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You can now earn up to 2 miles per $1 with KrisPay

KrisPay now allows you to earn miles when shopping at selected partner outlets, whether you use cash or card for the purchase

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Singapore Airlines released a new feature to its KrisPay app today, allowing you to not only redeem KrisFlyer miles for purchases at selected merchants but now to also earn miles for your spend at partner outlets.

When KrisPay first launched in July last year as a way to redeem your miles, we derided the woeful credit Singapore Airlines was giving you for each mile used.

Moving your KrisFlyer miles into KrisPay is a one-way street, and the value is abysmal at 0.67 cents each. See our article here analysing the poor value you were (and still are) getting if you use your miles this way.


What’s changed?

What KrisPay has now added is a different proposition, the ability to earn KrisFlyer miles using the app when paying for goods or services at some participating stores.

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(Image: Singapore Airlines)

You can earn miles whether you pay in cash, by debit card or credit card. Of course you should be using a good miles-earning credit card for all your purchases already to accrue maximum miles from your day to day spend.

27 of KrisPay’s partners now allow you to earn using the app when making a regular purchase or transaction. A small icon on the merchant logo in the KrisPay app will show you whether that merchant allows earning using KrisPay.