which Singapore Airlines long-haul Business Class or new Regional Business Class seats are included this month?”

Here’s how it looks for March 2019 in the premium SIA cabins:

Spontaneous Escapes – March 2019
SIA New Business Class products on offer

2017 J

(full seat details)

28,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Sydney (SQ232)
  • Sydney – Singapore (SQ221)

20,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Shanghai (SQ830)
  • Shanghai – Singapore (SQ833)

15,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Hong Kong (SQ856)
  • Hong Kong – Singapore (SQ861)

2013 J

(full seat details)

38,000 Miles:

  • Barcelona – Singapore (SQ387)
  • Rome – Singapore (SQ365)

28,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Auckland (SQ281)
  • Auckland – Singapore (SQ282)
  • Singapore – Sydney (SQ211, SQ241, SQ288)
  • Sydney – Singapore (SQ212, SQ288)
  • Singapore – Melbourne (SQ227, SQ237)
  • Melbourne – Singapore (SQ228)

25,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Seoul (SQ612)
  • Seoul – Singapore (SQ611)

20,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Beijing (SQ806)
  • Beijing – Singapore (SQ801)
  • Singapore – Shanghai (SQ828)
  • Shanghai – Singapore (SQ831)

18,500 Miles:

  • Singapore – Mumbai (SQ422)

15,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Hong Kong (SQ860, SQ866)
  • Hong Kong – Singapore (SQ863, SQ865)

2018 RJ

(full seat details)

28,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Adelaide (SQ279)
  • Adelaide – Singapore (SQ278)

20,000 Miles:

  • Singapore – Perth (SQ215)
  • Perth – Singapore (SQ216)

18,500 Miles:

  • Singapore – Delhi (SQ402)

12,500 Miles:

  • Singapore – Ho Chi Minh (SQ186)

7,500 Miles:

  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (SQ116)

You certainly can’t say no to the 2017 Business Class seat on the new A380 to and from Hong Kong at 15,000 miles in March, less than half the usual rate. Stretch to 28,000 miles and you can ride it all the way to Sydney, a 34,000 miles discount.

For the 2013 Business Class there is a wide range of options.

Being able to experience the new (can we still call it ‘new’?) 2018 Regional Business Class for 7,500 miles is an absolute steal, though you won’t get much time on the short Singapore – Kuala Lumpur sector.


Click here to read our full review of SIA’s 2018 Regional Business Class

Perth at 20,000 miles and Adelaide at 28,000 miles are also standout deals in this new cabin.


Non-stop USA discounts: March & April 2019

Discounted awards for Business Class seats on the non-stop A350ULR are back this month, for travel in March and April 2019, but its not great news. Firstly only one route is included, Los Angeles. Secondly only Premium Economy is eligible. This time it’s discounted to Economy Class award rates.

Discounts are for March and April 2019, but must still be booked by 28th February 2019 to be eligible.


A350ULR – Premium Economy Class

Singapore to Los Angeles
Miles Flights Aircraft
SQ36 A350ULR
Los Angeles to Singapore
Miles Flights Aircraft
SQ35 A350ULR

With only one of the two Los Angeles flights on offer and none of the other routes included, perhaps bookings are picking up in this cabin on the ULR flights.

2018W A350ULR Row 31.jpg
Premium Economy Class loads on Singapore Airlines’ A350ULR flights may be improving, given the limited Spontaneous Escapes offer this month. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Singapore Airlines March 2019 Business Class discounts

Here is the full list of Singapore Airlines Business Class routes on offer for March 2019. An extensive selection, even including some options back to Singapore from Europe.

You’ll pay Economy redemption rates if you can book by the end of February and travel during March.

As always, we include those all-important Business Class seat types as well as the aircraft types, helping you choose better on your preferred route (or who knows, choose your route based on your preferred aircraft or seat type!).

If you’re unfamiliar, here are the details for each of SIA’s five Business Class seat types for your reference:

2006 J2009 RJ2013 J2017 J2018 RJ